35 Creative Wings Tattoo Design Art Examples

This design feature has become among one of the most sought after in the tattoo world though it cannot be said to among the top ones. Tattoos featuring wings are preferred by both the genders. This is so because they are symbolically very meaningful.  Wings represent one of the most deep seated desires that most of us have – the freedom to fly!

The wings have many ways of being portrayed – they are shown as wings of angels, demons, eagle wings and even wings of the bat. We can see that in symbolic value as well as design possibilities the wing has much scope when it comes to tattoo designs.


Humans with wings and other creatures that could fly have been part of our history, culture and mythology. The Greek and Romans believed that Mercury who was supposed to be a messenger to the gods had wings that enabled him to fly. Angels have always been shown as winged creatures who fly from one place to another blessing people and doing good deeds. Birds have always possessed wings that have enabled them to take off to the wide sky.


Among all tattoo designs angel wings are quite sought after. They are shown as protecting and guiding the wearer. Some feel strongly about their religion and use this to show that. Some even like to depict the wings with a sword or  some show their heart taking wings and flying off. This could symbolize their heart taking wings due to love and flying off to be part of the divine.

The design possibilities with angel wings which seems to have a lot of appeal with the both the genders, is pretty wide. In fact when done on the shoulder and shoulder blades it would look as it you yourself are ready to fly off.


Another creature that is envied and admired for having beautiful wings is the butterfly. This picturesque creature spends its life flying from one beautiful flower to another. The design possibilities with this one are quite interesting and varied. The delicate and fragile look of the wings with its colors and patterns reminds of the creativity and beauty of nature. What is more butterflies are beautiful creatures that have evolved after going through a process of transformation from the rather ugly looking caterpillar. People hold a lot of importance to this bit of symbolism.

What is more many cultures attach a lot of importance to butterflies and believe that these lovely creatures bear our souls and take them to heaven. This is why many wear a butterfly tattoo as a symbol of their eternal love for somebody they may have lost.

The fact is that a  pair of wings can mean a lot to humans right from the simple meaning of being free to fly off to the most miraculous way to reaching heaven. Some people believe that it is the winged creatures of the celestial world that protect us and are the messengers of god. So when it comes to wings the choice of designs is endless but what is more important is that what these wings symbolize for us.

Birds, angels, dragonflies, angels, bats and other creatures who can fly have been a part of our mundane daily lives as well as being a part of legends and tales. That is why we use terms like “her heart took off on the wings of her soul” or “gave wings to his imagination”. All these terms that we use tell us that the ability to fly is perhaps the most coveted by those who are earthbound. Besides the actual design, do consider these points before getting a tattoo.

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