Dragon Tattoos 101: (Pictures with Meaning)

Still one of the most popular and most fierce tattoos tattoos that anyone can get – guy or girl – is the dragon motif. Whether it’s a stylized design, an Asian centerpiece, or in combination with other mythical creatures, the dragon always stands out. Protecting the bearer from harm, it can make for an awesome tatt – especially flashed with color.

Getting a tattoo is an essential decision and a whopping deal. Thorough thinking prior to any tattooing procedure will take a large part in assisting you select an enthralling idea from some of the cool tattoo ideas. It is crucial to consider all the various tattoo designs and trendy ideas, always seeking to know the meaning and perception each carries. New tattoo ideas are constantly cropping up on the Internet. A detailed look through some of these ideas may help you decide how subtle or how intense you want your tattoo to be. Even though you want a unique tattoo design, having a look at some startling tattoo ideas will help you in customizing your own design with an utter sense of personal touch.

thigh dragon georgeous

39-dragon tattoos This art shows beauty and passion. There are a lot of details covering her body and its damn awe, seriously this is one of those best tattoos that one must have

back dragon tattoo gorgeous

40-dragon tattoos This Forearm dragon tattoos is pretty popular and is really fun to get. Other people start with one arm and end up doing the whole arm and then the other one.

what a monster

41-dragon tattoos A dragon tattoo is always ideal because you are showcasing the best art as shown above. Having this tat is the way to go.

sexy as it looks

42-dragon tattoos Enjoy this view has it looks outstanding and very cute. Looking at this animals make its real and anyone can enjoy having the picture on his back.

colorful as it appears to be

43-dragon tattoos This is one cute dragon tattoo, beautiful has it looks makes it ideal for anyone who fancy fashion. This is a great one for both men and women

check this on out

44-dragon tattoos Awesome inking that tries to explain love and loyalty, the love for dragons can’t be felt enough unless you have this tat.

this one suits your leg

45-dragon tattoos This art screams out beauty, it looks awesome and if you are that person who loves unique tats then this is the one to choose

suck it dragon

46-dragon tattoos

not everyone would want to have a tattoo placed in this position. but for those ladies who want to appear unique and classy then this tattoo will suit you.

dragon colors scattered

47-dragon tattoos

falling in love for this tat is what happened after a first time glance, the colors used for the tattoo makes it even more unique and cute.

dragon on feet

48-dragon tattoos

why wear a shoe while you can show off this classy looking dragon on your feet. this suits men who likes wearing shorts with open shoes.

incredible one


49-dragon tattoos

two dragons looking at each other is a fine piece of art. you can have it on any part of the body as long as you are comfortable with it.

looks like graffiti

50-dragon tattoos

this is a bold one, covering the largest part of your body. having this tattoo is a great piece of art and it shows unique congruent different fro others

what can we say about this?

51-dragon tattoos

This is one piece of art that cannot be ignored, the green and red color makes the dragon look awe. you can have it on any body part as long as you are happy

pretty legit

52-dragon tattoos

this one is dynamic and having it is anyone’s dream. the dragon breathing fire behind your back is what you will feel all along.

chest inking

53-dragon tattoos

just above the boobs makes this tattoo look great. this is one piece of art that any lady can  have and show it off

ooh my awesome

54-dragon tattoos

this is one piece of art that cannot be ignored. sexy as it looks make it one of the best images of tats. maybe this tat is meant to be seen by just a few people.

back dodgy dragon

55-dragon tattoosthis tattoo is one of the best to have , you can match it with any piece of clothing so long as the color doesn’t clash. this one brilliant tattoo to have

dragon head

56-dragon tattoos

having a dragon head in your arm can be fantastic. this one will make people get attracted to you. if you love attracting attention then this is perfect for you.

what a piece of art!

