30 Tongue Tattoo Ideas to Try

With the advanced fashion trends, people have got more inclined towards unique things which make them look different and crazy. They like weird hairstyles, different dressing style, piercing, extraordinary accessories and every damn thing that defines them as unusual. Tattoo is one such thing which is getting more and more popular among people these days.

Although tattoos have been in existence in the past, it has become a much more fashionable commodity at present. Tattoos, not only help you to express yourself in a powerful way but also provide you with a lot of options of designs and styles to choose from.

tongue tattoo

Not only the designs, you have got lots of choices for the body parts to be inked. A very new and unique trend that is getting the lime light rapidly in the world of tattoos, is that of the “tongue tattoo”.

Covering one of the most delicate and flexible part of the body-tongue; this tattoo style is surely set to continue long. Even in their early days, tongue tattoos are attracting great traffic because it is something that is not seen by people yet. Their creative patterns and styles are the source of amazement for the people.

tongue tattoo (1)

People who already wear this tattoo do not want to stop there and are heading forward to get their tongue tattooed one particular colour. Also you can get it tattooed in various colours, depending upon your choice.

Variations in Designs of Tongue Tattoo

In its early days only, tongue tattoos have got a lot of options to choose from, in terms of designs. You can go for stars, tribal work, maze, and many other shapes that can cover a significant area of the tongue.

Being difficult to be inked, most of the tongues are tattooed in the lower part. The most common design is that of the star inked near the tip. But some brave people choose the rear of the tongue, near the center of it, for getting a tattoo designed in a creative pattern. Trust me, these designs can surely make you feel amazed.

tongue tattoo (2)

As soon as the fashion trends will touch the sky higher, tongue tattooing will also get more eminent and the ways to more designs and creativity for this theme will get wide open.

How painful is it?

Quite surprising, but it is a fact that a tattoo inked on the tongue is not different from a tattoo on any other part of the body. It is not as painful as we consider it to be. Actually, the image of the tattoo is not inked upon the tongue but actually under the tongue. This is done so that the tattoo does not get worn away with the passage of time. In the actual process, the ink is injected directly into the epidermis with the use of a rapidly moving needle. With the lodging of the ink into the epidermis, the color of the ink is captured by the skin. This makes the artist keep on cleaning the tattoo while carrying on his work, so that the tattoo area is wiped off with antiseptic and sterilized.

tongue tattoo (4)

But one thing that would surprise you surely is that tongue tattoos are not much painful in spite of the high sensitivity of the tongue. The reason being that tongue is not a section of skin, but a muscle itself. The only feeling that you get is same as the tingling sensation that one experiences in a numb mouth.

One thing that makes getting this tattoo inked difficult is the mandatory rule to keep the tongue out while getting the tattoo inked. Although a special tool is used for this purpose but still, it is uncomfortable to stick the tongue out. The only thing that makes you get a sigh of relief is that this process is not a long process and takes lesser time than other tattoos. Some other example for Tongue Tattoo are here:

tongue tattoo (3)


tongue tattoo (6)

tongue tattoo (7)

tongue tattoo (8)

tongue tattoo (9)

tongue tattoo (10)

tongue tattoo (11)

tongue tattoo (12)

tongue tattoo (13)

tongue tattoo (14)

tongue tattoo (15)

tongue tattoo (16)

tongue tattoo (17)

tongue tattoo (18)

tongue tattoo (19)

tongue tattoo (20)

tongue tattoo (21)

tongue tattoo (22)

tongue tattoo (23)

tongue tattoo (24)

tongue tattoo (25)

tongue tattoo (26)

tongue tattoo (27)

tongue tattoo (28)

tongue tattoo (29)

tongue tattoo (30)


  1. Ok I just got my first tattoo. Now I want one on my Tongue. I got my tattoo right after surgery the same day of my surgery so I did not felt any pain. I don’t know how much this will hurt or not. please if someone got a tongue tattoo please let me know n thank u

    • Yup, got one. It smudged out after a couple of years. It also gets a little faded after those years. About pain, it doesn’t hurt, but the ink carved on my ribs, chins, elbows and collarbones (the most painfull spots) doesn’t felt like pain either.


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