50 Dream Catcher Tattoos for Women

Dream catchers have always been fascinating objects and are regarded as filters of our dreams. The designs of the dream catcher evoke safety and inspire hope. For years, it has captured our interest and its beauty remains to be a favorite design for tattoos and a symbol of feminism.


Origin of Dream Catcher Tattoos for Women

Dream catchers are said to have originated in the Native American culture. The Anishinabek people were the first ones to create the design. This tribe lived in the North-Central United States and Southern Canada and regarded themselves as the “Original People” which is the meaning of the word Anishinabek.

According to their lore, the Spider Woman travels around to weave magical webs above cradleboards to provide protection to babies from bad dreams. Because the people start to migrate to other places, she was not able to reach the infants in time and so the women of the tribe took over in creating these dream catchers to protect their babies.

The original dream catchers were created from scratch using natural materials thus they don’t really last that long and have to be replaced soon.

Characteristics of Dream Catcher Tattoos

As tattooing gets accepted as a form of art, more women show interest in getting their bodies inked. Dream catcher tattoos for women are very popular nowadays.

There are thousands of variations of this design and tattoo artists incorporate on their drawings several elements to make their creation unique. By modifying and retaining the concept of the dream catcher, artists are able to come up with designs that would really stand out.

Despite the differences, dream catcher tattoos share the same standard format of a round base with feathers and beads hanging on strings.

Meanings of Dream Catcher Tattoo Elements

Just like in real dream catchers, dream catcher tattoos for women also intend to invoke protection and good dreams.

The circle or the base of the dream catcher is what’s used to filter dreams. It catches bad dreams and turns these nightmares into peaceful thoughts. With tattoos, the hoop is sometimes replaced with other shapes like a heart or the moon.

The feathers on dream catchers are supposed to be from eagles and other similar birds of prey. Spiritually, these animals are looked up to for their strength and their knowledge. They are also known for the keenness of their vision and how they can see things even from a distant.

Symbolism of Dream Catcher Tattoos for Women

Dream catcher tattoos for women are very common. This is mainly because the feathers and the web are regarded as very feminine objects.

Just like the Spider Woman lore of the Anishinabek people, women, in general, are regarded as nurturing. This gives dream catcher tattoos its fitting symbol of femininity.

Depending on the type of feather on the dream catcher, it also has different symbolism. For instance, if you see owl feathers, this means wisdom and knowledge. Eagle feathers represent courage and power. There is also the option to incorporate other symbolic figures on the tattoo to make the design stand out all the more.

If, for some reason, you feel that you have been running into misfortunes for quite a while and your life hasn’t been that pleasant, consider getting a dream catcher tattoo. Regardless of your faith, you might find this design a positive symbol of courage, hope and in warding off negative things.

Artistic Examples of Dream Catcher Tattoos for Women


If you are looking for a dream catcher tattoo that is high on imagination and artistic value then this is it. It captures the essence of a dreamcatcher while seamlessly integrating a beautiful woman in the tattoo without taking any of the focus away from the design and form.


This is one of those dream catcher tattoos that beautifully illustrates the allure of an old-world dream catcher. It uses subtle lines and curves to give the tattoo a sense of motion. It is the perfect accessory for your back as well.


If color is what you are looking for then this is one of those dream catcher tattoo ideas that will definitely appeal to you. The tattoo manages to be very vivid and colorful without appearing too distracting. It does this by using rich colors such as emerald blue and purple.


Dream catchers are all about playfulness and this is a dream catcher tattoos idea that shows that off very beautifully. It uses short wavy lines which somehow have a degree of symmetry to them as well. It also makes light use of colors to add more depth and character.


If you are on the lookout for a dream catcher tattoo design that is clean and well defined then this one would fit the bill perfectly. It uses a very clean approach and yet packs in enough detail to make it eye-catching and attention-grabbing.


If you are a girl who just loves to smile and have a good time then this is one of the coolest dream catcher tattoos for girls that you should have a look at. It is minimalistic in size but explosive when it comes to color. It is an in your face kind of tattoo that is attention-grabbing in every sense of the word.


This is a dream catcher tattoos for women that uses a monochromatic approach and uses the intricacies of design elements to achieve a sense of depth and realism. It has excellent shading and the symmetrical approach will keep its beholders hooked on.


