30 Vampire Tattoos for Lovers of the Dark!

Vampires, those lusty blood sucking creatures of the night. A lot of us feel a real affinity for vampires and their ongoing prevalence throughout popular culture. There are even people out there who get their teeth capped into fangs! A vampire tattoo is a great way to show your love of the dark side.

The vampire is quite a versatile tattoo symbol and a global creature with many labels and beliefs that best suits them.  The vampire is often perceived as the most charismatic monster with the power of attraction and repulsion that’s quite strong. The myth behind the vampire has been a subject of interest that has been quite intriguing like the famous Dracula that made the concept of vampire known to the world and was equally popularized by the Twilight, a popular movie that portrays vampire’s demonstration of strong love in a terrifying way.

The Vampire tattoo symbols and meanings differ depending on how they are used with some of the common symbols being dreams, death, longevity, power, transformation, rebirth, eternal, sex, love and more.

Vampire tattoos creates such a stunning look in a powerful way, with a strong visual impact that appear beautiful yet terrifying. A variety of actors and celebrities have played the part of vampires and there are quite a variety of designs one can choose from.

Here are some of the vampire based tattoos that you could consider going with:

An evil looking vampire tattoo: Simple, plain old vampire with the evil looks of blood lust in their eyes, makes a vision of chilling impact  when tattooed the right way. This tattoo portrays a vampire holding a naked woman which can be perceived to mean some element of power or security and the place the tattoo is placed is quite ideal. The colours used makes it easy to identify the vampire from the woman.

vampire tattoo (17)

A Twilight saga inspired vampire tattoo: You must agree that all the vampires in the Twilight series were very striking appearance and really gorgeous. This tattoo is suitable for those comfortable with their looks and beauty and can design a tattoo displaying their face.

vampire tattoo (22)

A female vampire tattoo: The female vampire tattoo has such a seductive and terrifying look. The colours used can greatly enhance the entire look making it more appealing as it brings the clear meaning of what you intend it for.

vampire tattoo (9)

Vampire, bats and the entire stuff of legends: The vampire is often shown as flying off into the horizon in the form of a bat. This could make a really great theme for a tattoo design and could include other elements like the coffin where the vampire sleeps according to the tales of Count Dracula. If you want some scaring theme then this vampire tattoo is quite ideal.

vampire tattoo (2)

Vampire with blood dripping from the chin: This is one of the best ways to depict a vampire. Having a tattoo where the fangs of a vampire are dripping with blood of the victim that drips on to the chin can be quite chilling.

vampire tattoo

Colorful vampire tattoos: Just because vampires are creatures of the dark, it does not mean that a vampire tattoo needs to be limited in the use of colors. If you feel like going for a colorful vampire tattoo, either a female or a male vampire, you can do that too, to get a good  effect.

vampire tattoo (19)

Vampires with different look: Another way to go about this is to attire the vampire tattoo in different costumes of different places and periods. This could also make a grand tattoo.

vampire tattoo (14)

Vampire tattoo humor: You can use the caricature type of art in the rendering of your vampire tattoo. It is not that many people find vampires funny but it is just that some of the legends surrounding the vampires is so ridiculous that this could work out very well.

vampire tattoo (13)

Vampire skull tattoo: The vampire is something that is associated with death of the victim or worse yet a life that continues into eternity but without warmth or any normal human functions. It then seems only natural to show the vampire along with a skull.

vampire tattoo (25)

As we have mentioned earlier,  the concept and the legends surrounding vampires are huge and leave us with a lot of material for artistic creativity. A tattoo design with vampires in them will no doubt be really captivating,  if the artist does it well. Do think about the elements that you want to be  included in your vampire tattoo along with your motivation for doing it before proceeding.  Some of Vampire Tattoo  examples shown below, may help you:

vampire tattoo (1)

This vampire bite tattoo is quite ideal for the arm. It’s good to understand that vampire tattoo meaning represents different things and it’s good to choose that which represents what you would want it to mean.


Vampire tattoos come in different variations with each style depicting different characters, elements and symbols. These realistic vampire bites tattoo is suitable for a ladies neck.

vampire tattoo (4)

This vampire tattoo is well designed with a blend of different colours making it to appear quite appealing as worn in the hands.

vampire tattoo (5)

Vampire tattoo designs are available in different shapes, styles and with different elements. You can incorporate any symbol as you deem suitable.

vampire tattoo (6)

This vampire tattoo ideally communicates the intended message. The place where it’s been applied also matters whether the direct message is for everyone or just for the wearer.

vampire tattoo (7)

Vampires tattoos are often designed to express the facial features of the vampire with simple designs often portraying head shots. It’s good to research well on the meaning and design of the vampire design you might be interested in since it’s normally difficult to undo what’s already put in a place.

vampire tattoo (8)

Vampire word tattoo appears cool when used on the arm. The colour used enhances its appearance making it look more appealing.

vampire tattoo (10)

This vampire tattoo looks beautiful and terrifying at the same time. Having it fixed on the arm makes it more visible and depending on the meaning you give it, it may look beautiful but scary.

vampire tattoo (11)

Vampire tattoos portrays vampires from all possible associations. The vampire personality can be added into any character and the wearer can come up with as many options as deemed fit. This vampire tattoo of a lady looks beautiful and ideal for the arm.

vampire tattoo (12)

Some vampire tattoos may feature ghosts, weapons, graveyards, zombies, demons and more. Some of the elements are carefully designed and might not even be visible openly.

vampire tattoo (15)

Some of the vampire tattoos can have the elements like bats, coffin, blood and long vampire fangs. The vampire tattoo below is quite terrifying and having it on the open body parts can be perceived by others as scaring.

vampire tattoo (16)

This is a beautiful vampire tattoo that’s well designed with colours well blended making it visually appealing.It’s very ideal for use on the arm or any other visible parts of the body.

vampire tattoo (18)

Hundreds of characters have played vampire which can also be used by many as vampire design. Having your favourite celebrity wear a specific tattoo can also influence your decision regarding a specific vampire tattoo.

vampire tattoo (20)

This vampire tattoo is rich in design and graphics that’s very detailed. Most vampire tattoo designs portray characters that are mostly common in movies. The colours used have clearly enhanced the look of the vampire quite differently from the lady.

vampire tattoo (21)

The vampire tattoo looks quite nice on the arm and suitable for men. The design is well crafted with colours harmonised effectively to bring the perceived meaning of the tattoo.

vampire tattoo (23)

Before you decide to get inked, it’s important to weigh your options and be extremely sure if the design you’ve chosen is what you truly want. This can help you avoid unnecessary pain when you find you don’t love the vampire tattoo you’ve put on.

vampire tattoo (24)

This vampire tattoo looks simple and beautifully crafted. The colour used blends perfectly well with the wearer.


Vampire tattoos are quite versatile with a variety to choose from. As a tattoo lover you cannot fail to get a design that best suits your needs and looks spectacular as you wear.


vampire tattoo (27)

These are some of the old designs of vampire tattoo and still looking beautiful. The design can look great on men especially when worn on places like the arm.

vampire tattoo (28)

This vampire tattoo brings out different looks and shapes with that of the cat looking more pronounced. It’s good to take precaution and get the right design that bests suits you before you begin to undertake the tattooing process.

vampire tattoo (29)


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