3D Tattoos That Will Shock and Amaze You!

There’s just no getting over the amazing realism that 3D tattoos can bring. With a talented artist on board, anything is possible! If you’re looking for a lifelike design to get inked, then you may find some inspiring stuff here. These tattoos are so lifelike that they will blow you away guaranteed!

It seems like in recent years, more, and more stuff is becoming 3D, from movies, to 3D printers, and now tattoos. This latest trend creates nothing short of astounding work. Tattoos that are designed to appear 3D are being praised for the detail, and artistic vision that goes into each and every one. With so many people getting tattoos in memory of loved ones, teams, or a special place or time, 3D tattoos are providing those interested with the chance to remember in even more detailed, and life than ever before. These tattoos will likely shock and awe you as you view the beauty and amazing detail that can be found in each one.

1. Pitbull Back Piece

3d 41

For years, people have been getting tattoos to honor someone who has passed. Someone who has impacted their lives so tremendously, and deeply that their loss never fully heals. The loss of a pet truly is one of those losses. Having to say goodbye to your best friend, a friend that has been there through both the good, and the bad times, without hesitation, is an extremely difficult, and heart breaking thing to do. Many people are turning to 3D tattoos to capture the most life like version of their friend possible.

2. Elephant


Why not use the impact that a 3D tattoo makes to make a true statement? If you are passionate about animal rights, or a specific endangered species, why not take advantage of these beautiful pieces, and share the beauty of these animals with everyone you meet? You can also shine a light on why you are so passionate about the animal that you had tattooed on you in the first place.

3. Bio-mechanical

3d 31

Paying homage to some of our favorite things is an extremely popular reason why people get the tattoos that they do. Why not create a whimsical design of your loves, and interests, and have it brought to life. Being able to show as much detail as possible, and have an impressively lifelike image created. This tattoo encompasses many things creating a mixture of biological and mechanical things.

4.  Stone

3d 42

This back piece appears to be comprised of stone and possibly a silver or pewter. The amount of detail in this back piece would have taken hours to create and perhaps there is a passion hidden in the ink of this master piece that we simply don’t know about.

5.  Lizard


Anyone would think this orange and black gecko was alive if they didn’t know any better. 3D tattoos create the awe inspiring illusion that something is there when it is only an image and requires a lot of talent to perform such amazing works of art.

6.  Nails


Ouch! Those nails in this man’s collar bone look painful, and completely realistic thanks to the amazing shading.

7.  Ankle Bows


Bows are always popular with women, however these bows take it one step further to add a bit of personalized fashion to this woman’s ankle. Now no matter what shoes she wears she can enjoy a touch of elegance.

8.  Clawed


This tattoo will likely receive a creepy vibe as it almost seems it is trying to claw its way out of the skin. The 3D effect of this tattoo is thanks to the level of extreme detail that was used to create the hand as well as the shading used to make it appear to be clawing across the skin.

9.  Dragonfly


Dragonfly tattoos have seen popularity on and off, but never in this much detail. The fast flying insects are the perfect tattoo for anyone who wants something to stand off the skin in vibrant colors.

10.  Eye


Some find tattoos of eyes to be a big mistake, no matter how cool they are. However the amazing detail in this 3D eye can provide a chilling sensation to those around you and can even captivate an emotion that you wish to remember.

11.  Torn Birds in Flight


The cracked and broken skin of this woman’s side appears to have birds living in it, but the effect that has been created in this tattoo is not only unique but amazing. Not only are the birds within the body, but they are also escaping.

12. Bear Paw


Even though this is more of a paw print than it is a paw, this bear paw tattoo looks incredibly realistic on this calf. Something of this nature would be great for someone who wants to show off a hobby of hunting or simply tracking different animals.

13.  Monarch

butterfly 3d tattoo

The Monarch Butterfly is probably the most easily recognized butterfly around, and while it may seem like this woman has a butterfly on her shoulder, it is only a 3D tattoo. This can make one of the most popular tattoos of choice pop as well as make it a unique one of a kind work of art.

14. Missing Pieces

wow 3d

Are their scales beneath the skin of this foot? While the scales don’t appear to be extremely realistic, the missing puzzle piece certainly jumps off the skin. As does the place the piece is missing.

15. Black Widow

3d spider

Spider tattoos are always in style, and this 3D Black Widow tattoo certainly takes the cake. While the spider seems to be sneaking up and around this woman’s neck, it still holds the effects of being a tattoo.

16. Mechanical


Have you ever wanted to be a secret terminator? Now you can, with a 3D tattoo. The mechanical pieces in this tattoo don’t only provide a 3D effect, but the realistic idea that the pistons and other parts of the arm are operated mechanically.

17.  Run Away


If you love fast moving cars, then maybe a 3D tattoo like this one is right for you. This racing car possesses an amazing 3D effect and even the money flying from the trunk appears to be worth more than it really is. You could almost reach out and grab it.

