60 Tree Tattoos That Can Paint Your Roots

Tree are beautiful, majestic, wise, strong, and just all around amazing. Getting a tree inked onto your body shows that you appreciate life, love, and your roots too! We check out some of the best tree tattoos going around that we think really compliment the model. Have a browse through these pic for some tattoo inspiration.

Trees have always been important to various cultures and have been a symbol of life making tree tattoos that much more popular. These beautiful tattoos can be dated back centuries to the beginning of tattooing and have become an incredibly rich symbol that can mean a multitude of different things including regeneration, life, and rejuvenation. Many of the meanings that have been cultured with tree tattoo designs can be in part to the various stages that trees go through throughout the year such as spring, summer, fall, and winter. You will also find that there is a lot of symbolism in the tree that is chosen for the tattoo as Cherry trees, Palms, Willows, Pines, Oak, and various others have separate meanings of their own as well that should be considered when getting a tree tattoo. Here are 60 amazing designs that can bring you inspiration and the meaning that may be behind them.

1.      Positive & Negative Tree

Sven RayenBy Sven Rayen

No matter how you turn this tattoo, it is focusing on the roots and branches of the tree. This could mean a deep connection in the past with a willingness to explore the unknown.

2.      Orange Autumn Leaves

tree tattoos (51)

This beautiful tree of vibrant orange leaves is clearly a tattoo of an oak in autumn. The oak has always been viewed as possessing the meaning of nobility and wisdom.

3.      Woman in the Cherry Tree

tree tattoos (52)

This breathtaking tattoo could have a variety of different meanings, as the figure of the woman can play many different roles in the interpretation. However, it could most definitely have something to do with rejuvenation.

4.      Tree of the Dead

tree tattoos (53)

A tree surrounded by skulls simply seems terrifying, but could point to a deeper meaning of death and rebirth.

5.      Headless in the Apple Tree

tree tattoos (54)

Whether this is a play on Eve and the apple is hard to say, however there is clearly a woman’s figure in the tree but her head is completely missing.

6.      Cherry Blossom Lovers

tree tattoos (55)

In China, the cherry tree is a symbol of love as well as feminine beauty and authority. This beautiful tattoo not only captures that meaning, but is unique as the many butterflies flutter around these lovers.

7.      Black Birds of the Oak

tree tattoos (56)

Traditionally the bare branches in a tree tattoo represent old age, however the birds are a symbol of freedom. Even more traditionally, this tattoo would be considered a dead tree and used to remember or memorialize the death of a loved one.

8.      I Climbed the Tree

tree tattoos (57)

The quote “I climbed the tree to see the world…” is from a song called To Build a Home by Cinematic Orchestra.

9.      Photosynthesis

tree tattoos (58)

Either this tattoo is portraying the process of photosynthesis or is a variation of the tree of life.

10.      Forest of Love

tree tattoos (59)

This tattoo of a forest of pines is likely to represent family considering the names above the script.

11.      Pine

tree tattoos (60)

This adorable little pine tree tattoo could be a symbol of tradition, however the Native Americans believed they were a symbol of serenity.

12.      Tree of Love

tree tattoos (1)

Many trees are a symbol of strength and incorporating the heart shape into the branches of this tree could mean a strength in love.

13.      Tiny Tree

tree tattoos (2)

While the bare branches of a tree may symbolize old age, this tiny bare tree could have a meaning all its own.

14.      Bear in the Forest

tree tattoos (3)

The use of the bear in this forest of trees could symbolize the serenity of reflection, as the pine trees are symbols of serenity while the bear embodies reflection.

15.      Towering Cypress

tree tattoos (4)

The Cypress tree possesses several meanings depending on the culture, however it is commonly seen as a symbol of mourning and protection making it a wonderful tattoo.

16.      Tiny Pine

tree tattoos (5)

This tiny tree, while looking like a cypress is actually a pine as the base is wider above the trunk that is shown. The placement of this little pine tree is a bit strange, the symbolism is still that of serenity.

17.      Pine Tree on Spine

tree tattoos (6)

Spinal tattoos hurt, making it ironic that someone would put a symbol of serenity on their spine such as the pine tree.

18.      Willow

tree tattoos (7)

The symbolism of the willow is that of healing and freedom making it the perfect tree to get a tattoo of. The placement of this little willow is wonderful and looks wonderful on the ankle.

19.      Bare Tree

tree tattoos (8)

While a tree without leaves symbolizes the loss of a loved one, it can also be a symbol of remembrance of the ones who you have lost.

20.      Micro Pine

tree tattoos (9)

Micro tattoos are in, and the amount of detail in this pine is incredible. Who could have thought to have the symbol of serenity be so compact?

