25 Edgy Orange Clockwork Tattoos Designs

Why go with Clockwork Orange Tattoos?

There is a movie by the name ‘A Clockwork Orange’. It happens to rank high among the most talked about and brutal movies in the history of films. The movie when it came out caused quite a hullabaloo. There were threats made to the director and producer of the movie along with the co-writer Stanley Kubrick. These threats started not just when it came out and continued for quite some time.

  1. As per the story of the movie the clockwork orange is supposed to be the depiction of a human being who is only one from the outside. It seems like inside he/she is something that is composed of mechanical parts. Like the main character in the movie, this character also has no emotions or feelings like remorse etc for anything or anyone that is linked to them

clockwork orange tattoo (15)

Though we do not want to go into the often mentally and often disturbing things that are associated with the plot of the movie, we will take you through some designs that are based on this theme. The movie was banned in Britain though that was where it was made. It is believed that it led younger males to be influenced by the main protagonist in the movie named Alex.

The superb Clockwork orange tattoo work: Though it is still not clear as to why anyone would want a tattoo which is connected with such a disturbing movie, but when you take the art that goes into the tattoo it is truly extraordinary. From that point alone it is quite worth the effort that has been put in. Once has to look at it objectively without considering the theme of the movie to truly appreciate it.

2) The effect that Anthony Burgess and Stanley Kubrick have had: There is no doubt that this movie and book has left no one who has come in touch with it without affecting them. The book did have a lot of deep and some really psychological revelations. These were presented in a very factual way and this is sure to impact those who read the book or view the movie.

clockwork orange tattoo (10)
3) Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and Clockwork Orange
: One facet of this is also the way the Beethoven symphony was popular and as a key part of the narrative. Many a person went out and brought the music of Beethoven’s ninth symphony only after they viewed the movie. It is a strange fact of life that we never know how one thing could touch a cord in people and become a part of pop culture. This rather disturbing movie is proof of that.

clockwork orange tattoo (8)

4) A Clockwork Orange and Redemption
: The other thing that stands out in the film was that there was no redemption for the guilt of the character even in the end. That could have been a more moving and uplifting end to this rather dark movie. The reason that was given for the lack of a positive ending in the movie was that they had followed the American version of the book which did not have such positive ending as the British version had.clockwork orange tattoo (1)
5) This theme for a tattoo is not for everyone, but we believe that this may appeal to those who want to show through their tattoo, what should not be done, rather than something that they aspire for.  In any way or point of view that you approach this subject as a theme for a tattoo, the one thing that comes out is that nobody who looks at it will be unaffected.

clockwork orange tattoo (2)
6) I love the orange circles in this tattoo. It really draws attention to the whole tattoo. This simple lines that make up the bird wearing the hats and the other figures in this piece really bring the whole thing together.
clockwork orange tattoo (3)
7) The amount of detail in this tattoo is amazing, especially for the small size of the tattoo. You can feel the anger in this persons eyes in this tattoo as well. The tattoo artist that’s did this artwork obviously specializes in realistic and portrait style tattooing. The shading under the eyes and the detail even in the eye lashes and lips make this look like a photograph.
clockwork orange tattoo (4)
8) This bold yet simple tattoo has some great line work. The top hat and outline of the face flow together perfectly and the one eye on the figure brings a central point to the whole tattoo.
clockwork orange tattoo (5)
9) This is a great tattoo that any die hard Clockwork Orange fan would love. A true fan would know what this was right when they saw it. The shadows of the figures in this tattoo are really well done and the way that the mans skin was able to be used as light was a great idea. Another cool part of this tattoo is the fact that its in a piece of film.
clockwork orange tattoo (6)
10) This tattoo was done in the classic American style tattooing. Bold outlines, banners and solid colors. This is a beautiful tattoo that perfectly sums up the classic thriller.
clockwork orange tattoo (7)
11) Is it me or is this tattoo staring deep into my soul? This is a great tattoo with a ton of detail. If you look into the eyes of this character, you can see the glare and shine within the eyes. Also as you scan down the tattoo, you will notice the wrinkles and waves within the shirt and glove. The shading lighting on the face and on the rest of the tattoo for that matter really bring this tattoo to life.
clockwork orange tattoo (9)
12) If you are a fan of the movie, then you know exactly what this is right away. A classic symbol of a classic movie. The hat and the light shining off of the hat is very well executed.
clockwork orange tattoo (11)
13) Even though their is a ton of darks and blacks within this tattoo, every piece of it compliments another part. The dark oranges bring out the blacks and vice versa. The slight glares off of the hat allow it to stand out even though the hat s black and so is the background. The outlines in this tattoo are smooth and the use of color is brilliant.
clockwork orange tattoo (12)
14) Talk about a painful spot to get a tattoo. The inside of the arm is a sensitive spot but its a great place for a big tattoo like this one. The light in the eye and the attention to detail in the eye lashes and skin around the eye make this look as if its real.
clockwork orange tattoo (13)
15) This small and simple character stands alone on this persons arm commanding all of the attention.
clockwork orange tattoo (14)
16) This canvas has dedicated what looks like most of his back to the classic movie Clockwork Orange. With gears on the bottom of the tree and what looks like a positive and negative image of the same person on each shoulder, I think it would be fare to say that he is a big fan of the film.
clockwork orange tattoo (16)
17) What great detail and depth in this tattoo. The waves in the shirt and hands give this tattoo great movement. I love how it looks like the hands are reaching out to grab you, it almost makes me want to take a step back just in case.
clockwork orange tattoo (17)
18) Yet again, another simple and bold statement for the love of a classic film. All of the fans of this movie would know immediately what this tattoo was right when they saw it.
clockwork orange tattoo (18)
19) Their is so much detail within this bird. The feathers look great and the beak looks sharp to the touch. The clock pieces have great detail within them and the bird looks fierce. This is a great tattoo to start off what looks like will be a half sleeve very soon.
20) This almost looks like a mix of clockwork orange and a traditional sugar skull. It has a cultural feel to it. The bold reds and yellows in the roses really accent the center of the tattoo which happens to be the dark eyes on the skull.
clockwork orange tattoo (20)
21) This is great black and grey version of the famous image from the movie Clockwork Orange. I love the way that the eyeball is done and how the face of the man is a skull rather than having skin on it. You can tell that this tattoo was just finished because the wrap is still slightly on it.
clockwork orange tattoo (21)
22) We like how this tattoo is a mix of the street artist and Clockwork Orange.
clockwork orange tattoo (22)
23) The orange-ish red that surround this tattoo really make it stand out. The way that the black and greys were used are a little lighter but really accent the whole tattoo.
clockwork orange tattoo (23)
24) The added colors in the hair give this tattoo almost like a stained glass or even a modern unique look. A great individual take on a classic symbol.
clockwork orange tattoo (24)
25) The font on this tattoo is very cool. It looks like someone took a typewriter over this persons arm. The bold and simple image that can be recognized by any Clockwork Orange fan is perfectly placed above the script and brings the entire tattoo together to create a classic piece of art.



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