Top 10 Tattoo Shops in Hollywood (With ARTISTS)

The goal of every person engaging in getting a tattoo is to be inked in a place that has professional artists, a clean and sanitized environment and with artists that are friendly and attentive to the design ideas that the client may be having especially for custom designs. When you get your tattoo done at one of the best tattoo parlors in Hollywood, you can be sure of getting satisfactory results and getting your ideas well incorporated for a more appealing tattoo design. This list of best 10 tattoo parlors in Hollywood consists of a collection of some of the best award-winning artists and parlors that are known to be customer-centric, providing clients with a comfortable environment to get their best artworks.


1. Darkhorse Tattoo
This tattoo Parlour is famous for the traditional designs and the Japanese artistic designs. Located at 4630 Hollywood Blvd, Darkhorse Tattoo Parlour takes great pride in offering clients beautiful custom tattoos that come in diverse colours, like the bold colour work, smooth black with grey shading or crisp black. Darkhorse tattoo parlour has a team of artists who are highly gifted in artistic ability and piercing. The tattoo parlour does not only offer classic tattoo work but also full-service body piercing with body jewellery that is of the highest calibre. The health of customers is given high priority as the environment is kept clean and safety measures undertaken to ensure clients are in a clean and comfortable environment.

2. Atomic Tattoo and Body Piercing
This tattoo Parlour is outstanding as a true traditional tattoo shop with one of the best collections for tattoo or piercing and jewellery collection available. Atomic Tattoo and Body Piercing prides itself in having top quality artists and piercers that have been proven to deliver quality work. The tattoo parlour looks magnificent and quite welcoming with an environment that customers find quite serene and comfortable to be in. The tattooing spaces are clean with proper health best practices undertaken for safety and comfort of the clients. Atomic Tattoo and Body Piercing allows walk-ins and early booking of appointments.

3. Luis Favela Tattoo
Located at 6768, Lexington Ave, Hollywood, Luis Favela Tattoo is an award winning tattoo Parlour owned by Luis Favela who is well known for his artistic abilities and professionalism. The tattoo parlour has a great collection of portfolio with expertise in custom design, the traditional design and the modern classic tattoo designs. Cleanliness is a priority with every necessary measure taken to ensure the equipments are sterilised and new needles are used for the piercing and tattoo work. With a team of highly talented artists like Luis Favela who is preferred for the great colour works that is done with great precision. The tattoo Parlour ensures clients ideas are listened to effectively and their artwork done as desired.

4. True Tattoo
True Tattoo parlour is located at 1614 N, Cahuenga Blvd, Hollywood and is home to highly talented artists with great artistic styles that make it one of the best tattoo Parlours in Hollywood. With a team of artists that are experts in different kinds of artistic designs whether it is the custom designs, the coloured, the traditional American designs, you will get a perfect design that best suits your needs. The atmosphere is quite warm and friendly and cleanliness is key here with best sanitary practices observed by all for the comfort of the customers. True Tattoo Parlour assist their clients by giving them after care advice on how they can take care of the tattoos and get to heal faster. You can book for appointment early enough to be able to have a comfortable time.

5. Velvet Grip Family
Velvet Grip Family is an awesome place to get your tattoo work. The atmosphere is quite welcoming with very friendly artists and good music that relaxes the mind as you get the procedure done. Velvet Grip Family is located at 7213 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood and is home to some of the top tattoo artists in Hollywood area. The tattoo Parlour stands out in providing artistic custom designs, traditional designs alongside client inspired designs. The environment is quite clean with sanitation well taken care of giving clients the comfort they need as they go through the procedure. You can have your appointment booked early enough for more convenience.

6. The Honourable Society Tattoo Parlour and Lounge
Whether you are into a sacred geometry tattoo, beautiful lines or a sexy tribal tattoo, The Honourable Society Tattoo is the place ideal for those intricate and stylish designs. With a team of highly qualified artists who have cut a niche for themselves by providing custom designs, traditional tattoos, modern and coloured designs, you will get your ideas transformed into great pieces of artwork. The Honourable Society Tattoo Parlour is located at 8424 Santa Monica Blvd, West Hollywood and provides an environment that is serene and relaxing to be in as you get your procedure done. The shop environment is impeccably clean and creates a great environment with great vibes and warm staff.

7. High Voltage Tattoo
High Voltage Tattoo is located at 1259 North La Brea Ave, West Hollywood and is home to professional artists that have demonstrated their creativity and artistic ability with many cool designs which include a collection of the tribal tattoos, the modern coloured tattoos, the traditional and the unique client inspired designs. Cleanliness and health best practices are given priority in this tattoo parlour resulting into an environment that’s welcoming and very comfortable for the clients. The tattoo artists are very friendly and understanding as they ensure clients ideas are incorporated in quite a comfortable way. Walk-ins are allowed however, customers are advised to have their bookings done in good time for a more comfortable time.

8. The Warren Tattoo
The Warren Tattoo Parlour is home to some of the fine tattoo artists with the owner Zoey Taylor working alongside Danny Dunbar who are both great at very intricate styles and designs. The Warren Tattoo has provided an environment that is not only clean but has the best industry practices enforced to ensure clients get the best treatment during their visits. The Warren Tattoo offers their clients quality after care guidelines that they can follow to ensure that the tattoo heals faster living a stylish design on the surface. For more convenience try to book an appointment early enough and ensure to stick to the agreed time for more convenient experience.

9. Tattoo Mania
Since its opening in 2003, Tattoo Mania continues to enjoy a good reputation and credibility by consistently delivering high quality tattooing which are quite intricate and stylish. Tattoo Mania is home to award winning artists like Phil York who stands out for his professionalism and artistic abilities. Will is also a great artist who is known for his diverse expertise with tribal portraits, Japanese designs, custom designs amongst others. Tattoo Mania staff are very friendly and ensures customers interests are well catered for in the design process. Book for an appointment early and secure your appointment me committing some deposit so that the time is preserved for you. Tattoo Mania are quite customer centric as the place is kept very clean with all the sanitation procedures observed to provide customers with the comfort required.

10. Generation 8 Tattoo
Located at 7216, Melrose Ave, Ancient Adornments is a spectacular tattoo parlour with such a beautiful ambience that is quite welcoming. Generation 8 Tattoo like its name is great in stylish tattoo designs and piercing which range from the traditional designs, coloured, modern and the custom designs. Generation 8 Tattoo Parlour has created a very clean environment with best health practices put in place that ensure customers health concerns are taken care of and right measures put in place for a more comfortable tattooing environment. With a beautiful portfolio to choose from, you will definitely get a design that best suits you.Secure a spot by booking for your appointment early enough.


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