25 Amazing Graveyard And Cemetery Tattoos

If you are thinking that this is a weird subject for a tattoo design, you are going to be shocked at how many people go for this. First of all the difference between a graveyard and cemetery is that the graveyard is generally older and has a period look while the cemetery is more in keeping with modern times.

Thereby graveyards tend to have a neglected and Gothic feel to them as compared to the neater looking cemeteries. We will look at some tattoos based on both these subjects.

Pet Cemetery Tattoos: These tattoos could be inspired by the horror flick with this name or based on the memory of a beloved pet. The fact is that pets also have their own cemeteries and these can be used to inspire the tattoo design.

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Small girl gazing at a Graveyard tattoo:  Though this theme may have some room for some ambiguities,  but use of a mirror like reflection does provide a chilling effect. It is almost like a little girl is sadly looking at the grave of someone she lost. Adding details to make the little girl’s attire and way of dressing makes this tattoo even more chilling

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Gate of the Cemetery Tattoo: This is a chilling example of some poor fellow whose motorbike is being pulverized by a skeleton. The view is from the gates of the cemetery which adds a chill to the bones as you look at it. We all know that those who properly and finally enter the gates of a cemetery can never leave.

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Graveyard of pets tattoo: This one shows the spirit of a much loved dog moving on to the forever land leaving all earthly ties behind. Can be touching and with details like the snake and the star of David can make a compelling picture indeed

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Horror Pet cemetery tattoo: The story of the pet cemetery is one to scare even the most stalwarts among us. The artist has captured the essence of the horror of that story in this tattoo. The cat after being buried and subsequently coming back to life in a horrific form (according to the story) is a compelling piece of art. The man watching has eyes that are haunted as the feline saunters among the various graves.  A simple but really scary looking tattoos due to the expressions on the faces.

Lady holding child – Pet Cemetery Tattoo: This one will really stir you up as the mother tries to shield the baby from the evil forces that coming out. The stone cold expression in the cat’s eyes along with the eerie bats flying over her head add to the impact of this cemetery tattoo.

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Superb Graveyard Tattoo: This one  stands out due to the use of shadowing that shows the horrors of the graveyard even more effectively. Plus elements that add to the feel make you want to gaze at it for a long time though you are chilled and horrified within. The addition of the fierce looking dragon also adds a nice touch.

Graveyard And Cemetery Tattoos

We can say that cemetery or graveyard tattoos are definitely interesting. They have a lot of scope for the imagination of the artist to be expressed. This is more so because nobody can remain unmoved by some emotion or other when they gaze upon a cemetery or a graveyard.

It goes without saying that we all know that death and the journey to the graveyard or the cemetery is final, but still wanting a constant reminder of it in the form of a tattoo is something that can be disturbing to most of us. Here are some more ideas for Graveyard And Cemetery Tattoos:

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