31 Ferocious Snake Tattoo Designs

The fact is that snakes are such creatures that incite rather strong emotions. Either you love them or you absolutely loathe them. When it comes to tattoos based on the snake design you will definitely be fascinated. The nature of the creature itself makes it absolutely mesmerizing.

  1. Now this is a cool snake tattoo. The bold blacks and thick line work make this cobra fierce and dangerous. The tattoo artist did a good job at making this tattoo look amazing and deep despite adding any grey or shading. The dripping liquid off the bottom of the snake and the detail in the body of the snake add character.

snake tattoo designs (1)

2. This is a cool tattoo because the snakes head is half tribal and then perfectly transitions into more of detailed and realistic looking snake. This yin yang type of snake is really original and clever. As the snakes head molds into what looks like a tribal son, the line work is perfectly done to catch your eye and leave you intrigued.

snake tattoo designs (1)

3. This snake looks very much like the “don’t tread on me” snake that you see on some flags. The way that the line work was done in this spiraling snake is thick and looks more like a marker or paint brush stroke. The words that are incorporated into the body of the snake is a cool idea and the slight additions of red make those certain spots pop really well.

snake tattoo designs (10)

4. Now this snake will make you take a step or two back when you see it. The red and black body of this viscous looking snake makes you know right away that this is one bad ass and dangerous snake. The wide open mouth creates a sense of movement and you can tell that its about to strike. The pink mouth gives this snake an even more realistic feel as well. The details on the underbelly of the snake are very impressive as well. You can tell that this tattoo artist was experienced in this style of tattooing.

snake tattoo designs (13)

Snakes come in various forms, designs patterns, the shape and poses that you can create makes this a great design. In fact the serpent can easily be combined with other objects and creatures to make a great design. You can come up with a number of body art designs with this subject as the central theme.


5. This giant scary snake screams bad ass and sexy at the same time. This girl has shown how bold and hardcore she is by getting a back piece this size on herself. This would have taken hours and hours and multiple sessions. The details in the entire body as well as the head and mouth are breath taking. This piece almost looks three dimensional with the way that this snake’s head and body are positioned. With perfect shading in the mouth and the tail, you find yourself being impressed beyond belief.

snake tattoo designs (17)

6. Yellow, red, and black, watch out jack!! This snake means serious business and you can tell by the colors. The tattoo artist did a really good job of creating movement in this tattoo and giving it a realistic yet american traditional style as well. The yellow underbelly and the dark red gives this snake a dangerous look and demands respect. The placement of this tattoo is in a tender spot for sure but as we can all see, it was well worth it.


Snake Tattoo Designs

7. Well this snake is perfectly placed. It almost looks like this snake is guarding or keeping watch on this girl. This tattoo shows that she has a dangerous side as well as fun side. The tattoo artist did a great job at using black and grays to create dimension and and depth with the snake. the tongue creates a sense of movement and scales within the body are perfectly detailed. Overall this is a really well done tattoo.


snake tattoo designs (19)


One of the amazing things about snake themed tattoos is that it is quite popular with the fairer sex. As a matter of fact, it is likely that more women than men have snake tattoos. The reasons why this design is so popular can be varied. Among Asians it could be because the serpent is intertwined with their folklore, their culture and religious aspects. Whereas in other cultures, the snake could simply be a fascinating subject with both visual and symbolic value to be used as a tattoo design either by itself or as part of a greater design.

