37 Amazing Yin Yang Tattoo Designs

In the tattoo world, one design element that has achieved a great deal of popularity is the Yin and Yang symbol. The symbol is a vital part of Chinese culture that represents male and female unity and balance. The Yin, being the feminine force and the Yang, being the masculine power. The Yin and Yang are usually done in black and white color however, it is not uncommon to see them in black and red as well. The Yin is in white with a black dot in it and the Yang is done in Black with a white dot in the middle. Visually both portions are shown to be equal size.

  1. This yin and yang symbol is such a classic symbol and tribal behind it is a beautiful touch. If you look closely you can see that the tribal makes up a traditional dragon and that dragon is holding the yin-yang in its claws. I love how this yin yang has texture to it. A very original idea.

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2. A small and classy yin yang tattoo always looks good on the ankle. The high heels really add a sense of sex appeal to this woman’s tattoos. This small yin yang tattoo and the high heels gives us a hint of an idea that woman may have a business side and fun side.



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3. This tattoo may have been done at home. Though its a powerful symbol, the line work and symmetry isn’t as good as it could be. In all honesty, this is a good example of why you should let a professional do your tattoo and not to take it into your own hands.



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4. now this is the ultimate yin and yang tattoo. The detail and color in this tattoo would have taken possibly days to complete. The electric blues on the left side of the body, and the fire reds on the right side are truly a site to see. I love how the yin yang is up in the smoke above the mystic face. This tattoo is an amazing example of symmetry and traditional style. it truly pays to take your precious time and endure the pain for a perfect tattoo.



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5. This is a very cool idea to split the yin side and yang side to two different sides of the body. Its a very clever and unique idea that though both sides are different, it promotes symmetry and originality. It makes me want to pick up each piece fro this girls back and slide them together to connect thing yin yang right in the center of the back. The line work is smooth and clean and the shading and coloring is well done as well.



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Looking a bit deeper into the Chinese meaning, you will often find that the concept and importance of the Yin and Yang tattoo ranks pretty high alongside the Phoenix and the Dragon. The Yin Yang is also known as the Tajitu which, means the Yin has a destructive outlook and the Yang is supposed to create. They are complete opposites who are also supposed to be drawn to one another.

6. This tattoo is vibrant and filled with color and life! The idea to make this landscape piece double as a yin yang is brilliant. The tree acts a divide in the yin yang and setting sun and rising moon act as the two dots in the yin yang sign. The detail in both sides I breath taking and really creates a desire in you to stare and analyze this tattoo for hours. everything from the contrast in style to the difference in leaves stand out in this wonderful piece of art.

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7. This yin yang tattoo is made up of two images and is portrayed in the classic tribal tattoo style. The right side of the yin yang is a fierce dragon and the left side is a beautiful and artistic design. both sides compliment each other and create individuality. This is a powerful symbol that is illustrated well in this classic tattoo.



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8. A tattoo like this is very rarely seen. This perfectly shaded tattoo puts a spin on the eternally classic yin yang. Not only is the darker side of the yin yang not completely filled in, but its filled elaborate details. the beautiful floral designs that gently hide in the midst of the dark shading create a unique design both on the left side as well as the dark shaded dot on the right side.


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9.  This is a bold and brilliant design that combines a dragon and A yin yang.  The additional read that goes through the neck and the spine is a great addition of color that really makes this fierce dragon pop. I really like how the body of the Dragon is a yin Yang and it flows perfectly. The wings are very well done and very symmetrical. Much respect to both the canvas and the tattoo artist.



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10.  This tattoo has multiple levels of beauty creativity and abstract thinking. I love how the red line goes through the entire tattoo. It creates a sense of boldness and creativity. The entire tattoo is  filled with great art and perfect shading. The symbols around the tattoo are a great addition and the I in the middle of getting yin Yang is very unique. This design was well thought out.



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The concept of male – female and yin and Yang that are opposing forces that work together from opposite ends is a concept that is not just limited to the Chinese way of thinking. Even other cultures believed in this way of thinking. You can go in for a tattoo with the Yin and Yang as part of the design to show a sense of balance and harmony within you and in all the elements around you. It means that even forces that are diametrically opposite can manage to coexist and work together. Taken purely as a tattoo design you can be sure that this tattoo will be noticed and commented upon.


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12. This is almost like a double yin yang. Each tattoo is a yin yang individually but also if you take a look, one of them is predominantly darker and the other one is mainly lighter. So though each one is its own yin yang, together they also make up one full yin yang symbol.



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13. We get to witness the yin yang be broken down into smaller and smaller pieces on the back of this persons legs. The symmetry is perfect and the circles which are very difficult to do are very well done. The shading on the right leg looks filled in completely and it appears that no spaces were missed. If I had to guess, I would assume that the top circles were done at an earlier time than the lower pieces because of how much darker the bottom pieces are than the top.



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14. I’m not sure if this yin yang tattoo is separated onto two different people or just one person on each wrist. I would assumer it would be on two different people because of the difference in sleeves and the slight color difference in the skin tone. The idea of separating the yin yang into two pieces to create two separate tattoos is always a clever idea.



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15. The way that this dragon is surrounding the ying yang is beautiful and no color is needed. the shading within the wing gives this tattoo a darker side and the way that the body is depicted gives movement to this all black and grey dragon.



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Some of the qualities associated with Yin are that it is supposed to soft, giving, damp, cooler and slower. These qualities are balanced by the ones attributed to Yang that represent solidness, heat, dryness, speed and aggression. One needs all these qualities in the right proportion and available at the right time to be able to have a good and balanced life.

16. The red background of the classic yin yang adds a slight pop of color to really make this little piece stand out. The line work of this symbol that stands for good and evil looks super clean and almost flawless. It almost looks like the tattoo was done without even picking up the tattoo gun.

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17. Their is almost nothing better than a good ole matching tattoo. whether these two are sisters or just best friends forever, these two yin yang tattoos will last as long as the bond between these two. Though each tattoo was executed with a slightly different style, it symbolizes the connection that these two people have with each other.



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This are the qualities along with the almost mystic symbolism attributed to this tattoo design of oriental origin that makes a Yin and Yang a tattoo design of preference. Both the genders have found this design to be suitable for them. When you are going for a Yin and Yang tattoo make sure that you do some research on what it means and represents before even looking at designs. This way you will be able to enjoy the tattoo not only with your eyes but also with the mind and the heart. This symbol as explained above goes beyond merely being a tattoo design.


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Once you have done that then you can look at the location on which you want this tattoo along with how you are going to get it done. You can go for the Yin and Yang symbol by itself or get it done with something that is equally significant and meaningful to you. Look through the design possibilities and you will be surprised at how many options you have in terms of designs that you can pick from.


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A Yin and Yang tattoo with the deeper significance and with much visual appeal is one that will make you the center of attraction. You can go in for the design that looks like the sun and moon with the red light and white light blazing out of it. You can also get it in some really good and winning color combinations for your Yin and Yang designs.

Here are some more varieties of Amazing Yin Yang Tattoo Designs :


29. This tattoo is a cool way of depicting the yin yang. its almost like the phases of the moon. The tattoo starts off as a full yin yang and every step breaks down the tattoo into smaller and smaller pieces. The line work is very impressive and so is the shading. I wonder what the symbolism behind this tattoo is.



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  1. Nice tattoos.
    Only yin is female and black with white dot.
    And in ancient China red, and under with white Yang above.


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