25 Awesome Panda Bear Tattoo Ideas

Panda bear tattoo is not a main stream tattoo in itself but it still has achieved much in terms of popularity. With the versatility in the choice of designs to be worn by both males and females, panda tattoo is supposed to represent the traits and attributes of the panda bear. Although a design portraying panda bear alone holds symbolic value to the wearer, but this meaning can be deepened by the addition of various other elements in the tattoo design.

Through this article, we are making you familiar with panda bear tattoo, various designs of this theme and their meanings. You will also get a chance to come across images of different panda bear tattoo designs that can surely convince you for your next tattoo design.

 Being the symbolic animal of the Asian culture for centuries, the panda bear is supposed to be the symbol of peace and serenity. People choose this animal to be inked on their body either for expressing that they got a chance to work with this animal or for its deep symbolic meaning.

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Although being a bear, there are various fascinating facts about this amazing animal which differentiate it from other bears. In China, panda bear is referred as “Da xiong mao” that means “giant bear cat”. This is because panda bear possesses the eyes of a cat. This interesting animal is not at all aggressive and vicious in terms of personality, like other bears. It is a peace loving animal that possesses laid back personality, representing serenity. You will be amazed to know that although panda bear is categorized as a carnivore, but 99 percent of the diet of panda bear comprises of bamboo.


Although a panda bear tattoo is much meaningful and convincing in itself,  you still have the options to try some variations in their design. Some tattoos possess a panda bear with realistic look and feel. Even a cartoon look of the panda bear works a lot. A famous style is to portray only the head of panda by turning into a sugar panda head tattoo.

Most of the panda bear tattoos portray the image of a cute and peaceful tattoo, but one can be creative with the mood of the animal also. You can go for a happy look, mad look or even an evil look. There is a huge collection of various designs of panda bear tattoo in this article which can surely give you an idea for all about what is in trend. You can also create something new by taking basic ideas from here.

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Panda bear tattoos are so powerful in terms of symbolic meanings that they can depict whatever you want them to. Either you want to give a positive message or negative, you can portray anything by just playing with the elements in the design.

Some of the common meanings that a panda bear tattoo reveals are mentioned below:

  • Power
  • Calmness
  • Peace
  • Masculinity
  • Femininity
  • Balance
  • Knowledge
  • Nobility
  • Serenity
  • Wisdom
  • Grace
  • Strength
  • Good Fortune
  • Magic

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The panda bear tattoo is unique in itself as it resembles both masculinity and femininity. Also, this animal has both black and white colour on its body. That is why, it is considered to resemble balance. This animal is also believed to be the representative of different cultures.

Now, this is something that you can not overlook and will serve you as a source of inspiration. You would be amazed to know that panda bear tattoo represents positive and “I can do” attitude. Symbolizing the calmness of soul, body and mind, bearing this tattoo means saying “yes” to life.

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We hope that for making you aware of so interesting facts about this lovely animal, you would surely like our article and our website. Also, the beautiful designs of the panda bear tattoo must have fascinated you. Yet, feel free to express your views in the comment box. Keep visiting our website for more updates about different tattoo works. Some of the  fascinating example are below:

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