Tattoo ideas for women are a great way to showcase a woman’s characteristics and this is a playful and sweet looking tattoo that does just that. It is exuberant and vibrant and is easy on the eyes but still very beautiful in a very understated manner.


If you are looking for tattoos ideas that are both sensual and beauty enhancing then this is the one to go for. It has an alluring sense to it that will not only captivate but will also hold a gaze. It is a tattoo that is loud and magnetic and is perfect for strong-willed women.


Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most breath-taking and beautiful and this is the perfect exhibition of this technique. This tattoo uses symmetry and closely packed lines to great effect to create what looks like a highly intricate and complicated work of art.


How about a tattoo that teases endlessly and yet manages to be highly appealing. Everything about this tattoo works towards trying to look minimalistic while still having enough character and depth and realism to leave a lasting impact on anyone who sees it.


If you do not want to go all out with you your tattoo and are looking for something that is diminutive and yet captures everything that a dreamcatcher is then this is a perfect option worth looking into. It is simple and uses a dichromatic approach to achieve a unique look.


Do you want a tattoo that captivates endlessly and uses one of the most vibrant approaches to tattoo design then this is definitely worth a look at. It is one of the most colorful tattoos you will come across but is amazingly manages to not overdo it.


This one actually manages to capture the essence of a dream catcher. The color scheme and the shadowy nature of the design along with a unique perspective give it a really unique look and character that is difficult to rival.


How about an alluring and highly realistic tattoo that has an understated beauty and grace to it then this tattoo can be a perfect candidate? It uses simple flowing lines and a very symmetrical design to achieve a classy and attractive nature.


This tattoo perfectly combines elements of a traditional dreamcatcher and elements from Native American design elements. It uses thick lines with the generous use of bold colors and is the perfect accessory if you love to wear colorful dresses.


Classiness is written all over this tattoo. It is one of the most minimalistic tattoos you will come across but it manages to make every single line and design element to be as impactful as possible. The color theme is also very classy with a dash of mystery to it.


A girly tattoo that is dreamy, eye-catching, colorful, graceful and vibrant, this tattoo perfectly embodies a free spirit. It uses short wavy lines and gentle warm colors with a design that flows beautifully. The flowers and the butterflies are just a colorful addition.


Another tattoo that manages to be small and demure but still has an air of elegance and manages to speak a lot without uttering a single word – it uses small but intricately and closely packed lines that achieve both realism as well as complexity.


One of the most colorful and authentic looking dreamcatchers you will come across, this tattoo manages to capture the grace, fluidity and dynamic nature of this cultural icon. These colors are rare in the world of tattoos and that makes it stand out even more.


This tattoo takes its inspiration from oceanic themes and uses an emerald color that gives it a one of a kind look, it is highly symmetric and all of this combines to give it a high value when looking at it from an artistic point of view.


This tattoo manages to be extremely colorful while also managing to be down to earth. It uses colors that are extremely rare when it comes to tattoos and that is exactly what this tattoo is all about. If you love your world to be as colorful as possible, this tattoo will go well with your outlook.


If you love animation and video games then you will definitely love this tattoo. It takes its inspiration from these virtual worlds that perfectly blend the real with the imaginary. The lush colors and the indefinite seams make it look even more special.


One of the dreamiest tattoos you are ever going to come across, it employs colors that are just vibrant enough without appearing overpowering. It also uses subtle shading and a color transition to make it look like it is gently swaying and moving around in the wind.


This one, at first sight, looks like just a simple tattoo but then it holds your gaze and that is when you realize that it has much more character and intrigue to it. It is also warm and colorful and a perfect tattoo for someone with a vibrant outlook towards life.


When it comes to dream catcher tattoos, vibrant colors are almost always an important and integral part of the package and reflect the natural dyes that Native Americans use to color the feathers used with their dream catchers. Here we see these colors, but they´re done as splashes of water color – a very interesting choice.


Here we see another instance of a dream catcher tattoo for women in which the willow hoop, feathers, and braided rope which form the dream catcher are rendered in grayscale with suggestive splashes of color in the background. Instead of being the bright colors of vegetable and crushed sediment pigments, these colors look like the Northern Lights, don´t they?


