25 Evil Pumpkin Tattoos (Scary enough)

Many of us do love the feel of chill down the spine that we get when we see a horror flick or hear about something evil that occurred. For those among us who feel this thrill at something evil, a evil pumpkin tattoo or the representation of a Jack-O-Lantern is something that is bound to appeal in a tattoo design.

There is no doubt the addition of other creative elements and scenes along with the evil pumpkin tattoo to make the tattoo even more appealing but the fact is that the evil pumpkin rules the whole tattoo theme. We all know that the Pumpkin man that is carved has its roots in the Halloween celebrations. But the fact is that Halloween too is loosely associated with dressing up in costumes to scare others. So the depiction of the evil pumpkin is not totally out of place. Though mostly quite sinister looking, the evil pumpkin tattoo can be shown in a humorous way..

Choices in evil pumpkin tattoo designs: Though some of the evil pumpkin tattoo designs do bear a resemblance to the usual carving on pumpkin that is done on Halloween, there tends to be an evil aspect too. Some of these evil pumpkin tattoos are done in a mix of colors and some are done only in dark inks. Here are some ways in which these have been designed:

evil pumpkin tattoo (16)

Bat wings on Evil pumpkin tattoo: Though prima facie this tattoo design does not evoke the chill that an usual pumpkin tattoo would evoke, a closer look at the eyes would show you the evil inside. Somehow the detailed work on the bat wings and the half funny and half evil look seems to work well.

evil pumpkin tattoo (7)

Arm Evil Pumpkin Tattoo : This tattoo design though supposed to look good seems to be confusing due to the confusing details on it. But on the whole having a evil pumpkin tattoo on the arm can have interesting look due to the movement and rippling that occurs usually in the arm area.

evil pumpkin tattoo (8)

Bats with Evil Pumpkin Tattoo: This one tends to give you that weird feeling in the pit of your stomach that you would normally get when you gaze upon something disturbing. The dark interior, the disturbing look in the eyes and the flying out of dark creatures point towards that.

evil pumpkin tattoo (9)

Bones sticking out of Pumpkin Tattoo: This one looks evil and that goes without saying. With the subtle and interesting use of colors, one can make a chill crawl up your spine and make you shudder.

evil pumpkin tattoo (17)

Evil Pumpkin Tattoo on the Shoulder: This one is effective due to the rendition of emotions and feelings that show in the eyes and the way the forehead is shown. The fury that this tattoo wishes to convey has been done very effectively.

evil pumpkin tattoo (3)

Scarecrow with Evil Pumpkin Tattoo Head: This one combines the evil and much feared elements of the scarecrow with the evil pumpkin head. It definitely needs a lot of art work with a unique blend the colors  to deliver the dark and light elements in a spectacular way.

evil pumpkin tattoo (1)

The range of evil pumpkin tattoos can vary from the cute and funny to the dark and evil look designs. The motive for getting such a tattoo will usually be associated with the person’s fascination with the darker elements or show a darker sense of humor. Even if you are not a big fan of this kind of body art, you will find that it is quite difficult to look away when once you start gazing upon them. This fascination will be produced even in somebody who is not that interested in it.  This plainly explain how some people who are actually interested will look upon such tattoos!  Some other designs of Evil Pumpkin Tattoo:

evil pumpkin tattoo

evil pumpkin tattoo (2)

evil pumpkin tattoo (4)

evil pumpkin tattoo (5)

evil pumpkin tattoo (6)

evil pumpkin tattoo (10)

evil pumpkin tattoo (11)

evil pumpkin tattoo (12)

evil pumpkin tattoo (13)

evil pumpkin tattoo (14)

evil pumpkin tattoo (15)


evil pumpkin tattoo (19)

evil pumpkin tattoo (20)

evil pumpkin tattoo (21)

evil pumpkin tattoo (22)

evil pumpkin tattoo (23)

evil pumpkin tattoo (24)


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