21.      Radiant Tree of Life

tree tattoos (10)

This tree of life is certainly more of an artistic representation, however the symbolism of life’s continuous cycle is still present.

22.      2 Trees

tree tattoos (11)

It is common for friends to get tattoos that either match or go together is some way, these various pine tree tattoos may symbolize serenity, but they also symbolize unity to these friends.

23.      Celtic Willow

tree tattoos (12)

Another tree of life representation, this willow representation may possess a strong meaning of both the cycle of life and that of healing. The Celtic knot work below it suggests the continuous nature of life and the never ending cycle.

24.      Beautiful Pine

tree tattoos (13)

Pine trees are majestic in their own way, and the serenity that they symbolize stands tall on this girl’s spine.

25.      Life of the Pine

tree tattoos (14)

While this tattoo is likely a symbol of remembrance to the wearer, it possesses many elements that are different from a traditional tree of life. The pine standing for serenity and the tree of life for the cycle of life, could mean this tattoo has a symbol of peace with the loss of the loved one scrawled above the tree.

26.      Painted Pine

tree tattoos (15)


Assuming this is of a pine, this tree tattoo seems as though it was painted with watercolors and took the shape of the pine by mistake.

27.      Budding Cherry Tree

tree tattoos (16)

This budding cherry tree symbolizes reverence and understanding as well as beauty to many Asian cultures as it symbolizes the beauty of the cycle of life.

28.      Small Forest

tree tattoos (17)

Small grouping of trees can be used for a variety of different meanings, it could symbolize friendship or the loss of several loved ones. It is also hard to depict the types of trees to provide more insight.

29.      Love Birds on a Branch

tree tattoos (18)

This tattoo certainly symbolizes unity or monogamy with another person. The pair of birds on this branch can easily be seen as one.

30.      Cypress Circle

tree tattoos (19)

The cypress in the center of this circle may represent a circle of protection, or that of sorrow.

31.      Love of the Forest

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

Unsure of the type of trees in this tattoo, this individual is certainly showing their love of nature with the variety of different elements present in this beautiful tattoo.

32.      Resilient Pine

tree tattoos (21)

This pine tattoo, while possessing the symbolism for the tree of life, could represent the serenity and resilience of life’s continuous cycle.

33.      Fingered Roots

tree tattoos (22)

The bark is the most prevalent part of this tree, however it is difficult to know what kind of tree it could be. It could stand for sacrifice or healing depending on the type of tree.

34.      Celtic Tree of Life

tree tattoos (23)

This more traditional tree of life tattoo shows the interconnected branches and roots of the tree, more commonly seen in Celtic tattoos, symbolizing vitality, strength, and knowledge.

35.      Tiny Micro Pine

tree tattoos (24)

This adorably tiny pine tree is perfectly located to provide a reminder of serenity as well as look amazing.

36.      The Old Oak

tree tattoos (25)

The oak symbolizes endurance, strength, and bravery, while the bare branches normally symbolize death. Perhaps this tattoo is that of the bravery in the face of death.

37.      Spooky Tree

tree tattoos (26)

This tree is adorably spooky and provides only the creepy feelings that a bare tree can, reminding us of death and the onset of winter.

38.      Gloomy Forest

tree tattoos (27)

While this tattoo is simply awe inspiring with detail, the bare branches symbolize death as well as remembrance of those that have been lost. It is almost as if this tattoo was painted on rather than tattooed into the skin with all of the details that are showing.

39.      Giant Pine

tree tattoos (28)

Even though the detail in this pine tattoo is unbalanced, it still remains a symbol of serenity and peace. Maybe a symbol of peace and acceptance of things when they are unbalanced.

40.      Great Tree of Life

tree tattoos (29)

This big back piece of a tree of life is a great and beautiful reminder of the ever changing cycle of life and possesses many wonderful details. There is a great amount of detail in the bark of the tree as well as the sparse leaves, however it is a little hard to interpret due to the amount that cannot be seen.

41.      Branches in the Night

tree tattoos (30)

This very realistic looking tattoo of a bare tree under the moon is breath taking, though the meaning of this tattoo has much to do with death and the light of the moon signifying strength or the power of one’s spirit. The tiniest of details can be seen in this tattoo providing a wonderful image that will captivate you in an instant.

42.      Micro Palm

tree tattoos (31)

Though this palm tree may be small, the symbolism of the tropics and beaches is a large concept. It also represents truth and aspirations making it a perfect tattoo to remind one of their dream of visiting the ocean.

43.      Cherry Tree Branches and Blooms

tree tattoos (32)

Cherry Blossoms are incredibly popular and the symbolism behind them are very feminine as they are a symbol of beauty.

