99 Hummingbird Tattoo Ideas That Will Make You Sing

Hummingbirds are a popular choice for tattoo designs since they are very detailed and delicate looking birds. Many tattoo lovers are opting for the hummingbird tattoo given the bird’s unique capabilities and beauty. Tattoos that utilise birds of any type at the centre of their design have gained a lot of preference because they incorporate colour, creativity and a natural image.

With a vast choice of bird-based motifs, it is no wonder that more people are gravitating towards this design. The meaning and symbolism behind the different bird tattoos vary from a cultural point of view. However the hummingbird tattoo is one that remains universal throughout all cultures.


Humming bird tattoo designs can be worn by both men and women. The flowery humming bird tattoo on the back looks spectacular with the colours used enhancing its overall outlook.


The placement of the humming bird tattoo matters with women mostly preferring smaller sizes unlike men. The symbolic qualities of the colourful makes it such an appealing choice for tattoo design.


Beautiful Humming Bird Tattoo Designs

Humming birds are known to for their bright and beautiful outlook. The birds are not only small but are also very fast when it comes to flying. Wearing humming bird tattoo comes with great inspiration given the cool nature of the bird.


Humming birds are quite versatile and diverse considering the fact that there are over 300 species of the bird. Wearing human bird tattoo can therefore be an expression of diverse things that one person can be representing.


The hummingbird holds deep significance since it dates back to the Native American origin. It has become part of their legends, their stories and their interesting folklore. This bird has gained a mythical and mystical quality due to the legends surrounding it. Having immense grace and a unique look, this bird is considered incomparable.


The artistic expressions that can be used in styling humming bird tattoo designs are endless. The style in the design below looks spectacular with the beautiful colour combination expression real nature of the humming bird.


Colourful humming bird

Humming birds have unique qualities that distinguish them from other birds. The humming bird tattoo can be designed using different symbols and elements. They can also be worn in any part of the body which makes them quite versatile.


Humming bird tattoo designs have been used to portray the Native American literature, mythology, legend amongst other things. The tattoos are also said to be associated with the Aztecs, the religious leaders who were known to wear dead humming birds and other scary things around their neck.


Humming bird tattoo design ideas and meaning

With flying skills that are unique the hummingbird is known to be one of the most active birds. They can fly in any direction and they are known to feed up to 50 times a day. Humming birds engage in highly energetic activities as they move a lot. What is more they can be seen in many hues and this makes tattoo designs featuring them colourful and varied.

The number of design possibilities is only limited by the imagination and ability of the artist. Among the native Americans they are considered to symbolise love. The Aztecs would wear dead hummingbirds in small pouches around their neck. It was mainly for purposes such as drawing people from the opposite sex to them.


There are various qualities that make the humming bird to be unique from other birds. The fact that it can fly in all directions effortlessly makes the bird to be quite unique. Wearing humming bird therefore expresses that flexible nature of the bird.


Unique Humming bird tattoo ideas

Another unique characteristic of the humming bird is its nature of eating over 50 times in a day. This is because it burns a lot of energy and must therefore eat in order to survive. Having humming bird tattoo design can therefore be an inspiration to stretching beyond one’s comfort zone.

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  1. I am looking for a hummingbird tat for my late granddaughter we lost last June. Are you in the Denver, co area? thank you

  2. Hi. Where r u located? I’m in Evansville, IN. I don’t have any tattoos, am 47 years old, have always wanted a tattoo but am very choosy and have shied away from getting one, being afraid of the commitment to something I’m afraid I won’t like or be sorry for getting …just background, sorry. I would like a hummingbird tattoo to represent my love for my mom who passed on April 6, 2012. I need something to help me feel her near me, I know, this can’t fill this hole, but it’s the best and only thing I can think of, and I want it badly. I miss her beyond belief, still. She and I both love hummingbirds, and it’s many representations make it a good choice, I think. If you’re not near me, is there ANY WAY you can refer to me or help me find somewhere for this very important decision for me, someone very good. Also, I don’t have much money to spend, I’ll have to save up for it, although I want it as soon as possible now…yes, I’ve waited this long, but now can’t wait to get it! Lol. I just want it to be beautiful, amazing, but affordable, and if u happen to know of anyone in this town, I need your help to know who can give me this dream. Anyway, sorry so long and if this is a ridiculous request from me! But if you can help, it will be worth it! Thank you very much.

  3. I am 64 years old and i had a lovely tat done (my first). I want to send you a pic as everybody loves it and i dont see it in yur collection! It will become very popular for the right reason…


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