50 Quotes Tattoos for Women

Do you want to use a tattoo? Do you want to start everything but you do not have enough experience? Taking inspiration from other people’s experiences is the best way for everything, including getting to know a tattoo.

In this article we’re going to discuss about finding our inspirations as women through tattoos. Being a woman with a tattoo is not as easy as going to a tattooist and “infusing” the ink into your skin. Not that easy! And incising ink into our skin is not something trivial as it tends to describe our personality and announce it to the people around us. In other words, anyone who is interested in tattoos should be really serious!


Finding the Best Quotes Tattoos for Women

To get to know the tattoo, of course, you have to go to the Internet as the best information source all over the world, and to really know real, interacting with the tattooists is the best step. However, searching for information in advance is more advisable so that whatever steps you take, have been through careful considerations.

Make sure the tattooist you visit really understand the philosophy of tattoos, especially quotes tattoos for women, rather than just being adept at scraping ink into your skin layers. Every tattooist is an artist and every artist is a person who is subservient to the philosophy that he/she believes.

Tattoos have several benefits, depending on which side we look at. For some Asian and Mexican crime gangs, tattoos are a tool to intimidate their opponents. For some soldiers, tattoos are “historical markers” emblazoned on their skin. For some women, tattoos are a source of attraction and for others; tattoos are a source of inspiration.

The Significance of a Quotes Tattoo

Quotes tattoos for women are tattoos in the form of inspirational words, can be from famous political figures, religious figures, artists, and even from the people we care about. They all have something in common; encourages us and more importantly reminds us constantly of what our goals were when we incised them into our skin.

Today, quotes tattoos for women have become a lifestyle among urban women, especially those working in the arts. For some young women, the tattoos are a symbol of their resistance to male domination and some interesting surveys have proved that quotes tattoos really do have a positive effect on the “wearers.”

The surveys also found that the words of wisdom tattoos can increase someone’s confidence. It is an intriguing fact that how the transformation of tattoo meaning has gone; from negative in the past to the inspirational today. This is the main reason why this tattoo type is very popular among women.


The words of wisdom tattoos are pearls that are inscribed on the surface of the skin (as the name implies) and are a source of lasting inspiration for the owner. Not only that, they can also be a source of endless memories of a moment or person. Considering what is inscribed on our skin should not be a trivial but a source of inspiration or philosophy of life that we believe in.

Creative Examples of Quotes Tattoos for Women


Who said quotes tattoo for women needs to be just plain words with no color? This tattoo adds a brilliant splash of color and actually adds meaning to the words ‘all who wander are not lost’ by showing the four major nautical directions against a backdrop of some very bright and vivid colors – perfect for free-spirited women.


This is one of the most meaningful quotes tattoos out there. It is very simple in its execution. It is monochromatic and shows two olive wreaths joined at the base and almost forming a circle with the words ‘beauty for ashes’ inside the circle. This is a verse from the bible and signifies the beauty you can find in all your shortcomings and failures and use them as a stepping stone to move forward.


This is one of the very creative quotes tattoo ideas you will come across. If you think that you are one of a kind and that you cannot be limited by any stereotype then this is the tattoo for you. It is monochromatic and has the quotation ‘I myself am strange and unusual’ and is a great way to showcase your uniqueness as well as be an inspiration to other people like you.


This quotes tattoos idea that can serve as a motivational tool for yourself or for those around you. It uses playful colors and is made up of flowers and leaves along with the words ‘I will make it out of this alive’. It is a great way to approach a difficult situation and to instill some self-belief in yourself and your beholders.


A great quotes tattoo design, it combines some very intricate and beautiful flowers and delicate leaves with a rectangular box that says ‘this feeling is just for now’. It is a highly encouraging tattoo that is elegant and classy to look at. It is both beautiful and meaningful.


Quotes tattoos for girls need to be alluring and mysterious yet meaningful just like a girl is. This tattoo is just two words in a very elegant font and reads ‘Carpe diem’ which are Latin words and what they mean is that there is no time like the present and you have to live every moment in hand to the fullest without letting the worries of the future rob you of the things that really matter.


This tattoo is both incredibly pretty and yet serves as a great inspiration. This is one of the best quotes tattoos for women. It is a simple monochromatic tattoo with many cute little birds in flight that signify a free spirit while the words tell you how you are beautiful, valuable and good enough just the way you are.


The greatest tattoo ideas for women tell these women how they are all beautiful in spite of their flaws. In fact, it is these imperfections that complete her. This beautiful tattoo uses a bold font in a single color to say that just like the moon is beautiful in spite of its craters, so is every woman beautiful in spite of her blemishes.


Sometimes you do not need a thousand words to strengthen yourself. All it takes are a few simple words and this is one of those tattoos ideas that prove just that. It just has the three words ‘it is well’ but is somehow still as captivating as the most intricate tattoo out there. It is also one of the best options if you do not want to get a lot of ink.


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