18.  The Door Within


This unique tattoo really gives the impression of the inside looking out rather than the outside looking in. Don’t you think?

19.  Ninja Turtle

3d 43

Is Raphael your favorite ninja turtle? Then why not give him a realistic look in a 3D tattoo like this one.

20.  Ribbon Nautical Star


This nautical star not only possesses a 3D appearance, but the ribbon swirling around it looks as if you could pull it away in a single swoop.

21.  Scorpion


Scorpion tattoos are incredibly popular, but why not make yours unique by giving it more life. This scorpion tattoo really looks as though it could sting you if you tried to touch it.

22.  Hooked


This hook looks more painful than it really is with its 3D artwork. Yikes!

23. Little Blue Tree Frog


Tree frogs are incredibly beautiful, and while you will likely see many tree frog tattoos that look as though they are hanging off the arm or leg of someone, none possess the intricate detail that this tattoo possesses.

24.  Beautiful Butterfly


Everyone loves the beauty of a butterfly, so why not make yours stand our even more.

25.  Vortex Stripes

3d tattoos

These stripes really look like they create a vortex through the arm of this person. They even seem to move if you look at them long enough.

26.  Rosary Rose



Roses and Rosaries go together beautifully hand in hand. Each one compliments the other, and getting this tattoo with a 3D effect makes it even more beautiful.

27.   Puzzling Studded Heels


These beautifully spiky heels certainly have a sharpness to them that is a little more than puzzling.

28.   Killer King of Hearts


Aren’t you glad the king of hearts in your deck of cards isn’t this sharp? Talk about a killer card.

29.  If Popeye Was Real


This realistically 3D tattoo of Popeye the Sailor has a frighteningly accurate feel to it. You could likely do a 3D style tattoo such as this one with any of your favorite cartoon characters.

30.  Beautiful Newborn


Any new mom would be completely in love with a tattoo such as this one. The ability to hold their baby for an eternity is certainly a gift. And it looks so realistic that at first glance you may have thought there was a real newborn there.

31.   Ruby Butterfly

3d butterfly tattoos

Here is another beautiful 3D butterfly tattoo. This ruby colored monarch butterfly looks incredibly graceful perched on this girl’s shoulder.

32.  Skull 3d Tattoo

skull 3d

Skulls never go out of style, but why not bring your tattoo alive by getting a more realistic version of the skull tattoo that you want. The amount of detail in this skull really makes it stand out beautifully.

33.  Permanent Pencil


We have all seen writers and artists put their pencil behind their ear, and while this 3D tattoo is more cartoon like than the others we have seen here it still has a lively appearance to it. The way that it appears to irritate the section of skin it has pierced through as well as the blood surrounding the pencil give it a more realistic appearance.

34.  Eye at the Back of the Head

3d back tattoo

Every want to take the saying of having “eyes in the back of your head” more literally? Then here is your opportunity. Why not get a realistic eye tattooed at the back of your head to help you keep an eye out on those around you. While many people would find this tattoo completely creepy, at least when placed at the back of the head you can grow hair over it to cover it when you need to.

35.  Tattoo Machine


This American Traditional style coil tattoo machine looks incredibly realistic in a cartoon like way. Not only does this make it incredibly unique, but feel as though it is literally in front of you. The level of detail in this machine may appear simple, but in reality there is much more to it than meets the eye.

36.  Pocket Watch


Watches are a wonderful symbol of time, and many people get intricate watches tattooed on them to remember a specific time in their lives. This is very popular with new fathers who tattoo the time that their children were born. Why not make your watch look more realistic by having it tattooed in 3D.

37.  Camera


There is nothing that can suit a shutterbug more than a tattoo of their favorite camera which they can pretend to snap a picture with just for fun. While it isn’t uncommon for people to get tattoos that they can hold up to their face, this camera takes on a whole other life past the simply finger moustache.

38.  Ladder to Nowhere

woo 3d

This ladder tattoo seems to descend into this man’s wrist and leads to what seems like nowhere, but the detail is completely uncanny. 3D tattoos such as this can allow you to make something simple into something spectacular.

39.  Aries

3d 33

This tattoo of the beautiful zodiac goddess, Aries, doesn’t simply have a 3D look to her, but rather she has a life of her own. Even the amount of detail in the apple in her hand is absolutely amazing. This is a unique twist on the popular zodiac tattoos that we are used to seeing and the combination of color and black and grey tattoo work creates a beautiful contrast.

40. Strawberry

3d cherry tattoo

Almost looks good enough to eat, if it wasn’t tattooed on this person’s foot. Consider getting a 3D tattoo of your favorite fruits as a unique homage to one of your favorite things. Strawberries take a lot of detail to get this 3D effect just perfect, and it is totally shocking how the colors and values have created something this amazing.

