40 Amazing Feather Tattoos You Need on Your Body!

The feather tattoo is one of the most sought after tattoo design given its cultural symbolism and heritage. The feather tattoo comes in different styles and designs and has quite a rich background with meaning which mostly depicts the character of the bird it’s taken from. Feather tattoos carry such a unique unisex tattoo element that normally holds symbolic meanings like the ability to take flight either emotionally, spiritually or creatively.

Some feather tattoo designs are quite distinct and elegant, effectively reflecting the characters of different species of birds they are derived from. Having a feather tattoo of an eagle, ostrich, peacock or any other bird intuitively identifies with the bird’s character. Some feathers of specific birds like the eagle are deemed to have some sacred attributes.  Another dominant symbol of a feather tattoo is the aspect of freedom, due to the fact that a feather can easily fly in the wind. Peacock feather is popular with women tattoo lovers given it’s beauty and the array of colours it has.

Feather Tattoo Designs

one interesting thing about feather tattoo is the fact that it can be worn on any part of the body. Feather tattoo can also be combined with other tattoo designs resulting into quite an appealing look. The black feather tattoo below looks cool on the collar bone and very simple like the type of bird it’s derived from.

Feather Tattoo Designs (1)

Feather tattoo comes in different designs and are ideal for both men and women. The feather tattoo worn on the arms below looks cute especially if worn by men. The arrow-like feather tattoo design looks quite nice on the man’s arm.

Feather Tattoo Designs (2)

The feather tattoo on the shoulder below gives a unique blend with other tattoos. The mixture of other colours on the feather tattoo gives it such a visually captivating look.

Feather Tattoo Designs (3)

Feather tattoo designs symbolize different things with many cultures like the Native Americans perceive wearing a feather tattoo to reflect on their rich heritage or is in touch with their spiritual side. Most people choose feather tattoos of birds with characters they like to identify with.

Feather Tattoo Designs (4)

Feathers are often thought of to hold symbolic meaning since they belong to one of the most beautiful living creatures, gifted with the incredible ability to fly. There is no doubt that feathers will remain a favorite tattoo design in terms of looks and meaning. However, once you have gone through some folklore, cultural significance and traditions, you will quickly notice that feathers are often used in tattoo designs to strengthen the meaning of life, freedom, liberty, independence and triumph. It can, at often times, also symbolize one’s ability to showcase their individuality.

Feather Tattoo Designs (5)

The below feather tattoo is a good blend with other tattoos. The design looks quite pretty on the arm with the colour combination bringing out such an attractive look. The feather tattoo is suitable for women given the colourful blend.

Feather Tattoo Designs (6)

Feather tattoos symbolize different characters as found in birds like truth, courage, bravery, freedom, travel and more. Some cultures and civilizations view feathers as messages from the spirit world. The below tattoo looks ideal for both men and women especially when worn on the visible areas of the body.

Feather Tattoo Designs (7)

Among the Native American culture, the feather tattoo holds the significance of a spiritual protection. The dream catcher, a widely known Native American folklore symbol has a feather attached to the bottom portion, said to be the vessel that bad dreams wash away through. This symbolizes protection much as an amulet does in other cultures. Feathers were even part of the attire worn by Native Americans from different birds indicating their individual status. Often times, wearing the right feather would provide them with protection as they entered the spiritual world.

Feather Tattoo Designs (8)

The feather tattoo below is beautifully designed and looks elegant in the place it’s worn. This type of feather tattoo is suitable for women. The colours used makes it more visible as it brightens the place it’s worn.

Feather Tattoo Designs (9)

Feather tattoos are also taken to symbolize good dreams. Most people use feather tattoos that appeals to their beliefs. Those who live in magic or sacredness can wear tattoo from a bird that they feel demonstrate the character of magic or sacredness like the Egyptians believed feathers were associated to sky gods.

Feather Tattoo Designs (10)

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  1. I have some Indian heritige and the feather tattoos are just killer got to be the most beautiful things that I ever saw, I am going to get a feather tattoo also


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