90 Cross Tattoos for the Religious and Not So Religious!

We’ve got a huge list of cross tattoo designs for you today! Celtic cross tattoos, simple cross tattoos, small cross tattoos, Christian cross tattoos, a cross with wings tattoo,a 3d cross tattoo… We’ve got them all! Check em out – let’s get started!


90. Fresh rosary necklace

If you’re looking to make quite an impact with your tattoos then this rosary and cross design could be your answer! A splash of Spanish text complete the look. This one has some great shading.


89. Jesus in the cross tattoo

Christian imagery is always going to be strong when we’re looking at cross tattoos. This is a great example of some very real looking human tattooing, with excellent shading done throughout.


88. Divinity

This cross almost looks like it’s made out of marble, don’t you think? A bold design on the back, this one is complemented by the use of just one word – Divinity.


87. Tribute back piece

As far as tribute tattoos go, this one is quite the tribute! The cross with attached angel winds stretch all the way down to the lower back here, and we have the tribute writing across the top.


86. Bound anchor, cross, and heart

There’s no reason you can’t combine several images that you like into the one tattoo design, as you can see here by the binding together off the cross, anchor, and heart. It makes your tattoo unique!


85. Outlined back of ear cross tatt

When you think of behind the ear cross tattoos, you’ll probably usually think of one of the tiny ones with just two lines. This tattoo bucks the trend with a more bold outline design that’s bigger than most.


84. Outer hand design

Hand tattoos are all the rage at the moment. In terms of inoffensive hand tatts could you go past the cross? It’s simple, neat, and is something that a lot of people can identify with.


83. Seeing within my flesh

A bit terrifying, but quite brilliant, this design hints at skin necrosis making way for the underlying color and shining, feathered cross within. It takes guts to pull off a tatt like this but it works!


82. Faded hand design

Because we use our hands so much the skin on them wears more quickly than other parts of the body. You might need to top up your hand tattoos if they start to fade like this one.


81. Powerful knuckle cross

We’re willing to bet this guy likes to fight with his fists! This tattoo is reminiscent of a manga or cartoon weapon that flies out of the fist. If you take your fighting seriously then this might be a design for you.


80. Off center wrist tatt

New tattoo and new shoes? Looks like this chick has been on a bit of a shopping spree! If you’re having a bit of a “me” day then it might be time to add one of these cross tattoos to your collection!


79. New wrist design

We’ve seen some pretty good before and after pics, but this one is pretty much spot on! When it’s just the two simple lines cross tattoos, think about how long you would like each line to be.


78. Blue cross and flowers

You can incorporate other traditional elements into your cross design- like the blue flowers that we see here. Foot tattoos can be notoriously painful so remember this when choosing your placement!


77. Tiny wrist cross

Small tattoos are easily hidden and often overlooked – which may be exactly what you want. A tattoo of this size will also be very cheap to ink and you’ll be in and out of the shop quickly.


76. Basic design back of neck

The symmetrical back of neck tattoo is the new lower back tattoo – an incredibly popular spot, especially among women. This back of neck tatt is bigger than most but still rocking!


75. Bold forearm cross

Your cross tattoos don’t need to just be two simple lines. Make them bolder, like this forearm tattoo here, to make them more noticeable. It’s still simple, yet the effect is intensified.


74. Intricate back design

We always like tattoos that contain pretty, intricate, patterned detail – so we’re fans of this back tatt right here. Notice the small bubbled curvature within the actual cross? Looks pretty cool right?


73. The finger rosary

Finger tatts can definitely be feminine – they’re not all skulls, tigers, and crazy symbols. Like this rosary, which is made very feminine by the small lines of the design and the tiny cross, not to mention this chick’s overall look!


72. Psalm and flowing cross

Crosses don’t always have to be made from straight lines. After all, none of us are straight lines ourselves, are we! This tattoo has an added psalm that means the wearer will never forget.


71. Outlined cross

We quite like the outlined cross, a break from the usual two straight lines. It’s for those wanting to make more of an impact, and can be even shaded in later if you want to! It’s like two tatts in one.


70. Assertive thumb cross

Is this an add for watches? Whatever teh case may be, it’s pretty hot. Crosses make a good addition to other hand tatts because you can fit the simple ones in pretty much anywhere.


