34 Daring Phoenix Tattoo Designs For Men

When you are considering getting a tattoo done on your body and that too the first time, it is not something that you approach flippantly. Particularly when it comes to a tattoo motif that is as significant as the Phoenix tattoo. This is a bird that belongs to myths. Endowed with qualities like the ability to emerge from ashes, this bird features in many stories of the past. If what the stories say is true,  then the Phoenix was known to live for hundreds of years in a solitary state. As they grew older, they would put together a nest and lay only one single egg. They would then set themselves along with the egg and the nest alight. When the fire dies down, a younger phoenix would rise from the ashes.

The younger phoenix would be young, strong and complete in spite of just having emerged from the ashes. Since longevity, survival of fire and regeneration after facing a calamity, are all things associated with the Phoenix, people opting for a tattoo design with the phoenix are also seeking or depicting something similar. They have either faced, fought and survived a personal problem or they may be seeking to do so in future.

The profile of people getting tattoos: Nowadays tattoos are no longer restricted to people who spend their lives on the sea or those who are trying to rebel against society or even the disreputable. Now,  getting a tattoo is all about the deep symbolism and about having art on your body that is personal and that goes wherever you go. Hence, the idea behind a tattoo is to add beauty without reducing anything. It’s not meant or used to intimidate anyone.

You can get a tattoo anywhere you want as long as there is skin, and there it is in almost every part of the body. But the thing about phoenix tattoos is that, they are mostly drawn and created on the lower back, the shoulder or the forearm. This is so because it is better that you pick a place where you know the quality of your skin is not going to change too much, thereby keeping the beauty of your tattoo intact. We may think of tattoos being the territory of bold and aggressive people. But the fact is that now there are more and more meek and introvert people who are getting tattoos, albeit smaller ones  and in places where only they can see and enjoy them. A tattoo has become something that simply holds a lot of significance to them and is seen as an artistic depiction of their deepest beliefs.

Will getting a tattoo hurt? If you are getting a tattoo so that you can show it off or impress other people or because you have been persuaded by somebody else to do so, then you should not. You should get a tattoo for only one reason – that is because you long for one! Getting a phoenix tattoo is not only aesthetically appealing, it also carries a deeper sentiment. This is more so especially when you have gone through some troubles and have survived them. Because of the power and the immense mystic value, some people get a phoenix tattoo hoping that they can draw from this power to heal and find the strength to face all situations.

The fact is that, if you are getting a tattoo, you should be prepared for the pain. Each person has their own limits as to how much pain they can bear, but still you need to be mentally prepared to face the pain when you get a tattoo done. The more colorful your tattoo design, the more it is likely to hurt. So in case you are not too sure about the pain and permanence of a real tattoo, you can always go for a temporary option. This way you can try different ones before deciding on the permanent one you would like to get, go for only when you have got decided. Here are 40 beautiful Examples of Phoenix Tattoo designs For Men.

  1. This design took a lot of ink and patience. Any time there is a lot of one color in a concentrated area means that the artist had to dig pretty deep to get it to penetrate. It can be a little painful depending on where you’re getting work done. We love his choice in colors. The orange and yellows really contrast with the black shading. He did a great job with the line detail too.

Phoenix Tattoo designs For Men (1)

2. This is a gorgeous picture of the phoenix. It’s strong and mighty and has so many intricate details in variation in dimensions. Using just grey, white and black, the artist was able to convey a very powerful image.

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3. This image exudes strength and fury. Notice the detailed design within the heart. This took a lot of time and patience and was very well thought out and designed.

Phoenix Tattoo designs For Men (2)

4. The third dimensional aspect of this piece is stunning. The details on the birds feathers is exquisite. The shading and contrast is really well done and the entire image just captures the essence of this powerful bird.

Phoenix Tattoo designs For Men (2)

5. Side tattoos are always going to be a little painful since it’s typically a fatty area of tissue. It’s just known to hurt, pure and simple. This image of the phoenix taking flight as it’s going upward conveys a powerful and strong presence. The artist did a remarkable job with the details.

Phoenix Tattoo designs For Men (3)

6. Total back pieces are always sign of commitment. We love everything going on in these images. These are several tattoos that all go together to tell a story. This didn’t happen overnight and probably took months to complete. Notice the war scene between the geisha and the dragon. It seems as if the entire piece is centered on this main conflict although there seems to be ensuing chaos all over his back.

Phoenix Tattoo designs For Men (3)

7. Here’s a really strong representation between a phoenix and a dragon. They seem ready to face off in a fight to the death. The artist did a tremendous job with the detail of each line and the shading. Notice the eagles wings. They are stunningly beautiful. Each scale on the dragon is so painstakingly intentional.

Phoenix Tattoo designs For Men (4)

8. The colors chosen for this piece are really pretty. The yellow offsets the blood orange and makes it appear a little less intense and almost royal. The skilled artist did a great job with the whole thing but we especially like the way the feathers at the bottom appear to be floating in the wind.

Phoenix Tattoo designs For Men (5)

9. It’s interesting that he left his stomach open. Do you think you’d go ahead and fill it in? This is a fascinating design and cool color choice. Notice that he didn’t go above his collar bone so unless he takes his shirt off, you’d never know that he had such a masterpiece inked underneath.

Phoenix Tattoo designs For Men (6)

10. The artist chose pretty bold colors to make the piece pop. It’s vibrant and quite interesting.

Phoenix Tattoo designs For Men (7)

11. This bold orange is so striking. It’s intense and the whole this has a wow factor. The artist did a phenomenal job with the contrast in the feathers. They look so real. Check out the variation in color between the wings and the talons. It’s a cool contrast.

Phoenix Tattoo designs For Men (8)

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