57-dragon tattoos

i cant hesitate having this, its so colorful.Wow! it matches perfectly with a light skin. this dragon design is exceedingly cute and beautiful.

fore arm inking

58-dragon tattoos

the arms look spectacular with this design. the black color adds a little beauty to the tattoo. its a perfect one for both ladies and men.

dragon my chest

59-dragon tattoos

having this tattoo involves a lot of artwork, it might be painful to have it but in the long run its worth it. this tattoo looks awesome and if showing off your chest is a hobby you can have it.

lick my shoulder dragon

60-dragon tattoos

showing off your muscles can never be appealing if you dont have a spectacular tattoo.this is one of those tattoos that will make you shoulder look stunning.

wow! look at this dragon

61-dragon tattoos

this tattoos fits the back perfectly. if you are that kind of person who wants to make your back skin look stunning then this tat suits you.

arm dragon

1-dragon tattoos

i love this because it just fits into the hand with no other notion. body builders should go for this because it makes your shoulder look awe

shoulder chest artwork

2-dragon tattoos

it starts from the arm and ends at the chest. this is one perfect tattoo for guys, but even ladies can have it

3d inking

3-dragon tattoosgreat piece of artwork here! the dragon looks outstanding and having it in your arm is ideal. there are various options to choose from  but this is a perfect choice.

how does shoulder dragon looks like

4-dragon tattoos Tats always tells a story and this is not different from a sweet beginning of a story of how you are in love with dragons

spoty dragon tattoo

5-dragon tattoos To have a unique tattoo is what anyone could wish for, there are lots of dragon tattoos but this one out beats the others

this one looks great


6-dragon tattoosHaving a tat that shows how pretty you look is all a woman could want , and by choosing this tattoo you will never be disappointed

make your leg look stunning

7-dragon tattoosThis is a unique dragon tattoo, the way its placed on the leg makes it even more gorgeous and showing it off is anyone’s dream

goat head dragon tattoo

8-dragon tattoos

Goat head dragon tattoo is a beautiful tattoo that covers little space on your hands but the result of it is  crazy tattoo that brings out the whole magic of the idea of tattooing

crazy dragon tattoo

9-dragon tattoos

Crazy dragon tattoo is that of  dragon which has this crazy shape and weird horns on its head and looks like it missed sleep for the last three days simply because it was partying the  whole week long dope tattooing in every sense.

skinny dragon tattoo

10-dragon tattoos

A skinny dragon tattoo is that of a dragon that looks like it has starved the better part of its like ,the art work on it is very remarkable that very nice just to look at it.

angry dragon tattoo

11-dragon tattoos

A classic tattoo of a a fire spitting dragon that looks really pissed off at something, like a mother who has lost its eggs.Aah! lovely piece of art i tell you men!let go get some angry dragon tattoo right away.

ugly dragon tattoo

12-dragon tattoos

ugly dragon tattoo is that of  dragon that being handsome is not one of its strong suites but looking at the design of the face with tasks like that of the elephant.OMG!what an amazing art work,top class tattoo it is.

flying sorcerer dragon tattoo

13-dragon tattoos

This is a brilliant tattoo of a dragon that takes the shape of a witch flying with a broom between the legs.The tattoo is bright and looking very appealing to the eyes.

screaming dragon tattoo 

14-dragon tattoos

This is an epic tattoo of  dragon that looks like it is screaming or yelling about something.A classic tattoo that brings little images of the fairy tales of dragons to life.Awesome tattoo indeed.

divine dragon tattoo

15-dragon tattoos

This a classic tattoo of a dragon that looks divine on the way it does fly.The tattoo looks more of a feminine type but in general, looks very smart and on point.

baby dragon tattoo

16-dragon tattoos

The tattoo is like of that of a baby holding on its mama not wanting to let go.I think this tattoo can really suite teenagers or people prospecting to have babies because it brings the baby like feeling from it.

grey dragon tattoo

17-dragon tattoos

The dragon in these tattoo is totally grey like it was drawn using  pencil.The art work is great and maintain a  certain level of simplicity.It like a formal tattoo that be adopted even by people working in a formal setting.

evil dragon tattoo

18-dragon tattooswhat!the dragon on these tattoo looks like an evil one that can not waste no time in bringing terror to your back yard.The face just tells all the danger signs,wow a great piece of artistry that you can not resist.

scary dragon tattoo

19-dragon tattoos

Scary dragon tattoo is a tattoo of a dragon that likes to scare people like in the scary movie were some something comes on your face and scares the hell out of you.Crazy art that deserves all the credit.

