30 Cool Example Of Raven Tattoo Designs

When we talk about a unique and interesting tattoo theme, one that strikes our mind is the raven tattoo theme. Popular among both men and women, this tattoo symbolizes the traits and attributes of the raven. This tattoo has a speciality that it can be blended with various other symbols which can give a deeper meaning to the tattoo.

Raven tattoos are so fascinating in themselves that one would surely love to explore more about them, when  once  they get introduced. So, today with this article, we are introducing you to the amazing theme of raven tattoos that surely have the power to convince you. Also, we will try to explain the meanings of most common designs of raven tattoos which will help you to create different connections with these tattoos in a better way.

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Raven tattoo is one of the rarest tattoos that can symbolize both; good as well as evil. Being a symbol of negativity, darkness, death and mystery, raven portrays an image of “death” in everyone’s mind. Raven has been the universal symbol of negativity since a long time. That is why raven tattoos are supposed to be associated with pessimism. But it is also a fact that despite the negative meaning it depicts, this bird represents some of the best attributes one could imagine.

If you have a query in mind that why this amazing bird is considered as a symbol of death and misery from hundreds of years, then we have an answer for you. During the war in ancient Europe, thousands of people lost their lives and one could see dead bodies lying all around. At that time, it was not unusual to see creatures feeding upon those decaying dead bodies. One of such creatures was the raven, which being a scavenger was seen eating upon those dead bodies. And so since then, they are considered as a symbol of death and war. Our literature also considered raven to be a symbol of dark character being linked to death.

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Many different cultures in the world relate raven to different symbolic value. Due to the common picture of ravens, eating upon the dead bodies in the war, raven was given a dark and negative view symbolizing war and death. But in ancient times, many cultures believed raven to be magical and the carrier of powerful secrets. Whereas in mythology, the same creature is believed to be something which runs its mouth much and cannot keep secrets. In Celtic culture, raven is considered to possess great value even if their community was also very prone to wars.  The Celtic raven tattoo is believed to represent protection, magic and prophecy due to its magical powers.

Despite the common negative meanings, raven is considered a positive aspects by many other cultures as well . There is a belief among the Native Americans that the raven brought light to the earth. Also, they consider raven to be a symbol of balance, depicting good as well as bad in someone. Most of the raven tattoos depict this meaning. Greek and Roman mythology associate raven to Apollo and Athena. That is why raven symbolizes attributes of the Sun. As the greatest attribute of the sun is “wisdom”, the raven is also considered to be a symbol of intelligence. Also, raven is believed to have the ability to speak.

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As we have already mentioned, raven tattoos depict a variety of meanings that can be positive as well as negative. Some of the common meanings are stated below:

  • Protection
  • Magic
  • Future
  • Secrets
  • Death
  • Light
  • Shadows
  • Inner Self
  • War
  • Prophecy
  • Memory
  • Misery
  • Pain
  • Intelligence
  • Wisdom
  • Thought

Not only have these, with a little variation in design and style, raven tattoos can depict deeper meanings. There are a variety of symbols raven tattoos can be blended with such as a skull. Some designs portray raven with blood whereas some others can be done in Celtic art or tribal art. A variation can be given in posture also. Raven can be drawn flying, or with wings open or perched on a branch.

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Not only this, you have the liberty to choose the size of the tattoo according to your choice. This gives you the choice of getting this tattoo inked on any part of the body. These tattoos are very interesting and eye-catching.

As it’s clear from this collection of pictures of raven tattoos, there are a variety of designs available out of which you can choose any for yourself. Also, you can take ideas from these designs and create something with your creativity. But just remember that whatever you choose, you should be able to understand your tattoo completely. Some of the raven tattoo design ideas are shown below:

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