8. A tattoo like this would have hurt quite a bit with it being right on the hip and the tail bone. This snake tattoo has an Asian style and look to it; almost like a traditional dragon piece. The shading in the scales on the top are very well done and the head of the cobra was designed with fear in mind. The little details like the blood coming off the slithering tongue really take this tattoo to a whole new level. With color slightly added and perfectly placed, this girl got an amazing piece of artwork.


snake tattoo designs (20)

9. All of the tattoos on this guy’s body look like they are filled with color, amazing detail, and would have take multiple sessions to finish them up. This tattoo of an owl and a snake battling each other is an epic piece that tells the brutal yet true story of survival. the shadowing of the snake is amazing ad well done. If you look closely, you can see that the snake is tangling up the owl and the owl is using its talons to try to tear the snake to shreds.


snake tattoo designs (22)

No matter why a person picks the snake to be the central theme of his/her tattoo, the fact remains that they look great. The best part is you have a huge variety of design options to choose from. These snake based tattoos can look good on most parts of the body. The snake design when captured perfectly to look as if rippling in motion can look riveting. It actually looks as if the snake is slithering on the skin surface and is absolutely fascinating.

10. Can a tattoo get any better than this? This tattoo is filled with so much detail from top to bottom that its ridiculous. As this snake spirals all the way up this mans arm, through the trees and makes it way to the apples on the branch, you can almost see a devious grin on this legless creatures mouth. This tattoo is most likely referring to the story in the bible when the snake temps Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden. Every single piece of this snake is filled with detail and beautiful color. The bottom of the snake is just as beautiful as the apples in the tree. This was a very well executed tattoo on all counts.


snake tattoo designs (31)

11. The coolest thing about this tattoo is the shadowing behind that snake tattoo. It looks like the snake is popping off the skin and is ready to strike you at any time. This tattoo is filled with beautiful detail that could be missed from one quick glance. The small specs of added white create a glare or a shine in the snake skin and make it look even more realistic. The scales look like they actually have texture. It almost feels like you could reach out touch this snake, or even many get bitten.


snake tattoo designs (15)

Serpent Shoulder tattoo: This version has the tongue of the snake out and looks really interesting. Among the more ethnic based designs the snake is shown along with a skull. The snake can be seen moving within the eye socket portion or seeming to slid out of it.

12.This giant snake back tattoo is awesome but looks like it may not be finished quite yet. As you can see, the top part is all colored in and the bottom part of the snake on the lower back has yet to be colored in the same way. None the less, this snake tattoo has great detail and super cool movement. A tattoo of this size would have taken multiple hours and sessions for sure. As this tattoo travels to every part of the back, this canvas would have felt bit of pain that comes with any back tattoo. Once this monster of a back piece is finished up, this snake is going to be hard to compete with.

snake tattoo designs (4)

Snake with hood up: Usually has the design of the cobra which has its magnificent hood up and this can make the eye stay on the tattoo. In this case art imitates the way a cobra hypnotizes a potential victim by raising its hood.





snake tattoo designs (27)

Serpent tattoo on the side: This can be made in a colorful way though care has to be taken to ensure that the location chosen is able to hold and display the magnificent tattoo of the complete snake




snake tattoo designs (25)

Serpent motif on the calf: This fascinating example of how to make the design look its best displays the way the shape and texture of the body of the snake changes in the look as your eye travels up and down.




snake tattoo designs (26)



snake tattoo designs (23)

Snake tattoo on the length of the leg: This can be rendered with the help of other props like a basket and a pair of dice. You can have different versions of it like a serpent among the flowers or with a bird or slithering up a tree etc.



snake tattoo designs (28)




snake tattoo designs (24)

Snake tattoo on the thigh area: One can consider the idea of going with a theme that show the snake running around the circumference of the thigh or in other positions

The permutations and combinations, the poses and the patterns that you can use for your snake tattoos are endless. All you need to do is decide where and what tattoo you want. You will find that once you start thinking about options for a snake tattoo, your imagination and little research can ensure endlessly engaging designs. Pick the one that suits your thoughts, your budget and the area on which you want it done.

We have collected some more examples of Snake Tattoo Designs which are as follows:



snake tattoo designs (2)



snake tattoo designs (3)



snake tattoo designs (5)



snake tattoo designs (6)



snake tattoo designs (7)



snake tattoo designs (8)



snake tattoo designs (9)



snake tattoo designs (11)



snake tattoo designs (12)



snake tattoo designs (16)



snake tattoo designs (21)



snake tattoo designs (29)



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