35 Grand Sacred Geometry Tattoo Symbols

There’s nothing quite like an amazing geometric tattoo. We’re all for cute little designs and funny tatts, but when it comes to something truly breathtaking there’s no going past the grand sacred geometry designs that some people have tattooed on their bodies. Not convinced? Read on to have a look what we mean.

Did you know that when it comes to the dyad “tattoos and geometry”, most often sacred geometry is involved? Of course, people tend to love all kinds of shapes, lines, figures, etc. which may not be mandatorily in connection with the Fibonacci sequence, but still… The sacred geometry is an especially captivating member of the geometric tattoos’ family, so you may be enthusiastic to learn more.

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To clarify the concept of sacred geometry, it is all the perfect shapes and patterns in the nature (based on mathematics and form), which are believed to be “the basic fundamental building blocks of our Universe“. Through the ages these patterns have been repeatedly re-presented in sacred architecture, cosmology, music and other forms of art. Phenomena such as Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio, Phi (a.k.a. the divine proportion, golden mean, golden section), tube torus, penta-, hexagonal structures and many more instill the knowledge of the divinity. To quote Sir D’Arcy Wentworth Thompson: “The harmony of the world is made manifest in form and number, and the heart and soul and all the poetry of natural philosophy are embodied in the concept of mathematical beauty.”

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The sacred geometry tattoos are meant to reach the pure perfection in shapes and symmetry; they are philosophical, spiritual and timeless. Thus said, if you decide to incorporate the divine, you’d need an experienced and skillful tattooist. Oh, yes, and very patient one, because the majority of sacred geometry tattoos are implemented using the dotwork technique (complete geometric images created only by connecting precisely placed dots).

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Leaving the technique to the tattoo artists, let’s check out the following 4 Symbols. Along with being the treasurers of sacred knowledge and the keepers of the Universe’s secrets, these four ancient symbols are perfect to be tattooed either black and white or colorful – the result would be spectacular anyway.

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The Star Tetrahedron (Merkaba). Alright, we need some basic details here, starting from the definition of a tetrahedron: it is one of the five Platonic Solids [3D shape whereby each face is the same regular polygon + the same number of polygons meet at each vertex (corner)]. Ok, to make it simpler – imagine a pyramid, three sides, one bottom, right? The Star Tetrahedron consists of two tetrahedrons joined together, one pointing up and the other – down; it is believed to be spiritual energy field configuration of the third dimension; its corresponding chakra is The Third Eye; its element – consciousness. Keywords: energy, awakening, spirit, mind, sense, evolution, capacity, potential. In other words, if you need to wake up your mind and start looking beyond palpable, the Merkaba is definitely a choice which is worth considering.



The Vesica Piscis/ Pisces (from Latin – “fish bladder”, “vessel (mouth) of a fish”): holy figure composed of two same-radius spheres intersecting within each other’s circumference. A.k.a. Ichthys, Jesus Fish, Mandorla, the Vesica Piscis represents the interrelationship between the two worlds – of divinity and matter, and their common space – the beginning of creation. So to speak, here we have the God and the Goddess and their child in the very bit of its conception. No wonder, Vesica Piscis is also the basic shape for the Flower of Life and the Tree of Life; in addition, it is a well-known symbol of Jesus and Christianity. Very strong, in fact universal message which goes far beyond religion, you don’t need to think a lot: go and get it.


The Flower of Life (Fisherman’s Net): symbol of over 6000 years, present in art, literature and almost all major world’s religions. Be careful, it’s getting harder: this symbol consists of multiple Vesica Piscis figures. Imagine a six-fold pattern consisting of equal, overlapping circles – or simply take a look at the image below; yes, that’s it. Just for reference, here are some of the countries it has been found in: Egypt (the oldest known), Turkey, Italy, Israel, Austria, Denmark, Bulgaria, India, Spain, Japan, China. If your country is among them, this could be another good reason to choose the Flower of Life for your next tattoo experience, for it is a part of your ancestors’ cultural heritage. Plus, it is believed to contain the Universe’s secrets.


The Metatron’s Cube: imagine 13 equal circles, 1 in the center, 6 surrounding it and another 6 around them. Now imagine that each circle has lines extending to the centers of the other 12. What you’d picture is the Metatron’s Cube: a figure which contains all the existing shapes in the Universe. Metatron is an archangel in both Judaism and Christianity. On the Earth he used to be a human prophet and after his death became an archangel due to the devout life he lived. Using his healing cube, Metatron chases away bad energies and teaches esoteric knowledge. “Focus on your highest priorities. I will help you get organized and motivated”, he says. Keywords: wisdom, steadiness, hard work, perfectionism, inspiration, target, achievement.  Metatrons's_Cube


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