50 Bird Tattoos for Women

Birds are the very embodiment of nature and they possess a range of distinct qualities that we humans aspire to have and/or portray to the world. Humanity’s love for birds has been on since time immemorial and it’s even more manifest today.

It’s not uncommon to find someone with a bird-inspired tattoo on the shoulder, arm, back, neck or even thigh, and each bird tattoo design does symbolize a certain human value or trait.


What Makes Bird Tattoos for Women Popular

When walking on the streets or searching online for tattoo designs, chances are, you’ll bump into many women with bird-inspired tattoos. But why is that? It’s because most bird tattoos are delicate, very attractive and bring out certain specific traits inherent to women.

Regardless of how tiny it is or where it’s placed, a typical bird tattoo on a woman will always inspire a great deal of beauty and attraction. However, the tattoo, in its very design, may symbolize freedom, nobility, beauty, love or elegance.

Many women also fall in love with bird tattoo designs because most of them tend to be minimalistic yet deep in terms of meaning. With a plethora of bird species in this planet, all with different traits, one can never lack ideas on which bird to have tattooed on the skin. And that’s what has inspired many women to get bird tattoos on their bodies.

Bird Tattoo Interpretations

The meaning of any bird tattoo is largely defined by a bird’s species, its personality traits and the design the wearer chooses to adopt. Any given tattoo design is basically meant to bring out one’s personality or attitude. While some bird tattoo designs may be spiritual, others may come out as philosophical. It all comes down to the artist’s or wearer’s creativity.

Here is a quick look at the meanings of some of the popular bird tattoos:


Doves are depicted in the Holy Bible as emissaries of peace and love. Doves have been mentioned in numerous occasions in bible stories touching on key persons like Noah and John the Baptist. The dove, in each of the stories inspires hope, spreads love and teaches people of God’s grace. Apart from bringing out the spiritual symbolism, a dove tattoo may also represent purity, gentleness and femininity.


An eagle is known throughout history as a bird that majestically flies high and boasts of great power when it comes to hunting its prey. A typical eagle tattoo may represent strength, power, wisdom and spirituality. While it’s a common tattoo design among men, there are women who still wear it.


The hummingbird symbol was greatly used by the ancient Aztecs in making talismans, which were believed to bestow strength and vitality to the wearer. In the Caribbean, more particularly in Jamaica, the hummingbird symbolizes beauty, grace and love. It’s even included in monetary notes and official state documents. A hummingbird tattoo may represent passion, energy and vitality.


Despite its small size, a lark still manages to touch humanity with its beauty and spiritualism. It’s among the most popular designs worn by tattoo enthusiasts in Europe. The bird symbolizes the coming of dawn, good fortune and the rise of great opportunities.


An owl is a bird that possess multiple personalities. It’s insightful, wise yet mysterious at the same time. It’s also dreaded as a harbinger of death and misfortune. An owl tattoo may represent the ability to understand the mysteries of life and the urge to continuously seek knowledge and truth


These are by far the most used bird tattoo designs by women. You can always feel free to try out creative tattoos inspired by other birds like peacock, swan, crane, swallow, raven, ostrich and more. When well crafted, these tattoos can inspire beauty in women and bring out deeper meanings in a more vibrant manner. There can be no better way of expressing your personality or attitude than getting a bird tattoo.

Admirable Examples of Bird Tattoos for Women


Simple and elegant, this bird tattoo sits upon the back of your shoulder. It features a flock of birds flying in a straight line from the shoulder towards the nape of the neck. Completed in a black color, this design contrasts well with the skin.


Featuring patterned imagery, this tattoo combines a bird, nature and the moon. Done in black, the design has a branch emerging out of a Crescent moon made of small leaves. A small bird perches upon the branch looking out. It is definitely one of the tattoo ideas for women that targets nature lovers.


Colorful, vibrant and large, this tattoo features a yellow-breasted Chat sitting in a bunch of flowers. There are small, red petals all around it. The design has a 3 dimensional appearance and fits well right above the waist. It is a highly decorative tattoo.


Completed in the urban, watercolor style, this bird tattoo design is both colorful and attractive. It features a blue hummingbird in flight. Surrounding it are poppy flowers resplendent in red. Small and eye-catching, this tattoo can be drawn on various spots of the body.


Large, colorful, beautiful and quite realistic, this tattoo is definitely for the bold. With its subject being a phoenix, it is a fantastic tattoo signifying rebirth. It is drawn on the hip and flies horizontally. With a few leaves, branches and flowers forming the background, it is an amazing artistic image.


bird-tattoos-06.jotion, this tattoo is ideal for the back of your shoulder. It shows a Common Yellowthroat in flight with wings outstretched. The tattoo is done in a combination of 3 dimensional and watercolor styles. Featuring yellow, teal, white and black, it is a colorful design.


