145 Neck Tattoos That Will Make a Statement

Neck tattoos are a bold choice for anyone. Previously, neck tattoos were only for the bravest people, however they are becoming more and more in fashion, among guys and increasingly girls too. If you’re after a statement tattoo, then the neck tattoo will do just that. We’re sourced some killer designs to browse over.

If you are looking to get a neck tattoo, you should be completely willing to commit to the design that you have chosen. Neck tattoos are amazing and can be a wide variety of sizes and intricacies, they are also extremely difficult to hide depending on the placement you have chosen. Something at the base of your neck or behind your ear can be fairly easy to conceal for work. However something under the chin or something that is large on the side of your neck will may require a concealer and some artistic talent of your own. While tattoos are becoming more widely accepted, you must always keep in mind whether an employer will judge you for them and pass you over for a job simply on your looks. But no matter whether you choose to get a tattoo on your neck or not, they are still amazing works of art that anyone can wear easily. Here are 40 neck tattoo designs to consider and enjoy:

1.      Spiders

spider neck tattoo

Spiders are creepy and are likely better tattoos on the neck for boys rather than girls. However if you love spiders, just go for it and pick the creepiest one you can find! People have gotten tattoos of black widows, wolf spiders, tarantulas, and so many others, this is your opportunity to choose something incredibly creepy.

2.      Celestial Stars

cool neck

Star neck tattoo designs are most definitely popular tattoos on neck for girls, however boys are becoming more interested in stars as well. They can be delicate and create a variety of different shapes that can be interconnected using mystical looking swirls. Some even choose to get a constellation or the constellation of their zodiac sign.

3.      Lip Service (Lip Prints)


Lip prints are popular neck tattoos for both guys and gals. They are rather androgynous and are definitely one of the more popular neck tattoo designs due to the variety of sizes they can be created in. Some people even choose to do the lip prints of someone they love to make the tattoo mean that much more.

4.      Butterfly

3d butterfly neck tattoo

Butterflies are incredibly popular tattoos on neck for girls, and there aren’t any questions as to why. They are beautiful, delicate, and can be created in a variety of bursting colors making each one easy to personalize and ensuring they are completely unique.

5.      Peter Pan


Who didn’t love Peter Pan growing up? And for anyone who watched the plays grew up knowing that Peter Pan was always played by a girl. But whether you are a fan of Peter Pan or not, choosing your favorite character from a book, movie, cartoon, or play is a great way to pay homage to something that you love or feel passionate about.

6.      Crown

crown tattoo on neck

Crowns are also very popular neck tattoo designs as they can be small and simple, or large and intricate. This crown is more on the simple side and looks amazing on this girl’s neck. Something like this doesn’t overwhelm the face and looks amazing. This is a wonderful idea for a first tattoo as it is small and will allow you to experience a tattoo for the first time without spending a lot of time under the needle.

7.      Script and Feathers


Many people are starting to use feathers and script in tandem with one another. This is definitely more popular for tattoos on neck for girls, but the ability to make your tattoo say anything and follow it with a feather is ingenious. Some may choose to use a quill rather than a simple feather like this tattoo, but whatever you choose is completely up to you.

8.      Butterfly/Moth


While many would call this neck tattoo design a butterfly, the wide set of the wings certainly make it look like a moth. However moths are also becoming more popular neck tattoo designs and can be put anywhere on the neck. They are most commonly found across the throat or along the back of the neck to accentuate the curve of the neck beneath the chin or hair line.

9.      Dream Catcher


Dream Catchers are a beautiful choice for a tattoo as they are intricate and beautiful. Many people get tattoos of dream catchers and they aren’t simply specific tattoo on neck for girls, boys love them too. You can find many of these intricately decorated with beads, feathers, and so many other additions to the design to make each dream catcher tattoo unique.

10.      Dragonfly

butterfly on neck

Dragonflies are amazing insects and have been said to fly at high speeds. While dragonflies are cool, there is just something amazing about a dragonfly neck tattoo. Plus they are great for both boys and girls. If this is a tattoo you think you will like, you should consider getting it in color as well since the effects that can be created will bring more life to the design.

