15 Most Creative Tattoo Designs Ever

Some tattoo designs are so ho hum, stock standard, you’ve seen a million times before, mind numbingly unoriginal that you just want to scream at the person “TRY HARDER”! And then there are someĀ designs that are so out of left field that they will truly blow you mind! Let’s check out some of the latter, shall we?

Some of the most creative tattoo designs are inspired by life itself and the elements that we see on a daily basis. However, others come from the things that we only see in movies and our dreams. Despite where you gather your creative inspiration from, choosing the design elements that you incorporate into your tattoo can make or break the completed design. One simple element can cause the entire tattoo to be a bit off and look horrible in some cases. On the contrary however, it may just take one element to create the most amazing tattoo that anyone has ever seen!


Aside from the individual elements that you place into a creative tattoo design, the color scheme you incorporate can also make a huge difference as well. While many people opt for the traditional black and grey shading throughout their tattoo, adding a splash of color can bring the tattoo design to life in most cases. You will often see a traditional black and grey tattoo that utilizes color contrast in just certain small places. While the color red is often used in these designs, you may see other colors such as green, blue or yellow in there as well – usually not together. This enables certain parts of the tattoo to stand out more than others. You will often see this in photography as well.


Some of the most popular creative tattoo designs include fantasy elements such as fairies, wizards, witches or even mythological creatures such as gnomes, gods and goddesses of various cultures. These elements can help you design an amazing creative tattoo that depicts a story within a story – whether realistic or of a fantasy demise.

Arm Face Tattoo Illusion

Choosing the right tattoo artist can help you choose the perfect creative tattoo as well. Since each artist will surely have a different style and level of talent, their creations will showcase the same diversity. This is important especially when aiming for a creative tattoo since your vision of creative may not be the same as theirs. Have a few sketches drawn up for you so you can see their talent in different styles and choose the best one for your preference.


Some awesome design elements that create absolutely amazing tattoos can pretty much be altered and obscured however you see fit. In order to do this however, you may want to give yourself some wiggle room on creative freedom. This essentially means that you should use elements that can be altered without becoming unrecognizable to the general public. For example, an angel without the wings or halo, can appear to be just a regular woman in human form. An elf without the pointy ears is nothing more than a small child with a fantasy appeal to them. Taking things like this into consideration will help you design the perfect creative tattoo.


When it comes to color, don’t be afraid to use the entire color pallet to design your masterpiece. Splashes of mixed color and contrast often make the best tattoos. Changing the traditional color of your design elements is also a great way to express yourself a bit differently. While flowers are usually certain colors based on their origin, try making them into your own floral design, using colors that would not be on that specific flower or butterfly for that matter. You may see people with brightly colored purple butterflies or blue roses. While these elements may exist in these colors in real life, you rarely see them – making your tattoo design more unique than others.


When choosing a creative tattoo design, you will want to consider time as well. The more detail you add to a tattoo, the more money it will surely cost, because it will take a bit longer to ink. Since most tattoo artists charge by the hour, it may be a good idea to incorporate this into your decision as well.


When thinking of which design elements you will want to incorporate into your tattoo, think of things in a sense of theme. This will help you decide which elements are right for the overall message you are trying to send. It will also help you think of more elements that relate to the theme. For example, if you are looking for a creative tattoo that depicts a celestial theme, you can incorporate things such as suns, stars, moons, planets or galaxies into your tattoo, However, think outside the box at all times. You may want to use a sun theme that incorporates different designs from different cultures such as a Celtic sun or an Egyptian sun. This will add flavor and detail to a tattoo with each element you add, plus it will give a bit of depth to your meaning as as well.

Check out these amazing creative tattoo designs and draw your own inspiration and ideas for your next ink piece. You may be surprised at the awesome ideas you come up with!




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