The swirling lotus and loose feathers give this purple, black, and blue dream catcher tattoo design a real sense of motion.


The same dream catcher tattoos idea and color scheme as the previous one, only the solid black feathers give this tattoo an almost Japanese flavor.


To achieve these washes of color that sit behind the bold lines of the actual dream catcher, it appears that the artist first free handed the water color influenced smears of pink and purple. Then it´s likely that they went ahead and traced the dream catcher from a transfer, before finally free handing the drips.


Here we see an interesting combination of two classic tattoos ideas with feathers: the Native American dream catcher and the peacock. Chances are this extensive leg piece had a longer-than-usual healing period given its size.


Moving away from colorful flurries and frenetic lines, here we see some crisp and precise geometry that has some evident mandala influences.


Dream catcher tattoos for girls with Japanese influences have become quite popular in recent years. Butterflies and birds have great spiritual significance in many of the world´s cultures, with the Ancient Japanese and First Nations traditions being notable instances where this is the case.


There used to be a time when strong women went out of their way to prove that they could hang with the boys. However, these days a lot of the current dream catcher tattoo ideas for women are focusing on the feminine and pink has found its place.


The way the braided ropes hanging from the hoops of this dream catcher really do look like braided human hair. Subtle yet convincing, this anthropomorphism gives this piece a sense of animism.


The colors are being pulled away from the dream catcher, compelled by a force of attraction from the spirit world. Again, it appears that the first colored layer was done free hand, the second layer with the dream catcher was stenciled, and then more color was added in a third layer.


There´s nothing sexier than a well done, intricate back piece on a beautiful woman that´s hidden from view, reserved only for the eyes of her chosen partners. You´d be surprised at how many successful career women have full back tattoos underneath their clothes.


While exquisite back tattoos on girls indicate a forbidden, private, and sensual world, if you move the tattoo some inches up to the neck the same tattoo concept all of a sudden has an entirely different, much more flirtatious connotation.


The inclusion of a realistically rendered red rose and a red ruby encrusted in what appears to be a pendant from the late nineteenth century (or maybe the early twentieth century) gives this dream catcher inked into the forearm a Victorian era aspect.


Imagine opening up this chick´s blouse or having her pull up her shirt for you to reveal this interplanetary dream catcher tattoo. The feathers here are highly realistic and you can imagine that this same tattoo artist is also likely highly accomplished as a portrait tattooist.


Grayscale, nautical themes, and Indian motifs come together to form this amazing leg piece that likely has great personal significance for the owner of this piece of skin art.


The yin and yang is a universally recognized symbol of balance and harmony and likely one of humanity´s oldest and greatest examples of graphic design. The almost unperceivable crescent moon is a nice touch too.


Will she go back for a second session and have it colored in?, Or, well she leave this dream catcher piece on the shoulder as it is, in all of its monochromatic glory with its oriental and art deco influences? Either way, this tattoo is a winner.


Getting a tattoo is a great way to help make it through the long and arduous grieving process. Honestly, it never really ends….but it does get better, believe it or not. The dream catcher can also offer tremendous spiritual comfort that´s palpable. What an interesting take on the memorial tattoo.


Here we see a brilliant example of pointillism matched with geometry— a tendency that has really taken off in the world of tattoo art in the last few years. The deep black background in this photo really makes the detail pop, doesn´t it? Any tattooist worth their salt knows that having professional photos in their portfolios is key to continuing success.


Now this is a real exercise in cross hatching to create texture. The transition from the woven string to the wolf´s head is seamless.


Pointillism and geometry come together once again on this neck piece. A lot of girls are considering how their skin art will work together with their jewelry.


In the same way that a Hari Krishna´s necklace has 108 beads, and this relates to the chanting practices that are central to this spiritual faith, the numbers of hoops and beads in a dream catcher (as well as their configuration) has a specific significance.


In the Ojibwa tradition, the main hoop (representing the never ending circle of life) is made from a bent red willow branch. As for the three feathers (and although there are various tribal variations the triple feather seems to be common), these are ladders by which the dreams and negative energy ascend to the spirit world.


We´ve seen time and time again here how dream catcher tattoos are a great opportunity for tattoo artists can combine loose washes of free hand color with detailed linear work that´s stencil based. This piece brings it all together.


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