40 Cool Owl Tattoo Design Ideas

A very interesting theme of stunning tattoos is the owl tattoos, which are very popular and can be worn by both men and women. The owl tattoo is meant to represent the traits and attributes of the owl. These colorful and detailed tattoos hold much symbolic value and look stunning.

In this article, our focus will be on variation in designs of owl tattoos, their meanings and images of various owl tattoos. With a hope to convince and inspire you, we have brought a huge collection of pictures of fabulous designs of owl tattoos.

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Worn by both men and women, owl tattoos hold a high position in symbolic meanings. As this amazing bird is a symbol of wisdom and education, so is represented by the owl tattoo. The creative color, design and work done in the tattoo, makes it look very attractive.

There is a variety of associations done with the bird owl, which gives a deeper meaning to the tattoo. Almost all the cultures such as Hindu, Egyptian and the Celtic culture,  relate themselves with the bird owl. According to a belief, the owl is referred as the protector and guardian of the dead. Due to this, the owl is commonly known as “Angel of Death”. Some other cultures believe that the owl is able to communicate with the departed and the underground. In ancient Greek culture, owl was considered to be holy to Athena, Greek goddess of learning. In Hindu culture, owl is supposed to be the carrier of Laxmi, the Goddess of wealth.

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Another association of the owl is done by the Native Americans. They believe the owl to be the protector of sacred knowledge. Thus, they consider owl to be a symbol of intelligence and protection. In ancient times, the owl was used by them to forecast the weather.

A very common conception says that the owl would accompany the soul in afterlife. So, if you see an owl in your dreams, it is believed that either you or someone close to you is going to experience death.

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Several questions strike our mind, when we come across such conceptions, but a closer look at this bird can make you understand the reasons behind such beliefs. This one, the of most distinctive creature, is known for its large eyes and superb hunting abilities. Their speciality is to hunt quietly without making any noise while flying. As the owl is rarely seen in the day light, they have mysterious vibes. Being a nocturnal creature, the owl is mainly active at night. Like all other creatures with wings, owl is also supposed as a symbol of freedom. Their huge and wide open eyes makes them to symbolize wide vision.


There is a lot to do in terms of creativity in owl tattoo designs. Most of the owl tattoos are colorful and vibrant. You can get it done in almost all colors but also, you have the option to just use black ink. You can vary the size of the owl which makes it possible to have the tattoo inked on any part of the body. The most popular design is to portray a real looking owl sitting on a branch or flying. Another alternative is to portray the owl as a cartoon which will give a fun look to your owl tattoo.

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Some tattoos portray an owl with a key or some other symbols. One can show the best of his art by the detailed work of the tattoo. Before choosing any tattoo design for you, make sure that you come across a lot of designs that are available in the market. If you are convinced for a colorful tattoo, then owl tattoo is a very nice option to go ahead with.

Owl tattoo designs can blend an owl with jewel eyes or clock as owl is also associated with time. An hourglass with owl is a also a nice idea. I have also seen some people, who are parents,  getting  baby owls inked on their body representing their own children. One can have the children’s name written under the baby owls. Most of the people choose owl tattoo for their symbolic value only.

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Not only the design, but the meaning of tattoo is also very important for the wearer. It is important to understand what your tattoo symbolizes. Some of the general meanings of the owl tattoos are mentioned below:

  • Rarity
  • Experience
  • Independence
  • Wisdom
  • Knowledge
  • Vision
  • Messenger
  • Mystery
  • Protection
  • Transition
  • Secretive

There are various ways to portray this tattoo. If you are looking for something cute like most of the girls, go for the cartoon design. And in case your focus is on some mature stuff, go for a detailed realistic owl tattoo design.

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But one important thing to consider while choosing a tattoo is that you completely understand what your tattoo depicts. Do not rush for a tattoo without understanding its meaning completely because, once when they are done, tattoos become your lifetime companions.

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