stretchy dragon tattoo

20-dragon tattoos

The dragon on this tattoo can stretch from one part of our body to the other.It is a very creative piece of art that makes your body looks very attractive and sexy.

colorful dragon tattoo

21-dragon tattoos

The dragon in this tattoo is a a colorful one and large in size,very noticeable even from a distance.Its the shouting type tattoo with lots of resemblance with graffiti.Dope tattoo it is.

serpent dragon tattoo

22-dragon tattoos

This is a tattoo of a dragon that looks more like a with a no nonsense expression on its face,like it tells you dare me and you will see my wrath!Crazy piece of art work here.

runaway dragon tattoo

23-dragon tattoos

Runaway dragon tattoo is that of a dragon that looks like its running away from something.The tattoo stretches a little bit to cover more skin and bring out a very beautiful picture.

sleeping dragon tattoo

24-dragon tattoos

This is a beautiful and sincere tattoo of  dragon resting in fields with rosy flowers and beautiful scenes around it.The patterns on this tattoo are filled with extreme passion and sense or colorful artistry.

hiding dragon tattoo


25-dragon tattoos

This is a tattoo of a dragon that seems to be trying to hide in the top corners of a cave because it has seen some sort of danger coming its way.Its perfect position is in the ear as you see in the picture to bring the image of hiding dragon clearly.

demon dragon tattoo

26-dragon tattoos

Demon dragon tattoo is that of a dragon that looks like a demon sent straight from hell.The face is a little bit intimidating and but funny on the other part making it overall a very fantastic piece of art work.

fairy tale dragon tattoo

27-dragon tattoos

This a beautiful and marvelous piece of art full of imaginary ideas and presentation  that of a fairy tale nature type of thing.This dragons are the ones you read in kids story books and bedtime stories.However that fact makes it even more appealing in many ways.

black dragon tattoo

28-dragon tattoos

Black dragon tattoo is that of a dragon that defines the definition of being black and its like the men in black of their planet or kingdom.The dragon has some sort of far on the body and many leg like structures making a very unique tattoo easy to draw.

marvel cartoon dragon tattoo

29-dragon tattoos

This is a tattoo of a dragon that looks like the animation of marvel  heroes.The dragon looks like it has some creativity and whats to draw something.I guess its best for tattoo artists to have this tattoo it may show you are a master in your own craft!just saying

humble dragon tattoo

30-dragon tattoos

Humble tattoo is that of a dragon that does not have too much of graffiti but still in general if it is on your skin will still get the desired good sense of having a nice tattoo that everybody appreciates when they see it.

curvy dragon tattoo

31-dragon tattoos

This is a tattoo of a dragon that is not straight it curve at almost every step making it have some sort of wavy shape.The tattoo is a one in a million type that every artist wishes it was in their collections.

hunter dragon tattoo

32-dragon tattoos

An epic tattoo that looks like its wants to set out for a hunting trip.If people could have a dragon instead of a hunting dog for hunting game then a hunter dragon is what people would have.

simple dragon tattoo

33-dragon tattoos

Simple dragon tattoo is a simple tattoo with one ink and does not have too many patterns and colors.Its simple but still a classy tattoo with all the best qualities of a top notch tattoo done by  top tattoo artist.

tongue out dragon tattoo

34-dragon tattoos

This is a unique tattoo with unique colors and a huge tongue hanging out of the mouth of the dragon.This piece of art work is full of many tiny patterns and unique features i think its a very hard tattoo to draw,none the less its a very good tattoo.

dragon horse tattoo

35-dragon tattoos

This is a dragon with the shape of a horse spitting fire as it flying or runs.Its like the one the ancient kings used to send to their battles of swords to win the battles for them.Epic tattoo this is.

wild dragon tattoo

36-dragon tattoos

Wild dragon tattoo is that of a dragon with long claws and sharp teeth clearly giving signs of not wanting you to take it home to be your pet.Its nature is wild and wants to be wild and to looks wild.Dope tattoo this one is.

ant  dragon tat

38-dragon tattoosThis tattoo is tiny in the world of dragons and there it is like an ant.It is a small tattoo less graffiti but still outstanding in terms of great tattoos.This one is a must have tattoo.


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