30 of the Best Virgo Tattoo Designs

Hands up in here who is a Virgo? That’s right, it’s time to rep your star sign! Virgos are fiercely independent creatures, and you know what that means? They take their tattoo art seriously! We’ve hunted out 30 of the best Virgo tatts from around the globe so you can get some inspiration for your design.

A tattoo is something deeply personal to each individual, and a great way to express who you are through a tattoo design is to incorporate your star sign into it. Virgos, born between August 23rd and September 22nd, are typically very independent, meticulous and analytical, meaning that a Virgo is likely to think long and hard about their decision to get a tattoo and will want to make sure that it’s absolutely perfect. With that in mind, if you’re a Virgo looking for the most out-of-this-world design for your tattoo, here are 30 of the best.

The Astrological Symbol

The symbol for the Virgo star sign is a stylized ‘M’, with a tail that wraps around the character, and would look great as a tattoo on its own, either in black and gray, or in color. To personalize your Virgo tattoo even more, you can incorporate other images into the symbol that reflect your personality and personal style. Stars, flowers and flames are all great additions to a Virgo sign tattoo, and having the extra images in color against a black Virgo symbol looks really striking.

A Virgo symbol tattoo doesn’t have to just be a plain copy of the glyph; you can also have fun with the style of the lettering. Having the sign made up of flames, water, biomechanical parts or even bones are all options; the possibilities are endless and totally down to your own personal taste. Using the symbol as part of a word is also a unique way to display your star sign, great if your name includes an M, but think of other words that reflect your character that include M. For example, determined, smart, systematic, sympathetic and pragmatic are all typical Virgo traits and all include the letter M, so if you feel you display one of these characteristics then why not use them for a personalized Virgo tattoo?

virgo colorful-virgo-tattoo on back cute-virgo-tattoo-for-girls my-star-sign nice virgo tattoo upperback-virgo-zodiac-tattoo virgo 67 Virgo Aries earth fire tattoo virgo men chest virgo moon tattoos virgo tattoo 67 virgo tattoo 78 virgo tattoo design ideas virgo tattoo design OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA virgo tattoo zo virgo tattoos

The Word Virgo

Another option when choosing the design for your Virgo tattoo is to have the word itself. Deciding on what type and style of font to use for the lettering of the word is great fun, and there countless different designs and styles out there to choose from. Traditional tattoo fonts that would look great for the word ‘Virgo’ include Edwardian, Gothic and Celtic style fonts, but a good tattoo artist will be able to copy any font you decide on, so do some research to find your perfect style. Depending on your personal taste you could choose a graffiti-style font, a cool retro font or even powder shading – an awesome style where small dots or shading are used to enclose letters that make up a word, meaning that the letters themselves are not tattooed but instead are highlighted by the surrounding ink.

Where you have the word Virgo tattooed depends on how big and visible you’d like it. Great choices for the placement of a small tattoo include the back of the neck, the inner wrist or the shoulder. If you’re looking for something to stand out more, the lettering would look fantastic along the inner forearm, on the chest or the back.

virgo-tattoos-and-tattoo-designs-pictures-gallery-83544 virgo-tribal-tattoo women-virgo-tattoos wrist virgo tattoo Virgo_tattoo_on tigh

virgo-1186_1186 virgo-fairy-tattoo-design virgo-flower-tattoo virgo-libra-tattoo virgo-sign-tattoos-on-wrist virgo-tattoo virgo-tattoos-4

The Virgin

The star sign Virgo is also sometimes portrayed as a young woman carrying a wheat sheaf, and if you’re drawn towards tattoos of people then this could be the perfect choice for your Virgo tattoo. Whether you go for a traditional representation of the Virgo woman carrying wheat, or something more inventive, there are a whole heap of great designs for you to think about and choose from. You can play around with the character and come up with something interesting and unusual, for example you could have her tattooed in the style of a fifties pin-up, a vampire or cartoon character. Whether the tattoo shows her whole body or just her face, on her own or surrounded by other designs, a Virgo tattoo design can be whatever you want it to be.

Incorporating one or more of the Virgo symbols in one tattoo, with or without other background designs, is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to your tattoos and your connection to your astrological sign.



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