Top 40 Cute Cherry Tattoos for Girls

Cherry tattoos are super cute – you’d be hard pressed to find anyone that disagrees with that! From their perfect red fruit to the cute green leaves, they’re a great choice for anyone who is after a girly design that really pops. We’ve sourced 40 great cherry tatts for you to get some inspiration from.

Cherry tattoos are sexy and cute and are tattooed on girls to communicate various characteristics like innocence, sexuality, youth, courage, commitment, and sometimes Christianity (as it is also believed to be the fruit of paradise). Cherry tattoos are fun designs to play with and the additions of other symbols can change the meaning or just make it look cool. Cherry tattoos are commonly seen with a stem that shows that an individual is unspoiled, innocent, and fresh. This top ten will look at the best that this category has to offer!

cherry-tattoo-6leg Cherry Tattoos sexy Cherry Tattoos tumblr_lo5cbbztcd1qhnrjto1_500 tumblr_m7tikl0hrT1qh7hkno1_500 tumblr_mxeos7vhZa1t027kao1_500 cherry flower tattoos Cherry Tattoo design ideas Cherry Tattoo designs
Cherry Tattoos 1 Cherry Tattoos 2

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