25 Smart Puzzle Tattoo Designs

When it comes to the world of tattoos and their designs, the fact is that nothing should surprise you. People who are into this unconventional art form using their body as a canvas are unlikely to shy away from anything when it comes to their tattoo designs. Then the idea of a puzzle lover having a tattoo of a puzzle as a tattoo should not be that radical.

What is more they look good, garner a lot of interest and can really be made to look colorful and intriguing.  With such an unusual motif we need to ensure that the whole look by itself is also one of a kind. We will look at some of the popular design choice for Puzzle tattoos, so that in case you are thinking of one, you will have ample inspiration.


Normally the whole puzzles as well as the various pieces of the puzzle need to look good by themselves as well as being part of the design. That is when the puzzle tattoo looks good.

Earth puzzle with pieces falling apart: This one shows the globe of the earth which is divided into puzzle like pieces.  A few pieces of the puzzle will fall apart making it look really interesting. The tattoo manages to cover a large part of your body with this simple design. You will of course find yourself being questioned about what the tattoo means.


Puzzle tattoo with blanks: This will have a transparent as well as 3D effect. Maybe somewhat difficult to achieve but looks really stunning to look at.  It will have the look of a tattoo puzzle that needs to be looked at carefully and filled in to be completed.


Puzzle tattoo on neck: This has somewhat of the look of a ripped flesh tattoo. It is made to look as if the skin has been ripped off to let the pieces of the puzzle peek through. Some pieces of the puzzle can be shown as being fully formed and some look as if they are in the process of formation.


Puzzle on the back
: The back is a great canvas for tattoos and that too ones that need space and have a three dimensional effect. You can show the puzzle as completed or as if in the process of completion so that you can see the piece of puzzle and the gap where it is to be put in.


Puzzle tattoo on the feet:  You can add a piece or two of a puzzle on your feet and make it look as if they are the pieces that need to go into a bigger puzzle elsewhere in the body. This is sure to spark of a lot interest and questions from people who see it.


We all tend to think of our life and the things that occur in our life as part of the puzzle. As each piece falls into place a bit of the meaning of what it is supposed to mean to us becomes clearer. There is no one among us who has the complete picture clearly laid out or understood as we begin our lives. This is perhaps what the people who get the puzzle tattoos want to depict. This is apart from the immense new worldly look and the curiosity appeal such tattoo designs have.

The number of possibilities for such puzzle tattoo designs are immense as you can play around with shape, size, layout, colors and the number of pieces in it. The other factor that plays an important part in this is also the location of the tattoo.

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