55 Delicate Lace Tattoo Designs for Every Kind of Girl

For girls that are after something a little more feminine in their tattoos then lace is the way to go. With a delicate lace design you can still be fierce while at the same time feminine. This list of 55 lace tattoos is sure to get your creative juices flowing for when you head to the tattoo parlor.

There is something about lace that not only looks beautiful, but totally elegant too. However if you think about how much work and dedication goes into creating a lace tattoo design, you may want to take a step back and admire the beauty that much more. In each of these 55 beautiful and awe inspiring lace tattoo designs, you can clearly see that the artist took their time and was completely dedicated to providing their client with the tattoo of a lifetime. If you are interested in getting a lace tattoo design, be sure to check out many artists before settling on one as the line work necessary to create a realistic lace design is not only difficult, but time consuming. So, let’s begin:

1. Lace Bows and Roses

lace tattoos 22

What says elegance more than a gorgeous red rose with a beautiful lace bow attached? Each of the elements in this tattoo fit together amazingly to give it a unique look and feel.

2. Lacey Tattoo Machine Holster

lace tattoos 23

If you are into tattooing, then this beautiful tattoo is probably for you. This complex lace garter belt tattoo is not only intricate, but seems so real and life like. Even the coil machine seems to be coming right away from the skin. Absolutely awe inspiring!

3. Lace Topped Stockings

lace tattoos 24

If you are looking for a tattoo that is anywhere near something like this, you will have to commit. This beautiful lace pattern is incredibly detailed and if you look closely enough, you can see the golden colored stitches.

4. Lace Bow

lace tattoos 25

You can use lace to create just about anything, and bows seem to be the most common. They are feminine and elegant while containing small intricacies that captivate the attention of others. This beautiful bow for instance has a mild 3 dimensional look to it and looks amazing in its placement.

5. Lace and Lotus

lace tattoos 26

This lace tattoo design is elegant and unique, and the lotus in the center is a nice addition to the overall design. Something like this is feminine without being overly girly in nature, and the intricate design really shows the artist’s talent.

6. Lace Shoulder Design

lace tattoos 27

This beautiful lace design for the shoulder is not only 3D but captures the intricate design of the lace as well as the bead work and pearls that dangle from and across it.

7. Lace Forearm Design

lace tattoos 28

This beautifully intricate lace tattoo is fairly simple while remaining incredibly complex, the placement for a design like this is perfect and really fits the arm of the wearer. Very feminine and chic.

8. Lace and Roses Shoulder Design

lace tattoos 29

An intricate design such as this can connect various tattoos that may have already existed to make them one piece. This lace shoulder design not only holds the roses to the design, but the beads and other elements as well.

9. Floral Lace Chain

lace tattoos 30

This tattoo of hibiscus flowers laced together to create a chain is another type of lace tattoo and provides a feminine touch to the top of the shoulder. Beautiful designs such as these aren’t always intricate looking, but possess a complex feel while remaining simple.

10. Lace Back Piece

lace tattoos 31

This lace back piece is not only intricate and feminine but provides a delicate shape along the spine and back. Some people choose to go with a specific shape such as a cross, while others choose a pattern like the one above.

11. Lace Anklets

lace tattoos 32

There is nothing more feminine and delicate than an ankle tattoo, making this lace rose pattern perfect for the delicate ankle of this woman. Not only will it look great poking up from the back of a pair of heels, but will match any shoes you want to wear for the day.

12. Swirling Lace Shoulder Design

lace tattoos 33

If you want a lace tattoo that is more intricate, then choosing a lace design with many different swirls and floral like designs is certainly the way to go. You can even add in some bead work and other design elements to make your lace tattoo more unique.

13. Japanese Style Lace

lace tattoos 34

This beautiful lace patterned sleeve possesses traditional Japanese style tattoo elements along with the floral pattern in the lace. Not only is it unique, but incredibly feminine without being overly girly.

14. Lace and Waves

lace tattoos 35

This lace tattoo design is unique and nicely fits the upper arm, the waves surrounding the simple lace pattern create a boarder that the lace can sit within which makes it unique.

15. White Ink Lace

lace tattoos 40

White ink isn’t commonly used, but does create beautiful tattoos depending on the color of the wearer’s skin. Here, the white lace stands above the skin and provides a glamorous element to the body.

16. Floral Lace Chest Piece

lace tattoos 45

This intricate floral chest piece possesses many lace elements that provide something unique and feminine to the wearer. Flowers are the perfect lace element as they are delicate and intricate on their own.

17. Paisley Lace

lace tattoos 46

Paisley and lace can add a touch of vintage glamour to your lace tattoo, consider blues and other vibrant colors if you are looking for a paisley lace tattoo.  You will also find that a bright lace back tattoo will add a brilliance to your strapless and spaghetti strapped tops.

18. Paisley and Fishnet

lace tattoos 47

Many people may not consider fishnet a lace, but it is still a single strand of thread laced together with other singular strands. Consider this chic yet rebellious tattoo with a lace feel and a bit of attitude.

19. Lace Chest Piece

lace tattoos 48

Chest pieces are all the rage, and what is a better combination for a chest piece than roses, hearts, and lace for an elegant lace design. While the red in the roses add a unique pop of color, the lace and hearts add a romance that cannot be beat in a chest tattoo.

20. Garter Belts and Tattoo Machines

lace tattoos

There is just something beautiful about a garter belt and tattoo machine that make this lace 3D tattoo beautiful. It also adds a bit of attitude to an extremely feminine lace garter design.

21. Ahoy!


This beautiful ship tattoo surrounded by roses, ribbon, and rope are a masculine option for a lace design tattoo.

