30 Perfect St Michael Tattoo Design Ideas

St. Michael the archangel is an amazing tattoo to get for those who are into Christianity. The archangel is a leader of all other angels and is there to fight against Satan and evil, and to judge those entering Heaven. For those who are devout Christians, St. Michael is a popular choice for an angel tattoo.

St. Michael is a popular inspiration for tattoos. Angels are the subject of many different styles of tattoos but St. Michael is often seen in particular types of tattoos. That’s because he is one of the most famous angels and is the patron saint of many different types of people. Even people who aren’t particularly religious may be inspired to get a tattoo of St. Michael for protection or for a memorial. Here are 10 perfect St. Michael tattoo design ideas to inspire your St. Michael tattoo:

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Angel Tattoos are Beautiful Artwork

Tattoos that feature angels are some of the most beautiful pieces of artwork. Angels have been inspiring artists for thousands of years. Some of the best artists in history created visions of angels. Angel tattoos are artwork that uses a different canvas. Angel tattoos on the back are very popular because the back is such a large canvas that the tattoo artist can create stunning angel artwork in ink. A St. Michael tattoo that features angelic imagery will be gorgeous on anyone.

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Many Different Faiths Acknowledge St. Michael

Not all religions have saints or recognize the saints in other religions. But St. Michael the Archangel is mentioned in the holy scripture of several different religions. Muslims, Jews, Catholic Christians, Protestant Christians, members of the Russian and Greek Orthodox Church and Mormons all venerate St. Michael as a patron saint and the Archangel of God. So many different types of people from very different faiths all can get St. Michael tattoos in honor of the Archangel. Get a St. Michael tattoo designed with some imagery from your faith to make your tattoo truly original.st michael tattoos 14

St. Michael is Celebrated in September

The day that is considered the feast day of St. Michael changes in each faith that he is part of but the month is always September. So if you were born in September you might want a tattoo of St. Michael since he is the patron saint of the month that you were born. You may also want a St. Michael tattoo if you were married in September or if you had a life changing experience in September. Incorporating your birthday or the birthday of someone you love into the tattoo is a great way to personalize your tattoo.

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St. Michael is the Patron Saint of the Sick

If you are battling a serious illness, or if you have a serious illness and won you might want a tattoo featuring St. Michael to commemorate your battle and your victory. Or if someone you know is sick you could get a St. Michael tattoo to invoke the protection of the patron saint of the sick. Parents of sick children often get a St. Michael tattoo and pray to St. Michael to help their children become well. Images of St. Michael as a warrior battling disease are powerful tattoos.

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The Icon of the Angelic Warrior

St. Michael the Archangel is said to be God’s Warrior. He successfully fought Satan and banished Satan and his minions to hell. Anyone who is facing a large battle like a struggle to overcome tough circumstances or to fight some kind of great spiritual battle may get a tattoo of St. Michael to inspire themselves to stay strong and fight with courage. A great image for tattoos is an image of St. Michael with wings and a sword fighting evil.

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The Patron of Warriors

Fireman, police officers, and military members often will get tattoos of St. Michael because St. Michael is the patron saint of warriors like police, soldiers, and firefighters. Anyone with a very dangerous job may want a tattoo featuring St. Michael to invoke his protection and ask for his helps as they go into battle. St. Michael is also the patron saint of the dying, and members of law enforcement or the military who have lost friends in the line of duty might get angelic tattoos to remember their fallen friends. Incorporate military images or other images related to your job to create an unforgettable image of St. Michael that will look wonderful as a tattoo.

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The Patron Saint of Artists

Since St. Michael is also the patron of artists he may show up in tattoos that artists get hoping that St. Michael will bring them inspiration and the wealth to pursue their art without having to seek income from other sources. Tattoo artists may specialize in designing tattoos that feature St. Michael as a facet of their art. You can get a tattoo of St. Michael as a muse and use images from whatever artistic medium you prefer if you want a truly artistic St. Michael tattoo.

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Memorial Tattoos

According to the religious texts St. Michael is supposed to carry the souls of the dead to Heaven. When they die he is there to protect their souls from Satan and make sure that the worthy go to Heaven. He also gives people a last chance to repent before facing Judgment. So St. Michael makes an appearance in a lot of memorial tattoos carrying the soul of the departed to Heaven. Parents who have lost children often have their children depicted in St. Michael’s arms in memorial tattoos. Images of St. Michael with huge protective wings holding children are beautiful memorials.

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The Ultimate Symbol of Good Vs. Evil

When it comes to the eternal struggle between good and evil St. Michael is the original warrior. As the right hand of God he was the one who face off Satan and his demons when they wanted to declare themselves to be the same as God. St. Michael the Archangel is the archetype of the good person fighting against evil. So many people who feel that they are fighting evil get St. Michael tattoos in honor of that struggle.

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The Protector

St. Michael is the ultimate protector. Anyone who feels alone, or lost, or in danger might get a St. Michael tattoo so that they don’t feel alone or lost. Anyone is afraid or feels like they need someone to protect them can find solace in a St. Michael tattoo. Some parents will get an image of St. Michael tattooed with portraits of their children as a way of asking St. Michael to watch over their children.



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