44.      Pine among the Flowers

tree tattoos (33)

This tall pine while hidden among the flower is a beautiful tribute to serenity among these purple floral buds.

45.      Tree with Worldly Roots

tree tattoos (34)

While this tattoo could have something to do with the song To Build a Home by Cinematic Orchestra, it is another perfect example of a tree of life and how it evolves throughout the world.

46.      Dogwood Blossoms

tree tattoos (35)

The flowers of the dogwood tree are prized for both their scent and beauty, they make an interesting tattoo choice as they symbolize apathy and indifference. Like the cherry tree, the dogwood possesses several meanings of femininity and beauty, and is enjoyed just as much as the cherry tree as well.

47.      Twisted Branches and Roots of Life

tree tattoos (36)

This is another unique interpretation of a tree of life in that it is hard to determine the roots from the branches until the spring buds symbolizing rebirth are noticed.

48.      Cypress Branches

tree tattoos (37)

Even though it is hard to tell if the branch on this person’s forearm is that of a cypress or a pine, the choice to put a symbol of either in that place is certainly curious.

49.      Budding Tree

tree tattoos (38)

The cycle of a tree can tell you a great deal about the meaning of the tattoo as spring buds symbolize healing and rebirth. Though the most interesting part of this tattoo is likely to be the trunk dripping away as though it is fading.

50.      Thin Pine

tree tattoos (39)

This is another example of a pine tattoo symbolizing serenity. Though this tree is fairly basic in that it is seen frequently, it still represents something special to the wearer. You could almost get lost in the tiny details of this tree.

51.      Tall and Narrow Pine

tree tattoos (40)

Not all pine trees are the same in nature and they shouldn’t be in tattoos as well, the long trunk leading to the top of the pine may suggest a long life. The beauty and uniqueness of this pine tattoo is just the beginning as it allows for various other interpretations

52.      Bare Cypress

tree tattoos (41)

This bare cypress is certainly a symbol of the passing of someone and the sorrow. It is possible that this sad looking cypress could be a sad pine, but the rounded bottom of the tree in this tattoo suggests otherwise.

53.      Heart of the Tree of Life

tree tattoos (42)

Though not often seen, this interpretation of a tree of life is definitely one of tradition as the tree grows from the heart. The heart is a strong symbol as it means numerous things all over the world, but the tree of life growing from it suggests that the heart is the fuel of the tree.

54.      Watercolor Painted Tree

tree tattoos (43)

This interesting painting of an oak has all the details of a watercolour work of art, though the oak symbolizes durability, strength, and bravery.

55.      Swinging in the Oak

tree tattoos (44)

This strong oak still possesses the symbol of bravery, while the swing set suggests a happy childhood place. Many of us may have thought we showed bravery as kids by jumping off of the swing making the oak a perfect fit for this tattoo. Not only reminding the wearer of childhood activities but of simpler times.

56.      Blossomed Cherry Tree

tree tattoos (45)

Assuming that this is a cherry tree, the beauty and femininity is still suggested even if the tree itself appears a little rough.

57.      Cherry in Full Bloom

tree tattoos (46)

In Japan, the cherry tree symbolizes the first days of school to students and while there are still many meanings of femininity and beauty, it is also that of a beginning. This stunning cherry tree tattoo embodies all of those meanings with ease.

58.      Namaste Willow

The willow symbolizes many things, including that of healing and freedom as well as inner vision. This particular willow tattoo is often seen among those who practice yoga providing a peaceful balance of healing and flexibility.

59.      The Frame

tree tattoos (48)

Yet another hard to identify spring tree, this intriguing tattoo could be a reminder of a new day or new beginnings that have not yet come or that has already passed.

60.      Curved Oak

tree tattoos (49)

This beautiful tree bending with the wind is a perfect symbol of strength bending with the wind rather than fighting against it. While strength is important, sometimes the strongest thing that can be done is to go with the wind and not against it.

If you liked a particular tattoo or have a different point of view about the meanings of any of these 60 tattoos, feel free to let us know. While this is only one interpretation of the meaning behind these wonderful trees, we are always interested in your thoughts. For those who have or want to get a tattoo of a tree, what tree would you choose and the symbolism of that particular tree to you. Trees are an important part of life as they help to provide food, materials for shelter, and produce some of the air that we breathe. Each tree is a beautiful reminder of the strength and beauty that many of us over look each and every day.


  1. Hi, so for #25 – it’s much more likely that it’s related to the state of Maine – the “water” at the bottom is in the shape of the state, and “Dirigo” is not a person’s name. It’s the Maine state motto and it means “I lead”.


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