25 Best Pagan And Wiccan Tattoo Ideas For Girls

Today many people believe in representing their religion or their faith through tattoos on their body. If you are also looking for a Pagan or a Wiccan tattoo, then today we have something in store for us. We have come up with a collection of stunning and attractive Pagan and Wiccan tattoos that can inspire you surely for your next tattoo. You can describe your belief and mindset with the design of your tattoo. It can also depict the uniqueness of your personality and spirituality.


If you are a Pagan and an animal lover, you can choose your favourite animal for your Pagan tattoo. If you are from a Native American spirituality, you have a variety of options to choose the right tattoo for you. Symbols of buffalo, feathers, tomahawk, dream catcher, etc. are some of the options for you. If you are a pantheist, you can go for the symbol of world to get inked on your body in bright green and blue colour. Celtic knot can be perfect for you if you are a Celtic Paganism. But choose a tattoo that resonates deep within your soul because that is a lifetime companion of yours.

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Here, we are showing various tattoo designs of Pagan tattoos. Have a look…


Wicca is the religion whose followers are the worshipers of nature and love plants, flowers, animals, birds and everything related to our mother nature. So, wiccan people have a lot of options to choose from, such as flowers, owls, cats, dragonflies, butterflies, wolves, horses, birds and many more. You can pick something that you share a connection with and use your creative skills in it to make more original and meaningful wiccan tattoos

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If you are not convinced with the idea of choosing an animal to get inked upon your body, options are not less for you. You can follow Wiccan symbology such as the pentacle or the four elements. If you follow Wicca’s beliefs and traditions, you can go for a triquetra or even an Egyptian ankh. You can also go for your Sun Signs (Cancer, Capricorn, etc.) or your favourite colors, fairies or mermaids. The uniqueness of Wiccan tattoos gives you the chance of testing your creative skills and make something original and stunning.

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I have seen many people with unique designs of Wiccan Tattoos like sun, moon, goddess, or a black cat in the moon. Not necessary to mention, that the unique tattoos on their body made them noticeable and look attractive. But most of the time, people get them inked on such part of their body where they can hide them when required.

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Right Tattoo: You should not mimic a tattoo that someone else has, but choose something that is meaningful for you and goes deep within your soul. Do enough research for the tattoo you are going for so that you completely understand what it resembles. Don’t rush for a tattoo that you are not sure for or you do not understand completely because tattoos are your lifetime companions and you do not wish to regret later for your decision.

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Right Place: Also, give a second thought before choosing the place for your tattoo. It would not be recommended to show your tattoo to the clients in a business meeting. So, get your tattoos inked on such a place where you can hide it easily enough.

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