Sweet and simple are the words to describe this tattoo. Small in size, it shows a light-blue hummingbird in flight. The artist has done a great job of depicting the lightning-fast flaps of the bird’s wings. It is a superb bird tattoos for girls to have on one side of your chest.


This tattoo is done in the classic black and grey style of art. It shows a Yellow-breasted Chat sitting in a group of blooming flowers. The bird blends in with the flowers such that it seems to camouflage among them. It is a suitable option for those who love nature.


Highly colorful, this is a tattoo of a brilliant blue hummingbird in full flight. With its head tilted slightly to the right, it seems to be looking down at its next flower. The bird has a maroon chest with the color extending to its tail-feathers. Also, the tattoo is placed high on the back between the shoulder-blades.


This is a dainty tattoo of a little bird. Drawn on the arm, it shows the bird standing upright, ready to fly. Within it, there are blue, red and white colors all blended in together. This bird tattoos for women is simple with no background material.


Aptly drawn on the ankle, this tattoo shows a flock of three hummingbirds flying together. The tattoo is colorful and each bird has a different color. The first is purple, the second green and the third light-blue. The bird tattoos idea is well placed and convey a fun attitude.


Done in brilliant color, this is a tattoo of a bluebird sitting on a branch. It is small in size and the bird has its wings outstretched. The body art is done in full color. Thus, the bird has vivid blue wings and a white chest while it sits on a brown branch.


With the combination of a flower and a hummingbird, this tattoo represents nature vividly. The small tattoo is done in color. Thus, you can clearly see the light orange color of the flower and the blue feathers on the bird.


Hummingbirds are a popular subject for bird tattoos ideas. Small in size and situated on the shoulder, this one shows a hummingbird in flight. The bird is vividly blue in color with a white chest and brown throat.


Completed in an Aztec pattern, this tattoo is colorful and geometric at the same time. Large in size, it is located on the entire calf and shows a hummingbird flying. The bird has a blue body and pink wings. Furthermore, it is surrounded by red cross designs.


Large in size and colorful too, this tattoo shows a hummingbird feeding. The blue bird’s narrow beak is deep in some pink flowers in search of nectar. The design is big and covers the area above the hip on one side of the body.


Done in black and grey, this tattoo is small and shows a bird amid some leaves, flowers and branches. It has been drawn on one side of the ribs. Thus, it is discreetly positioned and delivers a natural appearance too.


This tattoo has been drawn in a brilliant watercolor style. It has a combination of various colors such as blue, yellow, pink, black and white too. It shows a flying hummingbird sipping nectar from a yellow flower. Large in size, the art occupies the left shoulder-blade.


Drawn on the foot, this is a colorful tattoo of a hummingbird. It is small and shows the blue bird flying among some flowers. The tattoo is urban and completed in the watercolor art style too. The background features vivid, purple flowers.


Featuring a minimalist design, this tattoo shows a thin line of birds flying in a straight line. The tattoo runs from the upper arm to the wrist. The bird tattoo ideas are done in black ink and are visible only from up-close inspection.


This is a simple tattoo drawn on the ankle. It shows a small flock of birds flying towards a branch. A pair of birds has already settled on the branch too. Interestingly, the branch is actually the extended line from a word on the foot.


Done on the feet, this compound tattoo shows two birds in full flight. One of the birds is blue in color while the other is read. When the feet are placed together, the bird tattoos seem to swooping in towards each other.


This is a tattoo of a crow perched on a branch. It has been drawn in deep black color and has a Gothic design. The crow seems to be observing something on the ground from its perch high in the branches.


Large, vivid and 3 dimensional, this is a dramatic, black and grey tattoo of 2 crows in their nest. Drawn on the entire back, the tattoo shows the crows in detail. One is sitting in the nest while the other is flying towards it. The nest is made up of branches and flowers.


Drawn on the left shoulder-blade, this is a tattoo of a crow landing. The birds’ wings are outstretched while its legs are ready to support its weight upon descent. The tattoo is large and has dramatic, artistic blot styling to it.


With a blue finch as its centerpiece, this bird tattoo depicts an attractive, natural setting. Drawn on the back, the tattoo has flowers, bushes and shrubs too. The bird is decorated in blue while the rest of the image is done in black and grey.


This tattoo shows a crow in full flight. With a creative twist to the image, one of the bird’s wings is depicted as a forest while the other is natural. The tattoo is large and takes up space from the middle of the back to the edge of the right shoulder.


Very colorful, this tattoo shows a crow in flight preparing to land. The tattoo is drawn in blue with pink hues in the background. Represented in the watercolor style of art, the design is situated high on the left shoulder right below the collarbone.


A pair of crow tattoos are displayed here. Large, black and drawn on each wrist, they are accurate depictions of the black-feathered bird. Hints of white and grey add realism to these bird tattoos for girls. Furthermore, they stand alone with no background on them.