41.  Little Widow


If you are afraid of spiders, then you may think this black widow is just a little too realistic for comfort. But the 3D effect makes it shocking and awe inspiring. While it may seem like something like this should be easy to make appear 3D, think again. The varying levels of blacks, greys, and whites used in this tattoo need to be perfectly blended to give it the look we see today.

42.  Green Gecko

3d frog

This little green gecko looks as though he is truly climbing this person’s leg. While he has a more artistic appearance to him, unlike the more realistic gecko we saw earlier, it still looks 3 dimensional. This is definitely a more traditional styled gecko like we are used to seeing from various tattoo shops.

43.  Smoking Woman

3d 34

Not only does this tattoo look extraordinarily realistic, but the lips and the roses possess a realism like no other tattoo we have seen so far. This kind of 3D tattooing not only can make the image jump from the skin, but as though it actually belongs there.

44.  Sugar Skull Goddess

3d 46

This sugar skull styled lady tattoo has the realistic look while appearing stylized like many other realistic tattoos as well as 3 dimensional. You will also notice the beautiful balance that the colors provide in this tattoo and how the green, flesh tones, and golds suit this tattoo without making it become overly blended.

45.  Roses Have Thorns

3d rose

If you aren’t too careful, this rose’s thorns may actually give you a shocking poke. You could almost pull one of the beautiful petals from the rose bud as well it is so amazing. The amount of detail that has been put into this rose tattoo to make it have the 3D effect certainly shows to provide the stunning tattoo that we see here.

46.  Feathered Eye

3d eye

This realistic bright green eye and feathers is a unique take on a 3D eye tattoo. Not only is it not staring outward like most eye tattoos, and the realism is uncanny.

47.  Leopard

3d tiger

Tattoos of ferocious big cats are a popular tattoo idea, but this 3D leopard takes the cake with its amazing detail. While many people have chosen the route of the lion or a jaguar, the leopard is a more unique choice. Simply the look of this big cats teeth is enough to make you fear being bitten.

48.  Two Halves

3d 44

While the ladies on this man’s chest may be a bit two faced, the amazing detail that has been put into the faces and hands create a uniquely 3D effect that really grabs your attention. Though we aren’t sure if there is someone trying to escape from between these two faces or if he is trying to get out of the chest, it is certainly one of a kind.

49.  Gorilla

3d kingkong

If you are looking for photo-realism, then this 3D tattoo certainly has it all. At first glance you may not have even realized that this was a tattoo until you saw the skin and other tattoos around the edge of the gorilla. You can really see the intelligence in the eyes of this gorilla which provides it that much more of a realistic feel.

50.  Dream Catcher Anklet

drem 3d

Dream catcher tattoos are a wonderful choice for big dreamers, and this anklet certain captures the look and feel of real jewelry. While parts of this tattoo don’t appear realistic, it still gives the 3D vibe that each of these tattoos possesses.

51.      Lady Bug


Lady bugs are pretty and are said to be a sign of good luck. So why not keep the good luck with you all the time with a realistic 3D tattoo of a lady bug. Not only does this tattoo capture the very real look and feel of the lady bug, if it weren’t for careful inspection you would think you could actually pick it up.

52.  Red Haired Sugar Skull Goddess


Sugar skulls have become increasingly popular over the years and more and more people are getting them tattooed onto their bodies. So it is only natural that someone would take it a step further and get a tattoo of a fiery redhead with a sugar skull painted on her face. Not only does the artist of this tattoo have the difficult task of shading the face properly, but paying close attention to the intricate lines of the sugar skull as well.

53.  King Cobra

snake 3d

This King Cobra tattoo is enough to give anyone the willies. But it isn’t the snake that gets us shivering in our boots, but rather the way the snake is tattooed in a way that it appears to enter and exit the skin creating a very 3D effect. If we didn’t know better, we would think that part of this man’s arm was all snake. Yikes!

54.  Keeping Time

3d 32

Pocket watch tattoos are incredibly popular for those who want to mark a specific date and time, however the inclusion of the bee and butterfly in this tattoo don’t exactly provide us with much information about what this person is trying to remember. They may simply like pocket watches and wanted this specific tattoo to be done in a 3D style.

55.  Jumper

3d tattoo

This tattoo is scary accurate in the way that this 1920’s style mobster is ready to jump from this roof top. The level of amazing detail in this tattoo certainly shows how much time and patience was put into this entire piece and the photorealism that it possesses is partially responsible for the 3D effect that make it seem completely real.

If you have a favorite tattoo that we have shown here, or you are planning to get a 3D tattoo for yourself, please share with us. We would love to hear what you have to say in the comments section below, and enjoy hearing from our readers. For those with questions about getting tattoos, please feel free to ask below so that someone may have the opportunity to answer your questions and provide you with answers that you seek. We really hope you enjoyed this list, and hope you look at the several others that we have here on our site.


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