20 Med Alert Tattoos For Inspiration

While tattoos are becoming a way of expressing yourself or making your fashion sense being known, they have also started taking on another dimension, that is of being the means to tell people about your medical conditions, which in turn will mean that proper care and treatment is given to you on time. This way med alert tattoos can really make the difference between death and life to people by revealing their medical condition in a way that is noticeable by others and effective.

Sometimes, people also use tattoos to cover up marks and scars that they have as a result of some medical procedure. Women go in for tattoos as a means of creating a areola when they lose their breast due to cancer. Sometimes tattoos also cover the entire breast area.

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Now that  tattoos also serve a really vital purpose, there is all the more reason to combine art with vital lifesaving information so that you make a statement that will help you in when in need.

Diabetic Band Tattoo: Most people get weary about wearing a band to show that they are diabetic and the solution is simply a tattoo. It is permanent and looks cool while telling the world about your health condition. You can also get it in the form of diabetic alert tattoo in the middle of an image in a really clear and readable form.

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Do Not Resuscitate Tattoos: Some people have gone for this option and a tattoo is a good way of making your wishes known in case it is needed. Of course, the risk here is somebody may ask people they do not like, to get one of these just out of malice

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Penicillin Med Alert Tattoo:  There are some people who cannot withstand treatment from penicillin which can react in dire consequences. One of the ways to tell medical professionals about it in a simple and easy manner is by having a tattoo. This covers emergency situations when you are not in a position to speak and may not have people who know you and tell doctors about it at that place.

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Medical Alert Tattoo with Several Warnings: This one covers several situations at once, albeit in a way that makes sure that nothing of importance is lost in the process. This way you are covered from most mishaps in a situation that renders you unable to talk or in a situation where proper medical records are not available.

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Pacemaker Tattoo Med Alert: This one can be really useful and you can also make sure that it looks good too. A very useful and aesthetically pleasing tattoo design with a message.
Epilepsy :  The fear of being diagnosed improperly and not being treated the right way is a fear that people with epilepsy have. A tattoo is one way of making sure that people know about your condition and know the way you need to be treated.

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Tattoos to Cover Breast Cancer Treatment: Women who have had disfigurement of their mammary may choose to go with tattoos to cover the scarring.

This article is not about encouraging people with medical conditions to go about getting tattooed as a means of telling the world about them. It is simply a lesson in showing that something that is considered as frivolous as tattoos can be put to positive and productive usage.

However, it is important to remember when you are getting your medical condition in the form of a tattoo to make sure that the prime purpose is not overlooked and the message is  clear.

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  1. I am looking for medical alert tattoo ideas. Wondering what kind of tat would work best to convey the message and where I should have it? Obviously the wrist is a good place to put it. I have a gastric pacemaker inplanted and if I am unable to speak and was put through an MRI or in anyway shocked it would kill me! So I need to be sure that anyone that is treating me knows that! Anyone have any info on this kind of thing? Would very much appreciate it!

  2. Wrist first – that is where they are trained to look first – facing their way (down). with the medical image, so that they pay attention “gastric pacemaker implant”
    and another by your heart, where the shocker treatment goes to resecitate you. Maybe the word ‘WAIT” and then the words “gastric pacemaker implant” might help. as well.
    When being put in an MRI machine that will make sure that you have no metal on, and if unconscience, you will be stripped and checked and they will notice the “gastric pacemaker implant” tattoo – use a clear font and no artsy image – plain and simple and easy for them in an emergency

  3. I’m thing about getting a medical ID tattoo. I have a medical ID bracelet but want something more permanent in case I didn’t have my bracelet on or if it got lost or broken. The thing is though I can’t get infections and am worried that if I get this done it’ll get infected. Do to my medical condition . Should I not get this done?


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