40 Most Original Lion Tattoos : Unleashing Your Inner Beast

Fangs bared, a full mane, and claws like razors… The lion is the king of the jungle, unsurpassed in raw power and predatory instincts. He stands tall among a sea of other animals and a tattoo really shows his true power. View these original lion tattoos and you’ll be overwhelmed by their ferocity!

As the king of the jungle, the lion is inarguably one of the world’s most prominent symbols of power and leadership. In addition to representing supremacy, it is also a creature that is known for its courage and pride.

While some tattoos feature lions baring their teeth and appearing ferocious, others present their calm and peaceful side. We spent hours scouring the Web for the hottest pieces of inspiration to generate this list of the twenty most original lion tattoos around:


In a Biblical sense, a lion is considered to be a creature that defends the weak and watches over those with lesser strength than itself. In fact, Jesus Christ is referred to on countless occasions as “the lion of Judah.” By fusing their images together, this tattoo represents the fact that Christians see Jesus as a symbolic lion that has been sent to Earth to make up for their inadequacies.

lion tattoo design

34-Lion-whit-punjabi-writing-tattoo Angry-Lion-Tattoo-on-Hand arm-lion-tattoos-designs-new-1-pclayer Best-Lion-Tattoos-for-Men Best-Stomach-Tattoo Bohemian-Lion-Tattoo Cross-Lion-Tattoo

Funny-Lion-Tattoos-3 King_Lion_Tattoo

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