11.      Elephants

cute neck tattoo girl

This tattoo of a Mommy and Baby elephant is definitely more of an inspirational neck tattoo and may not be for everyone. However we are certain that this neck tattoo design holds very special meaning for this girl.

12.      Butterfly Outline


There are some people who simply choose to get the outline of a butterfly rather than have it completely filled in like we are all use to seeing. This simple butterfly is the perfect neck tattoo design for the spot this girl has chosen.

13.      Winged Memorial


Memorial Pieces are generally pretty popular as you are dedicating a piece of your skin to a loved one to remind you of them even when they are no longer with use. While many people choose to put memorials on their arms, backs, and calves, the back of the neck isn’t such a bad place for it either.

14.      Reaper

tattoos on neck

Reapers never go out of style, and are most definitely a tattoo on neck for boys as there aren’t many girls out there with Grim Reapers tattoos. This American Traditional style reaper tattoo is beautifully done and fits extremely well on the side on this guy’s neck.

15.      Key

back neck tattoo

Key neck tattoo designs are more popular with boys than with girls, but they are fairly androgynous and can be worn by boys or girls.

16.       Heart Design


This intricate heart design with what appears to be hanging pearls and beads is the perfect fit. These kinds of tattoos are certainly more feminine and do fit better on girls than guys.

17.      Black Rose

awesome neck tattoo

Black and Violet Roses are great neck tattoos and can easily be built off from if other tattoos are wanted close by. They generally face forward when tattooed on, but can go either direction and look amazing.

18.      Red Rose

neck rose

Red Roses are just like any other rose and are a great but overly popular choice for neck tattoos.

19.      Portrait


Portraits of loved ones and friends or even celebrities are incredibly popular neck tattoo designs, although they are seen more often on men than they are on women. Whoever tattooed this portrait did an amazing job as it looks wonderfully realistic.

20.      American Traditional Snake and Dagger

Alex Sherker neck tat

American Traditional style tattoos are a great choice if you want to get a neck tattoo, although snakes and daggers are definitely tattoos on neck for boys rather than girls.

21.      Skull and Roses


Skulls and roses have been paired together for many years and always make a statement. This watercolor like neck tattoo design looks amazing on this guy, and is most definitely unique.

22.      Moth

neck tat

Even though this tattoo is difficult to see, it definitely looks more like a moth than a butterfly. Moth tattoos have been growing more and more popular and are mostly chosen as tattoos on neck for girls.

23.      Fox

neck tat 1

Here is another example of a beautiful American Traditional style tattoo, foxes were incredibly popular when American Traditional style tattooing was more prominent. While you can still find artists who can do American Traditional tattoos, they are increasingly hard to find.

24.      Native American Princess

n11 Paul Aherne

Native American women tattoos are great neck tattoo designs and are usually done in an American Traditional style. These kinds of tattoos are good tattoos on neck for girls and guys, and you will also find many pinup neck tattoos like this as well.

25.      Owls and Roses


Owls are wise and mysterious, while roses are beautiful and seen as incredibly delicate. The owl and the rose play off each other’s opposites to create an awe inspiring neck tattoo design. Owls as well as roses, whether they are together or separate, are great for boys and girls.

26.      Hibiscus


This simply hibiscus neck tattoo design is beautifully done and looks incredibly delicate on the back of this girl’s neck. Floral tattoos that are done like this are most definitely tattoos on neck for girls rather than guys. Maybe it is the delicate nature of the tattoo that keeps guys from getting floral tattoos like this one.

27.      Ornate Flower


Ornate flower designs are another girl tattoo style, and can either be done in intricate shapes to create a design from flowing lines and shading like this, or in a more realistic fashion with a lot of color. Ornate floral designs are very pretty and can definitely attract some attention.

28.      Rose

rose neck

Here is another rose neck tattoo design on the back of a woman’s neck, but unlike the realism that we saw in the previous roses, this one is in an American Traditional style. The bright and vibrant color and the placement make it a perfect fit for anyone, although you will commonly find this kind of tattoo on the neck of girls rather than guys.

