30 Cool Elbow Tattoos Designs

If you have ever gotten a tattoo or know someone who has gotten one, you will know that a tattoo on the elbow can be very painful. Only the hardcore lovers of the body art dare to go in for a tattoo on their elbow. It is the very nature of the place that makes it really hard to bear the pain that comes from tattooing on the elbow.

If you have decided you want to get one there, then you really need to be aware of certain things like the pain as well as designs that will make the tattoo rock.

Web of a spider: Getting this design on the elbow is quite a favorite. Earlier on it used to be the choice of cons and gangsters but now it is quite openly accepted by many. People also embellish this tattoo with the addition of things like bugs, dragonflies and other things. But still you need to know that to some a spider tattoo shrieks prison and prisoners.


Swirling patter: Once you look at the elbow and the swirl as a tattoo design you can easily make out why this will work together.  The tattoo will literally move along with the movements of your elbow and can be really great to look at.  Many people have things that look like they are in motion done as a tattoo design and that too in color. But you need to know that color tattoos in this area need a lot of care.


Floral pattern: Again the elbow lends itself perfectly for a floral design to show the closing and the unfurling of the flower. You need to choose something simple but lovely that will look great on your elbow like a sunflower or a daisy


Lips: Another design that will get animated on the elbow joint. The movements of the elbow will make the mouth close and open. You can make it interesting by adding the face of a animal or gargoyle around the mouth so that it will look like the mouth of the creature is opening and closing to the movement of your elbow.


After looking at some really interesting design possibility which can make your forget the pain factor, we would like to reiterate that a tattoo on an elbow is really painful. There are no two ways about it. You have to gird your loins and prepare to bite on your lips to bear the pain. Working with an artist who knows what he is doing and has the patience to help you deal with the pain is a good idea.

The healing process: Along with the pain you need to give credence to the fact that due to the tricky location of the tattoo, the healing process may take longer. This can affect the carrying out of your normal activities and limit the work you can get done till such time the tattoo heals.

Since the elbow tattoo is the ultimate tattoo as far as your dedication to tattoos and body art is concerned, many people are eager to get one. There definitely a cachet to having a cool elbow tattoo – it looks great and people know that you are ready to go to great lengths for your love of the body art.  Plus the design possibilities are awesome and you may look at several designs that actually look as if they have come to life.

But the cost is that of bearing pain and incurring a lot of inconvenience during the healing process. You need to weigh these factors against each other to make a decision.

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