Resplendent across the back, this tattoo design features two crows in flight. One of them is drawn on the shoulder while the other flies across the back on the opposite side. The tattoo is done in black and grey hues which bring out their natural appearance.


Done in amazing 3 dimensional depiction, this tattoo shows an owl with its wings outstretched. The tattoo is done across the diaphragm area with great attention to detail. Furthermore, its natural appeal is further enhanced by a green hue amid its black and grey feathers.


With a characteristic storybook appearance, this tattoo depicts a red robin. The bird is sitting on a loop of flowers ready to fly. Its chest is colored in rich red, orange and yellow colors. Furthermore, its back is completed in pastel grey resulting in a classic example of bird tattoo ideas.


Drawn up the left side of the back, this tattoo shows a robin in full flight. The image is drawn in black and grey colors. Furthermore, the bird seems to be perching on a bunch of flowers. It is a glamorous bird design.


Situated high up on the back of the right shoulder, this tattoo shows a hummingbird in flight. With soft lines and a flowery background, the tattoo has a fairytale appearance. The drooping branches and flowers add character to the bird tattoo design.


Drawn in long, vivid lines, this black and grey tattoo clearly depicts the elegance of the robin in flight. The tattoo is medium sized and drawn on the upper, left shoulder. Part of its body is made up of cursive words while a combination of lines make up its background.


A blue finch sits pretty on the shoulder in this tattoo. Featuring impressive line-work, the tattoo brings the image to life through application of shadow and background. The design sits on a few ears of wheat that add depth to the image.


With simple lines and a dash of yellow, this tattoo shows a robin. The color is applied on the bird’s full chest. Furthermore, swooping lines make up its wings while a little branch indicates its perch. Having been drawn in a position where it is preparing to take flight, the bird gives a dramatic bird tattoos idea.


Ever so simple, this is a colorful rendering of an owl. It is small and has been drawn on the upper hip. The owl has been drawn using vivid colors such as red, blue and white. Some shadow has been added in black on its chest to deliver realism.


Accurately drawn on the ankle, this is a tattoo of a finch in flight. Featuring Aztec nuances, the image is geometrically accurate. The bird’s wings spread wide towards the calf while the bird seems to be landing on the foot. It is a large tattoo drawn in black and grey.


Drawn in abstract art, this tattoo shows a swallow in full flight. The bird is made up of black, orange, yellow and red patterns. They swirl and dip to form the outline of the bird. It is a large type of bird tattoos on the back of the left shoulder.


Big, colorful and interesting, this design is distinctive and appealing. Completed in full color, it features a large group of flowers, leaves and twigs with a little bird intertwined within. The tattoo covers the entire space from the upper shoulder to the elbow in a graceful, classic way.


Drawn on the upper part of the forearm, this image is colorful and enticing. It shows a peacock surrounded by colorful and geometric shapes. The peacock’s tail extends from the tattoo right into the wrist area. This makes it more attractive as a bird tattoo for women.


Done entirely in black and grey, this is a large tattoo of a flying owl. The bird straddles the shoulder blades from one side to the other. It is realistic and has shadow throughout to boost realism. Furthermore, the bird’s wing tips extend to the front part of the shoulder too.


Drawn in the classic, colorful style, this tattoo shows a yellow robin sitting amid a bunch of flowers. It is sitting on a twig with the flowers behind and in front of it. The bird is vividly colored in yellow, blue and pink.


Drawn with soft lines and dot-work in black and grey, this tattoo shows a robin sitting on a twig. Little flowers emerge around it for realism purposes. Furthermore, layering and shadow have been added for a 3 dimensional touch to this tattoo ideas for women.


Situated on the right shoulder blade, this tattoo shows a blue bird sitting on a tree branch in Fall. The bird’s color contrasts brilliantly with the skin and red leaves too. Furthermore, the branches extend down the back and towards its middle to give a realistic appearance.


Simple and minimalist, this tattoo shows a geometric flamingo. The bird stands majestically on the right side of the rib cage. The tattoo is large and contains a series of lines showing texture. Furthermore, the bird’s thin legs are drawn as straight lines forming a symbolic number ‘4’.


Sweet and simplistic, this tattoo shows a bird sitting on a leafy branch. It has been drawn on the left, upper shoulder. Furthermore, the branches are also drawn on the opposite shoulder. This is to depict a real, woody environment.


Highly realistic and drawn with a color scheme reminiscent of the 1960’s, this tattoo shows a pair of swallows in flight. These birdie tattoos ideas are drawn attractively using colors such as white, brown and grey. One of them holds a twig with flowers in its beak which delivers a nice touch.


Done mostly in vivid red ink, this small, dainty tattoo expresses bird flight in true color. The tattoo is of average size and located on the left rib cage. The bird has shadow in and around it for an extra 3 dimensional appearance.


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