50 Arm Tattoos for Women

Not too long ago, women with tattoos were looked down upon, compared to their male counterparts. Times and attitudes have now changed and this no longer happens. Women now have a new way of expressing themselves and imaging their personality and ideas on their arms and other parts of their bodies.

Arm tattoos for women are now considered feminine, sexy, subtle and bold. Different women do it for different reasons and their tattoos pass a different message; it may be a reminder of an experience, it could represent loss, gain or achievement or it could be a statement of what a particular woman stands for.


Meanings of Popular Arm Tattoos for Women

The reasons and meanings are as varied as the stars, but here are some of the most popular arm tattoos for women and what they stand for. The size and where the tattoo appears on the arm is purely a matter of personal preference though.


This is one of the most common arm tattoos that women prefer, and it stands for beauty, transformation and freedom. The changes that a butterfly undergoes, from the time it is an egg to when it breaks free from its cocoon are numerous and it faces many challenges.

If that is translated to a life scenario, it means that a woman, who has a butterfly on her arm, has seen some challenging times, but thrived against the odds and transformed into a beauty just like a butterfly.


This is a symbol that has two arrows both curved on opposite ends. The malin’s origins can be traced to Sweden and the sign means that one has to face hardships, challenges and hurdles before making it in life.

Zodiac Signs

These are very popular arm tattoos for women as everyone has a sign that represents them. Mostly, zodiac sign tattoos show a woman’s personality and character, and they are also a symbol of self-discovery, a woman looking for her identity. The sign could also mean that a woman is trying to find herself.

The Sun

The sun signifies the source of life and it also wields a lot of power and influence, it is also a very popular arm tattoo that women don. It is also a symbol of perseverance, consistency and also represents a new dawn.

A woman wearing a sun tattoo has most probably gone through a lot of rough times, and the sun means that it is all behind her and a new chapter of her life has been opened.


Roses are the most popular flowers on earth and have different meanings depending on their colour. They also happen to be one of the most popular arm tattoos that millions of women prefer.

A black rose may signify loss or grief, a red rose rose stands for passion, strength, love and beauty. A white rose on the other hand represents innocence while a yellow rose may mean friendship or joy.


An arm tattoo can help the world understand your point of view, what you stand for, or give a glimpse of your personality and character. It can also make people see the world through your eyes.

Amazing Examples of Arm Tattoos for Women


This arm tattoo takes up most of the upper arm and features black cursive font with two names and an inscription about remaining together forever. Below are two birds resting on a tree branch that extends upward toward the names.


In this detailed arm tattoo design, there are two large sunflowers aligned vertically. Both flowers are done in black and white ink and have leaves extending outward. The entire image is shaded and has a stark light and dark contrast.


With impressive detail, the marking here displays half of a human and tiger face side-by-side. Only one eye and eyebrow can be seen on each face, however, and the entire piece is done in black and white ink with shading.


There are a lot of great arm tattoos for girls out there, and this black-and-white feather with an outlining turquoise glow is no exception. The actual feather’s design is simple, and each section of it has a unique, shaded pattern.


The roses in this arm tattoo idea are made to be hyper-realistic and have no hard, black outline. Although most of the image is primarily black-and-white, one of the three roses is colored with a pink that fades back to white.


This simpler black-outlined drawing features a few different flowers of varying size that are bunched together with leaves that extend out. There is minimal shading with no colored ink, and no flower in particularly is made to be the highlight.


There are plenty of fine details that make up this smaller black-and-white design, but overall, most of the shapes are circular in nature. There is a tiny bit of shading in the center of the image, but that’s it.


In comparison to other arm tattoos for women, this one is certainly busy. A large, shaded rose sits on top of a flower-like design that has a smaller rose beside it. The entire marking has a yellow hue with a black outline.


With vibrant colors that range from purple to blue, the feather in this drawing is particularly eye-catching and looks like a watercolor masterpiece. Although this is the highlight, there are also black birds flying out from the top of the feather too.


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