69. Marriage cross tatts

Many people are choosing to get finger tatts these days on their wedding rings. And why not – you can lose a ring but never a tattoo! Since these two were married under the gaze of God, cross tattoos make sense!


68. The runner’s cross

It can be a tough choice decided where your next tattoo is going to go. Think about it – do you want it always visible to everyone? Visible just when you want to show it? Hardly ever visible? Choose wisely!


67. Small hand tatt

Another simple cross tattoo on the hand, this one looks a little lonely even those it’s got a buddy there on the wrist. We all know with tattoos that once you pop you can’t stop!


66. Three crosses

It’s not recommended that you get the direct back of your heel tattooed. Why not? You might end up with wonky lines like we have here (unlike the crosses on the sides), due to the nature of your skin.


65. Rose and cross back of neck design

This tattoo looks like it was possibly a home job. It’s very simple, and while the lines are straight the thicknesses of each seem to vary. It’s a good looking tatt nonetheless though! And can be easily revised if desired.


64. Brenda tribute

This tattoo is pretty awesome overall. Even though the design has been done a million times before, this one has been done excellently and with some really cool coloring. It’s done Brenda proud!

63. Tiny hip cross

Tattoos on your hips can usually easily be hidden by underwear if you need to, which makes them good if you are trying to hide them from prying eyes! This simple cross tattoo is a great size for the area.


62. Finger cross rosary

Another finger cross rosary, this one has been inked even better than the first. Like we mentioned before, it’s a feminine cross finger tattoo which is great if you’re a bit more girly but want a finger tatt.


61. Just me and Bart Simpson

Props to this girl and her skirt! Oh, and her tattoo too. Mid thigh tattoos can easily be exposed in a mini or covered up with a longer skirt, stockings, or pants, if you don’t feel like revealing them!


60. Puppy love

Not sure that we’ve got much to say about this one, it’s something else catching our eye in this image – that gorgeous pup! Let’s say it all together now – awwwwwwwwwww.


59. Small foot design

You can draw up your own cross tattoos and take them along to the tattooist to ink if you’d prefer. That way you can get the exact design that you want without having to choose from  their books.


58. Fierce tiger cross

Tigers are a popular motif in tattoo culture – so we fully respect this awesome tiger in the cross design. Even in black and white this one really pops out. You can always add color later, too.


57. Cross with angel

There’s something very compelling about this combination of tattoos. Perhaps it’s that the angel stares so intently at the cross in the center of this girls back. All we can say is they look great together!


56. Cross with middle omitted

This cross is missing a central circular piece, making it a little different from most of the simple cross tattoos that we’ve encountered on the list. Play with ways to make your tattoo more unique.


55. Snake wrapped cross

This tattoo looks remarkably similar to the caduceus, the medical symbol with the snakes wrapped around a rod with extended wings. This is an interesting mash up with a cross in the middle instead.


54. Stylized neck cross

This style of tattoos has been very popular over the last few years, with it’s super thick outlining, cartoon images, bold colors, and judicious use of black. A very styling neck tattoo if we do say so!


53. Stylized Mother cross

Another cross tattoo in a similar style to above, this one gives props to Mom – one of the most important people in most people’s lives. If you owe your mom everything, dedicate some ink to her!


52. Taz tribute cross tatt

We’re not going to say this is a bad tattoo, but… Well it is obviously special to the wearer. Tazmanian devil with angel wings, clasped over a cross with Paul’s name. We’re not even going to pretend we know what it means.


51. Side of wrist cross

Another slick, simple cross tattoo. This one’s on the outer side of the wrist, something we’re not too used to seeing around. You wouldn’t see this tattoo on yourself very often unless you lift the underside of your arm up!


50. Front of shoulder cross

Notice the slanted ends of this tattoo? It really sets it apart from the simple cross tattoos that we’ve seen. Small touches can make your tattoo just a little more interesting than everyone else’s.


49. Knuckles symbol set

It can be very tempting once you’ve collected one finger tattoo to go ahead and get started on the full set! This person may not be a Christian but they’ve got a damn fine set of stylish finger tatts!


48. Forearm cross

Another forearm cross here. As you can see, the simple crosses are a great choice that is still bold but gentle enough to be worn with anything.


