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David Beckham is known to the world over for his playing skills and incredible fashion sense.  People have avidly followed the career moves he has made and also the tattoos that he sports.  The large collection of tattoos he sports has in no way been a deterrent to his getting endorsement deals, like it has been the case with other people.

Most of the tattoos on Beckham have been done by Louis Malloy, who is a tattoo artist based in Manchester. He is one of the leading artists in all of UK. His art speaks for itself and he is known to keep the thought process behind the tattoo private. As far as his charges for tattooing go, Malloy claims to charge his celebrity clients the same fees as he does to others. The only exception being when he was flown by Beckham to Madrid, when the airfare was taken care of by Beckham.

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The Chest and Back tattoos of David Beckham:  Beckham has put his tattoos on the upper portion of his body. This includes the ones he has added to the back, the ribs and the chest. This has been put together over the years.  It includes:

    • Brooklyn – which is the name of his first born child on the lower back
    • Romeo – This one is the name of his second son which is at the base of his neck
    • Cruz – The name of his 3rd born son beneath the winged figure
    • The Guardian angel:  This is the figure that has arms outstretched and in the middle of his shoulder blades. The tattoo was made bigger with bigger wings.
    • Winged Cross –  In the middle of the 2004 UEFA Championships, he got his tattooist to fly  to get this done on his back.

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  • Chinese Characters –  This one came out in the month of March 2008,  very soon after he had his complete left forearm tattooed.  This tattoo runs on the left side of his torso on the ribs. There are characters in Mandarin Chinese which state “’Death and life have determined appointments, Riches and honors depends upon heaven.”  This was done in Hong Kong
  • Jesus on the way to the cross –  this one came out in January 2010 on the lower portion of the right side ribs and is supposed be an inspiration from the painting “The Man Of Sorrows” by Matthew R. Brooks
  • Jesus and cherubs –  The one that came into light the latest in 2011, is the one that David Beckham got from Mark Mahoney, an artist from LA. This one has Jesus to look similar to Beckham and depicts him being lifted from the tomb by 3 cherubs, which are supposed to be the representations of his 3 sons.
  • Harper –  How can David miss out on his new baby and that too a girl. Her name is tattooed  at the base of his throat just above his heart. It sounds right, doesn’t it?

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The tattoos on the right arm and his forearm:

  • Beckham’s right arm has many designs that indicate things associated with his career. The Roman Numerical VII was the number he had in Manchester United. He also has the Latin words meaning spiritual perfection tattooed.
  • On the upper part of his right arm, he has a huge angel with 3 cherubs depicting his boys on the biceps.
  • In the month of April in  2007, Beckham  asked artist Malloy to convert the piece by piece tattoos into a complete sleeve of tattoos. This was done with addition of flames, an angle and a phrase, which read “Let them hate as long as they fear.”

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Do you believe that ultimately David Beckham will have a completely tattooed  shirt? He has been converting the separate pieces of his sleeve onto a full sleeve. Till now his tattoos are mostly black and white and this makes it easier for things to meld well. Let us wait and watch to see what happens next.

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MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at New York Red Bulls

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July 16, 2009: David Beckham photographed after his first game back in the MLS with his team the LA Galaxy vs. the New York Red Bulls in E. Rutherford, New Jersey. Galaxy defeated the Red Bulls 3-1. Credit: INFphoto.com Ref.: infusny-110

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