29.      Eagles and Roses


How the eagle on the left of this girl’s neck and the blue rose on the right fit together, both are a wonderful idea and can give you an idea as to what is possible in neck tattoo designs. While these may be two separate tattoos, they are both wonderful neck tattoo designs.

30.      Camera


Are you a shutterbug? Then this neck tattoo may be just what you have been looking for. This neck tattoo is great for guys or gals and will most definitely show off your passion for photography while saluting your love for your hobby.

31.      Guitar Tree


This neck tattoo design will likely get a few questions, but it is definitely unique. This is another good tattoo for both girls and boys and will show a passion for nature and music all in one singular design. You could also probably combine ideas into a single tattoo to make it more unique like this one.

32.      American Traditional Panther and Rose

neck panther

American Traditional tattoos are popular for panthers and roses, and this is a perfect example. While many guys are more likely to get this tattoo than girls, this tattoo would look great no matter what your gender is.

33.      Cat and Crows


If you love cats, then you could possibly consider a tattoo like this for something simple and cute. The design is definitely one of those tattoos on neck for girls, but that doesn’t mean guys aren’t cat lovers or not want something like this. If you have never gotten a tattoo before, this would be a good first tattoo.

34.     Shapes

tiny neck tattoo

Do you have a favorite shape? In some cases, you will find that you like some shapes better than others, or maybe you do have an awesome favorite. Why not pay tribute by getting a neck tattoo of the shape that you love? Not only is something small like this easy to work into other neck tattoo designs, but it will also provide those who have never had tattoos with a good first.

35.      Hearts


Hearts are very popular tattoos on neck for girls, and while this one is a simply outline, it leaves plenty of room to add on if you choose. Heart tattoos leave a lot of room for options and can be simple or ornate depending on what you are into.

36.      Behind the Ear Roses

behind the ear

This rose tattoo is another excellent idea for someone who wants something to accentuate the curve of their neck. It is also very easy to hide if you work somewhere where tattoos are not openly accepted. More girls will get rose tattoos like this one than guys, but roses aren’t really specific to a singular group of people.

37.      Watercolour Bow with Spine Script

watercolor neck tattoo

Bows on the neck are not as common as you would think, and they are a beautiful tattoo on neck for girls. This particular bow takes on a watercolour painted style and can help you to generate a few ideas if you want a bow neck tattoo design. The extra-long section of ribbon running down the spine will also provide you with a good place to put your favorite quote or phrase in an elegant script.

38.      Tiger Moth

tiger neck tattoo

The tiger moth tattoo was incredibly popular at one point in time, but now it is something unique and works perfectly as a neck tattoo. While you could consider this a type of meme, this tiger and moth tattoo will certainly create a few random questions. This design works well for both boys and girls, and can look amazing across the throat or at the back of the neck.

39.      State Tattoo


Maybe you moved around a lot as a kid, or you simply have a love for your state, why not salute it with a tattoo in the shape of the state. You can find these filled in with various things such as the state colors or flag.

40.      Script Phrase or Quote


Quotes and phrases are incredibly popular for the back of the neck and upper back as they make a big statement. You can choose whatever means something special to you, or you can choose something fun that makes you smile. Just be sure it is something that you will love for a long time as the spine and back of the neck over the spine are said to be quite painful.

41.      White Rose

tumblr neck

Here is a bonus neck tattoo design, and it was chosen as it is different from the other styles that we have shown here today. This life like white rose seems to almost come away from the skin or as though it was painted on using oil paints. Many people choose white roses as tattoos as a sign of remembrance, while others simply think they are pretty.

If you liked any of the neck tattoo designs that we have showcased here, or you have a favorite, please let us know in the comments section below. You can also tell us about the neck tattoos that you have or are currently considering. For those with questions about tattoos and seeking other tattoo related information, we would love to hear your questions so that one of our other readers can provide you with the information that you seek.


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