47. Skull hanging a rosary

This tatt’s got it all – the cameo frame, the skull, the hanging jeweled rosary – we love it! This is the perfect spot for this design too, as it takes up the majority of the upper thigh without looking too big.


46. Lower leg intricate

This is a cross on the shin that’s filled with intricate roses. The coolest thing about this cross is that this chick’s got a whole matching collection of other tattoos to go with it. We love matching tatts!


45. Lower leg intricate #2

Another view of the same girl from the image above. This time she’s now added some script to below her upper thigh tattoos. Looks like she is slowly building her collection up!


44. Small back of ear tatt

A tiny simple cross behind the ear is easy to cover, but easy to show off too. This girl has plenty of hair to cover her new design if she wants to! Plus it goes well with her set of earrings there.


43. The angel warrior

This one is not so much a cross, but an angel warrior with a cross on his shield, doing his job for the greater good of God. Religious tattoos often have this sort of heavy shading in grayscale.


42. Full back religious piece

As far as religious tattoos go, this one is very impressive! The tableau checks Jesus on the cross, a devil on one side and an angel on the other. You can tell this guy likes his tatts to tell stories.


41. Jesus arm is mine

This 3D cross tattoo rocks! Who would’ve thought you could make Jesus’s arm and hand your own? This totally adds to the realism of the piece, especially with the bleeding wrist.


40. Full arm Jesus

Another large Jesus tatto, this one takes up the guy’s full arm and includes the hourglass, too. The hourglass signifies that all our time here on Earth is finite, and some people’s will be up faster than others.


39. Back of heel cross

Well this is all very Christmassy isn’t it?! We’ve got the Christmas tree in the background, a mistletoe cloth on the floor and a cross tattoo on this chick’s heel. It’s a time for remembering!


38. Kailie tribute

Crosses are often used as the basis of tribute tattoos. We’re not sure whether this is a birth date or a death date but the sentiment behind the design is very nice, plus it’s a cool blue.


37. American torn cross

If you’re a bit of a patriot then you might like to incorporate some stars n stripes into you cross tattoo. This one looks like it’s been ripped and torn. It doesn’t have to be in blue and red either!


36. A cross necklace

Usually if you want a cross necklace you just go out and buy a cross necklace but sometimes I guess you want one for good – forever and always. Ink your fave jewelry if you just can’t live without it.


35. Cross + rosary beads

Quite a large rosary design, this one has a larger cross than most. Who is Jenny? Obviously someone very special! If you love someone then let them know with a tribute tatt like this.


34. Castaldo

Who is Castaldo? We’ll never know. However what we will know is that this tatt is a work of excellent art, skill, and shading technique. A bit bold for many but it’s a great design!


33. Tribal cross

You can always throw in some tribal elements into your cross tattoo if that’s your jam. In fact, you can add pretty much anything you like – just ask your tattooist to put in what you want.


32. My twin my heart

This tattoo has such fine line work that it truly looks awesome! Combined with the bursting color it’s a design that isn’t quickly forgotten. This person obviously loved their twin very much.


31. Jesus love

Add a bit of Jesus love to your cross tattoo – why not!? This cross has a really cool pattern and we like the extra touch of the script down this bottom to really represent what the wearer is saying.


30. Jesus love #2

Another view of the Jesus love tattoo. It looks like the bits in the middle of the cross might be colored in white?


29. Simple Christian cross

Another simple forearm cross. This one’s long line is a little shorter than most of the other designs that we’ve seen – but that’s what makes it more interesting. Do you think so too?


28. Celtic circular design

Celtic tattoos are a great way to connect with your heritage. This is a great example of a personalized Celtic cross. The circles around the middle of the cross make it a stand out arm piece.


27. Bold upper knuckle

Finger tattoos don’t just have to be tiny fine lines. You can bolden them up, like this girl’s done here. A bolder look is often better for a feature finger tatt, instead of a whole set.


26. Imma Nuei

We can’t pretend to know what imma nuei means, but it obviously means something to the wearer. Whatever the meaning, this cool set of tombstones makes for a great tattoo.


25. The rising sun cross

The “exploding” chest tattoo is one that starts from the center of the chest and spreads out from there. They’re bold, they’re brave, and they make a huge amount of impact. They also take a huge amount of time!


