5 Places That A Tattooed Person Should Visit

Here is a  list of the most preferred places or destinations that travelers with tattoos and into tattoos should go to. You can get an insight into the history of tattoos, as well as a glimpses of the people who made it all happen.

The Big Deal: London: If you have been invited to work in the London Tattoo convention, this means that it is equivalent to a shot at the Pulitzer prize for someone who writes. This convention is the right platform for everything tattoo related. It delves into the heart of the cultures surrounding tattoos. It has exhibitions featuring art and also historical and anthropological displays that give you an insight into the past of tattooing.


You will get a chance to mingle with the creamy layer of artists and it will set your career on the right course. Along with tattooing, you will also enjoy many performances. By hosting the event, London has become one of the ‘must see destinations’ for people of the tattoo world. The origins of the culture of tattooing are very deep rooted and can be traced back to the British Navy.

Tradition: Tokyo Area: The world of tattoos cannot forget the contribution of Japan and the Japanese artists. The tradition of  tattoos as a fashion dates back to 17th century, though the art was associated with gangsters. Thereby it had been banned for almost a century. Now legally acceptable, the Irezumi style has left a stamp and its own influence in the western world of tattoos.

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Horiyoshi III, acknowledged to be one of the greatest tattoo artists and a patron of it manages the Yokohama Tattoo Museum along with his wife. It is almost like a shrine among tattoo enthusiasts from across the globe. It has pictures and also tools that were traditionally used. But also showcases the things he has gathered including, stuffed tigers, shrunken heads and even letters from Charles Manson among many other things.

Thriving Culture: San Francisco Bay Area: If you hang out in the Bay area you will not help but notice the spreading of the tattoo related cultures. People from the most mundane professions to the ones from the most responsible jobs flaunt their tattoos here and most of the times people take the display of body art for granted.

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It got to be this way as naval people started making tattoos popular and then soon others followed the trend. Now the art of tattooing is no longer frowned upon and has become an effective way of expression of one’s inner feelings and beliefs.

In the meantime, Ed Hardy was integrating Japanese methods by means of his acquaintance with Horiyoshi III. As the art of tattooing was deeply frowned upon and not legally acceptable in many parts of the U.S., San Francisco turned into a sanctuary for tattoo artists, those with tattoos  and the other people who were part of this movement.

Underground Culture: New York City:  Though the modern art of tattooing is supposed to have originated from New York, you will not see too many people sporting huge tattoos here. This can be credited to the ban on tattooing for almost 36 years. This forced people to do it on the sly and secret, giving rise to the underground culture till the ban was lifted. Now it has reemerged as great tattoo destination and you can catch up on the history of tattooing at Fun City Tattoo. There are many places here, where you can catch up on the past and present of tattooing.

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Off-the-Radar: Milan:  Though it does not offer the excitement and buzz of other cities, you cannot ignore Milan. It has become the center and home of tattooing and it hosts one of the best conventions in Europe. The Milan Tattoo convention offers many opportunities to watch, learn, share, mingle and participate in the world of tattooing.

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