10 Vital Things To Consider Before Getting A Tattoo


Earlier on it used to men of the sea and rough bikers who used to get tattoos as a sign of their love for what they do and to show off their toughness. But now tattoos are being done by many including the average teenager. It has become more acceptable to sport a tattoo depicting things that you believe in passionately. But before getting a tattoo which is after all going to be a part of you for the rest of your lives, you need to think things through.

Where should I get the tattoo? This is important as in some places once the tattoo is done then it is really impossible to conceal or have it removed if you change your mind later on.

Is my tattoo actually original? The world of tattoos is full of often repeated designs that are palmed off as original. You can see them everywhere. If you are one of those who gets a tattoo just for the heck of it, any of these cliches may work for you. But if you are looking for something original then you need to really get down and do some research.

What is the real meaning of the foreign language characters I am getting tattooed? Sometimes you are told that the characters that are being tattooed on your skin carry some profound and deep meaning in another language. But you need to check on this. For all you know it could say something really mundane or for that matter even something profane. You are the one spending money and you are the one who is going to have the tattoo.

What is my reason for getting a tattoo? Sometimes people get a tattoo for revenge or rebellion or just to feel that they belong. Or it could be inspired by someone you are crazy about right now. But is it the right reason? Don’t you need to be inspired and moved by the tattoo or at least for it to mean something to get a tattoo?

How will the passage of time and changes in my body affect the look of my tattoo? As time passes life changes and unfortunately so does your skin. What looks good on young and supple skin my look really bad on aging and stretched skin. Some part of your body like the lower back or abdomen show the effect of age rather drastically.

Who is going to do my tattoo? A tattoo is something involving your body and that too something that is permanent. You need to consider the artist you will be working with rather carefully. Do find someone who is good in terms of artistic rendering and one who has some experience.

Am I completely sober? Many a person gives in to a drunken influence while getting a tattoo. This can be really harmful as alcohol tends to make your blood thinner and this can make you bleed heavily.

Will I regret getting this tattoo in the near future? Often people get tattooed for the most absurd of reasons. Reasons that may not apply in a very short period of time. Like a college student getting the name of his/her girlfriend/boyfriend tattooed. Come the breakup you are now left with a tattoo that you and your future lovers cannot look at.

How will this affect my employ ability? It is all well and good to be a rebel but a body has to eat. This means finding the right job. While tattoos are becoming more acceptable you will find that the ill-advised tattoo on your face depicting a  skull will not find favor with many conservative employers and you cannot blame them.

Do I have the funds? Tattooing is not without the cost factor. The more elaborate the tattoo the more it will cost you. Check on how much it will cost as well as your ability to fund the  tattoo. Otherwise you will end up with a half finished tattoo that makes no sense.


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