24. Blue and black cross

We’re loving the blue, white and black shading of this particular one of the cross tattoos. It just goes to show that a fairly simply design can really shine given the right shading.


23. Black and white cross

Another cross tattoo that’s brilliantly shaded, this time in black and white – no need for color! The cracks and graying on the cross right here give it a bit of spooky look.


22. Stars n stripes cross

With a background flag of the red, white, and blue, this person obviously takes their country pride seriously! This tattoo has quite nice shading, but the outside of the flag looks a little unfinished.


21. Inner arm simple design

A simple cross, this time on the inner side of the elbow. People love putting the simple cross all up and down their arms! Is this something you’ve been thinking about inking too?


20. Station all insignia

Cross tattoos like this are a real standout. It’s something that you wouldn’t see every day, it’s missing traditional outlines, and it makes great use of shading. We love this one, 10/10!


19. Traditional cross with roses

If you like traditional cross tattoos and would like to uses some roses in your design, then why not think about something like this one here? While it’s not exactly original, it’s perfect for its type!


18. A crown of thorns

With Jesus in the center of the cross with a crown of thorns, and a light side and a dark side, this truly is a clever take on the traditional cross design. Something like this is a great choice to remember your faith.


17. The shining cross

This tattoo may be more stylized religious imagery rather than a nod to the wearer’s religion, however it ties in nicely with her collection. Add tatts that fit in with the others surrounding it.


16. Colorful cross

Highly colored and watercolor tattoos have been becoming more popular in recent years. This is a good example of a highly detailed design that includes a lot of color work. Cool huh?


15. Gold is always with me

Getting matching tattoos with your partner is a great way to cement your relationship – especially if they’re religious. While you might regret getting their name done if you break up, you relationship with God is probably going to be with you for life!


14. Bold cross with rose

There’s something so gorgeous and soothing about the deep reds that some people choose to get in their rose tattoos. If you’re thinking about roses with your cross we recommend this color!


13. Stylized cross with rose

More cartoon styles abound with this rose with the cross through. There’s not much of a highlight on this cross, maybe it needs some extra shading to really bring it out?48280816-cross-tattoos

12. Jessica tribute cross

A beautiful tribute tatt to Jessica. Your tribute tatt can be as large or as small as you want it to be. This guy’s chosen for a big, bold piece on the upper arm. Great use of light and dark here.


11. Cross among the brambles

This is a Celtic style cross among some… Brambles? We’re not sure what the plant is here. While it’s a great design, some of these colors don’t quite go together, so be careful when choosing your coloring.


10. Holding my heart

October 2007 must have been a special date for this person. This is a very grand tattoo – not many people choose to get such a large amount of color in such a big area. The heart looks awesome!


9. Blue and red back of neck

This back of the neck cross has the middle of the cross right on that bone at the back of your neck. This is an example of some good choice in coloring. The muted reds and blues go well together,


8. Cross with angel wings

This tattoo looks like it was originally simply the cross, and the feathered angel wings were an addition at another point in time. Both are great to ink on your back and many people choose to combine the two.


7. Celtic blue cross

Not simply a celtic blue cross, this one is completed colored in with shading and splashes of color. You can see that this design matches the one just showing on this guy’s wrist.


6. Celtic cross tattoos: side piece

This is quite an unusual placement of a cross tattoo, which is why we like it. While many people get script across their midsection, this body choices takes up the whole of this girl’s torso.


5. Dragon enveloped cross

Into the mythical and magical? You could add a dragon to your cross design, ala this one here! This style of tattoo is popular in fantasy tattoos and looks great with the white highlights.


4. Jesus on the cross backpiece

If you’re quite religious, then a full back (or full chest) Jesus on the cross tattoo might be an option for you. We especially like the heavenly clouds on the mid back here.


3. Risque back of shoulder

This simple cross looks great on the back of the shoulder. You can show this type of tattoos off in spaghetti strap tops in summer.


2. Between thumb and forefinger

Another smaller design between the thumb and forefinger.


  1. Tiny inner finger

First tattoo? Get something tiny no one will see and then decide if you want more! This inner finger tiny cross is the perfect choice.


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