22. White Out Lace

lace tattoo 1

With elements of paisley, lace, and floral, this design has many beautiful elements that will stand out and look elegant.

23. Roses and Bow

lace tattoo 2

Whether it is roses or bows, these lace tattoo designs provide plenty of beauty to even the hippest chicks.

24. Roses, Lace, and Paisley

lace tattoo 3

In this lace design, there are several elements that provide a vintage chic look that cannot be ignored.

25. Hyacinth

lace tattoo 5

Hyacinths on the ankle are feminine and these flowers do possess a very lace appearance as the flowers are so closely positioned.

26. Paisley Armband

lace tattoo 6

As an armband tattoo, lace and paisley are the newest popular choice as they are vintage chic.

27. Floral Armband

lace tattoo 7

There is just something about flowers and lace that guarantee a beautiful tattoo.

28. Poppies

lace tattoo 8

Poppies are beautiful and elegant, and when combined with the intricate design that lace provides, there is a major wow factor.

29. Roses and Lace

lace tattoo 9

The gothic beauty of this lace tattoo combined with the elegance of the pink roses cannot be beat.

30. 3D Garter Belt

lace tattoo 10

3D lace tattoos are just awe inspiring, and with this garter you will never have to look for something blue again.

31. Behind the Ear Lace

lace tattoo 11

Lace designs fit so perfectly behind the ear and can be worn in the open with hair up or simply let your hair grow to hide.

32. Floral Fishnet Lace-up Garter

The intricate lace pattern that was used in this garter belt design is not only simple but beautifully done in a way that the ribbon lacing it up really seems to be holding it into place. This design would look wonderful on anyone and ensures that it is simple enough to follow without being too complex.

33. Gothic Lace Anklet

lace tattoo 13

Want a permanent anklet? Then this gothic lace tattoo may be just the thing you are looking for.

34. Lace Collar

lace tattoo 15

Want something to really grab the eyes of those around you? This intricate collar of lace might do just that.

35. Lace Eyeliner

lace tattoo awesome

An intricate lace design such as this would be a pain to draw on every day, but as a tattoo certainly makes a statement.

36. Purple Garter

lace tattoo hot

You can even get a lace garter tattoo in your favorite color. Lilac anyone?

37. Lace Button Bow

lace tattoo

This beautiful lace bow is made even more unique with its button center.

38. 3D Lace Garter Belt

lace tattoos 1

Traditional in appearance, this garter belt tattoo is unique in design as well as elegant.

39. Lace Flowers

lace tattoos 5

Resembling a lace dream catcher, there are many amazing elements in this tattoo, including the lace flowers and fishnet center.

40. Lace Dragonfly

lace tattoos 6

You can see the lace effect in this dragonfly’s wings giving it a feminine quality like no other.

41. Off the Port Bow

lace tattoos 7

Though the only lace in this image are this girls tights, the ship and wheel are beautifully done and possess a strong artistic feel.

42. Lace Intertwined Nature

lace tattoos 8

The first thing you think when you see this tattoo is about the natural feel that it possesses with each element connected by the lace at the wrist.

43. Lace Bird

lace tattoos 9

Birds are very popular tattoos, so it is no surprise to find someone wanted a bird made of lace.

44. Upper Back Lace

lace tattoos 10

This feminine lace back tattoo not only fits the back, but also the neck in an elegant sort of way.

45. Lace Sleeve

lace tattoos 11

The butterflies in this lace sleeve add a natural feel to the entire tattoo as well as an elegant feminine touch to the lace.

46. Lace Moon

lace tattoos 12

Creating a crescent moon of lace is not only a beautiful idea, but simple and chic. Plus it is gorgeous as simple lines rather than filled like other moon tattoos out there.

47. Double Lace Bows

lace tattoos 13

We are seeing many lace bows, and these are just as fabulous as the others we have seen.

48. Vintage White Paisley

lace tattoos 14

The elegant line work of this paisley lace design has a vintage look with the white color that was chosen for this tattoo.

49. Bows and Garters

lace tattoos 15

Many of the garters we have seen have bows, but none with bows made of lace.

50. Hanging Lace Leg Band

lace tattoos 16

While this may not be considered a garter, this beautiful hanging lace tattoo possesses a unique elegance of its own.

51. Steampunk Inspired Garter Belt Gun Holster

This steampunk inspired lace tattoo has a lot of attitude and possesses the intricate details of a lacy garter. Even the steely material of the pistol looks much more feminine when paired with the lace and matches the roses on the grip beautifully.

52. Lace Back

lace tattoos 18

This lace back tattoo not only accentuates the figure, but follows the spine elegantly.

53. Lace Shoulder Strap

lace tattoos 19

Following the line that the strap of a dress or shirt would, this beautiful lace designed tattoo beautifully accentuates the neckline and chest.

54. Lace Back Strap

lace tattoos 20

This back piece may be the other half of 55, but even alone it creates a beautiful line across the back to accentuate the figure and provide a feminine touch.

55. Diamond Lace Garter

lace tattoos 21

Tattoos with diamond are becoming ever popular these days, but this beautiful lace garter complete with diamond bow is an amazing touch to this tattoo. It creates a romantic feel that cannot be matched.


Lace designs in tattooing don’t have to be overly feminine or delicate, even though that is what lace is most known for. The intricate tangles of the threads don’t always have to seem weak or fragile, but can possess a strength to a tattoo design that may not have existed in the design without the lace elements. Like in the many garter belt tattoos that hold up either a tattoo machine or gun, these tattoos show a strength of their own without being overly masculine in either nature or design. If you want a tattoo that is a bit on the androgynous side, you should consider a lace tattoo. What was your favorite lace tattoo and why? Let us know in the comments section below, and tell us about your lace tattoo designs.


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