Top 20 Tattoo Shops & Artists in Maine

Being tattooed in a good tattoo Parlor can make a big difference especially if you don’t want to take any risk with the process. Although there are many tattoo Parlors in Maine, there are some that have stood out in delivering quality services to the clients and ensures health standards are maintained within the environment. Below are some of the top tattoo shops in Maine that are known to deliver quality work.

Tattoo Shops maine

1. Tsunami Tattoo
Tsunami Tattoo is home to some three awesome artists, there is Phuc who is the owner, Mike and Cyndi that are known for their vast experience and artistic skills as they work with varied styles. The tattoo parlor has a great collection of portfolio that one can choose from.
2. Sanctuary Tattoo & Art Gallery
Located at 31 Forest Avenue, Portland, Sanctuary Tattoo is such a vibrant place to be in given the clean environment and the beautiful wall hangings. The with tattoo parlor has a team of professional artists that are quite friendly and great at their work making customers feel more comfortable.
3. Til Death Tattoo & Piercing
This tattoo parlor is known for its unique designs which include customized designs, traditional, Japanese and the modern designs. Til Death tattoo and piercing is located at 365 Forest St, Portland and is home to some of the great artists like Ryan Wilson, Frank Ervin, Tygr Style, Cindi Bonet and Steve Marzza.
4. Hallowed Ground Body art Studio
Located at 610 Congress St, Portland, Hallowed Ground Body art Studio is quite welcoming with artists that are highly experienced in diverse designs. This is one place you walk in with just an idea in your mind and the artists like Zach, Ryan and others ensure you get the real picture of the idea you have in your mind. The place is comfortable and clean to be in.


5. Diversified Ink
This tattoo parlor is home to a team of professional award winning tattoo artists with diverse expertise in varied designs like the tribal, Japanese, traditional designs, customized and the modern designs. Diversified ink is located at Penobscot Plaza 51, Bangor and has quite a clean and inviting environment for tattooing.
6. Venom Ink Tattoo
This tattoo parlor is outstanding for providing quality after care advice to their clients. This is one of those top tattoo parlors where walk-ins are welcome and you don’t have to book an appointment. Located at 751 Main Street, Sanford, Maine, Venom Ink Tattoo is home to some of the best tattoo artists.
7. Squid & Whale Tattoo
Squid & Whale Tattoo Parlor is home to some of the highly experienced artists like Cyndi Lou and Nikole Costa with diverse experience in various tattoo designs. The tattoo parlor is located at 181 Congress Street, Portland and is quite a welcome place to get your artwork. The tattoo Parlor ensures that customer’s ideas are customized into what appeals to their artistic needs.
8. Lucky’s Tattoo Company
This tattoo parlor prides itself in providing high quality tattoos and piercings in a very clean and comfortable environment. The tattoo artists give priority to sterile techniques and best health practices which makes customers to feel more comfortable as they are tattooed.
9. Biswell Tattoos
Located at 24 Exchange St. Portland, Biswell Tattoos is your ideal tattoo parlor and is home to some of the refined tattoo artists. The environment is welcoming and health practices are a priority in this place. Biswell tattoos have a collection of portfolio that one can choose from which range from traditional, custom styles, black and white and more.

10. Under the skin tattoo parlor
Apart from the outstanding after care service offered by the tattoo parlor, the tattoo artists here are quite friendly and keen to listen to customers ideas and implement. The tattoo parlor is located at 648, Forest Ave, Portland and is experts in customized designs, traditional and the modern designs. Under the skin tattoo parlor ensures that health best practices are adhered to which result into more comfort for the customers.
11. Utopian Tattoo and Body Piercing
This is an appointment only tattoo parlor and does not take walk-ins, however they offer same day appointments and customers are encouraged to call first and enquire before coming. Utopian Tattoo and Body Piercing are outstanding in quality tattoos that are stylish and artistically done. The artists are friendly and have the skills to transform customer’s ideas into great pieces of artistic styles.
12. Chris Dingwell Studios
This is one of the top tattoo shops in Maine and prides itself in having some of the best tattoo artists. Chris Dingwell Studios is located at 142, High street Portland and is known for unique and customized designs making them a preference for most clients. The environment is vibrant and welcoming which enables customers to be more relaxed as they get there artistic designs tattooed.
13. Mad Hatters Tattoo Studio
This is a custom tattoo studio that is dedicated to giving its clients the best pieces of artistic work. Mad Hatters Tattoo Studio is located at 644 N New St. Bethlehem, and is home to highly experienced tattoo artists with expertise in almost all styles that range from old school, new school, and realism, black, gray or portraiture.
14. Death or Glory Tattoos
Located at 415, Maine Street Westbrook, Death or Glory tattoo parlor is a spectacular tattoo shop and quite welcoming as you walk inside. The artists are quite friendly and give attention to client’s ideas for implementation as they desire.
15. Halcyon Tattoo
This tattoo parlor is quite customer centric and has quite a clean and sanitized environment that makes the clients to feel more comfortable as they get their artwork done. The tattoo Parlor has a wide collection of portfolio that one can choose from.
16. Ocean Blue Tattoo
Ocean Blue Tattoo is known for its cleanliness, and has a team of tattoo artists that are friendly, helpful and patient with clients. The tattoo Parlor is located at 27 old Orchard St. ME.
17. Brave Soul Studios
This is a custom tattoo shop with a great vibe that makes the tattooing process memorable. Brave Soul Studios is one of the top tattoo shops and has tattoo artists that has great artistic ability and are committed to giving their clients the best service.
18. Made-Rite Tattoo
Located at 142 High St. Portland, Made-Rite Tattoo Parlor is a custom tattoo shop with a team of highly experienced staff that has great experience with diverse styles. Made-Rite Tattoo Parlor is that tattoo shop where you will feel quite comfortable getting your ideal tattoo given the cleanliness and friendly atmosphere within the studio.
19. One King Tattoo
One King tattoo is one of the top tattoo parlors with artists that have expertise in most of the styles that range from the traditional, custom, modern to the Japanese styles. Get a feel of their unique work by selecting from their wide selection of portfolios. The tattoo parlor is quite welcoming and the artists are friendly making customers feel free to share their design ideas. You can book for appointment although walk ins are welcome.
20. Windham Tattoo and Body Piercing
Whether you are interested in tribal, traditional, portraits, photo-realistic, custom or any other style, you will get the best artwork in this tattoo parlor. Windham Tattoo and Body Piercing have a team of talented artists that diverse experience in quality artworks. The tattoo Parlor is located at 940 Roosevelt, Windham.

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