88 Remarkable Wrist Tattoo Designs

Although our wrists may not be the biggest part of our bodies, they are often one of the most seen areas. For this reason, many people choose to get unique designs inked in this particular area to show them off for the world to see. It’s the perfect place to get something small and remarkable, list these designs show.

For the most outstanding wrist tattoos, look no further than these 88 amazing designs. Wrist tattoos are the perfect way to display your personality and are located on a visible area of the body that lets you admire your artwork regularly, unlike somewhere like your back or thigh. They’re great conversation starters and you can be sure that lots of people will be asking about the significance and meaning behind your work. Maybe you’re deciding if your next art will be on your wrist or perhaps you’ve decided that you’re definitely getting something on your wrist; but either way, here are a few things to consider as you pick out the perfect design for your wrist.

Size and Shape

Wrist work is perfect for smaller designs and wrist tattoos are popular for people of any sex, age and walk of life. Pick something that describes you. It can be fun and flirty or classic or perhaps menacing and ominous. It’s up to you and whatever you select will be unique and one of a kind to you. Go over it with your artist to make sure they’re comfortable crafting that design and then have fun and watch the masterpiece unfold. One thing to consider when you’re thinking of getting a wrist tattoo is that your skin will be exposed to the sunlight a lot of the time, so it’s even more essential than usual to wear sunscreen on your tattoo every day to prevent your beautiful ink from fading over time. Once you’ve decided to go for a wrist tattoo, here are a selection of the finest designs and styles to choose from.


  1. This is a classic outlining of stars that is crisp and clean cut.


2. This image has some nice line work and shading. You’ll notice that the stars fade from lighter to dark and gradually decrease in size as they go higher on the forearm.

star tattoo idea for wrist

3. This is a simplistic representation of some artwork you may have stenciled on your notebook when you were in grade school. It’s like a shout out from the past and looks really cool.


4. These stars have added color that make them look cheerful and bright. The dots in between them make them appear like they’re in the galaxy.


Stars are a fashionable design for wrist tattoos and you can go for a plain star either in black or a vivid color, or select a more intricate design. A number of different sized ‘shooting stars’ look stunning tattooed on a wrist, or you could choose to have a matching pair, with one tattooed on each wrist. Stars are a classic look and it’s hard to pick a wrong look. There is a lot of flexibility and your able to add on a lot in the future if you so choose. They look good in a sequence as well as when they stand alone on the wrist.


5. These two roses have vivid coloring and excellent line work.

56_Wrist-Roses tattoo for girls

6. This art has white in it, do you see it? It’s simple and elegant but the shading causes it be pop off her wrist in a dramatic and elegant way.


7. This has an eastern feel to it that’s almost whimsical. Does anyone else feel like the black lining is like a music note?


The range of different flower wrist tattoo designs is huge. A simple daisy looks cute or you could even have a whole daisy chain tattooed around your wrist. From romantic roses and Japanese cherry blossoms, to striking black and gray hibiscus flowers, the choice is endless. As you noticed, the choice in coloring is also vast. There’s a lot of room for originality and creativity when creating this type of image.

Old School

8. Birds looking at each other and chirping at one another is a cute and eye catching piece. The coloring and line work here is beautiful and it really makes the tattoo stand out.


For fans of old school tattoos, a colorful anchor or swallows are great options for a wrist tattoo design. A Sailor Jerry style old school heart with a banner looks perfect tattooed on a wrist, and the bright, bold colors will really stand out. There are so many different looks you can go for when choosing an image for this part of the body. Think about what message you’re trying to convey through your art as you decide which art is best for you.

Words and Lettering

9. This is a elegantly scribed flower tattoo with pretty script. It’s simple and lovely and quite feminine in appearance.


10. Here’s a great example of lover’s name inscribed together and woven beautifully in a simple image.


11. There’s something about tattoos where it takes two people to make it whole that’s just so romantic. Don’t you think?


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