45 Amazing Bird Tattoo Designs For Men and Women

Birds are wonderful creatures that are fascinating to look at considering there free style nature of movement. They are considered to be an embodiment of freedom as all that a bird does is to fly around and eat the food provided for them by mother nature. There are various meanings and beliefs associated with the design and can be such a source of inspiration to the wearer. There are numerous bird tattoo design ideas shared below and you are likely to get those that represent the meanings you may want to associate with the design

Meanings and Beliefs

These beliefs and the fact that a bird carries tremendous visual impact, makes them ideal for being chosen as a tattoo motif. Plus there is the role of birds in the mythological tales of old, where the hero would be helped and aided by birds as they set off looking for the villain, be it a demon, an ogre or any other kind of evil creature. In most tales it would be the bird that would fly ahead and scout for the hero. It would inform the hero about the situation ahead and even warn him about the dangers that lay ahead. In fact it is this quality of our feathered friend that gave birth to the phrase “A little bird told me”.

Since birds have been part of folklore, mythology and history, tattoo motifs with birds as their central theme are very popular. Birds and their powers are so enmeshed in our history that you can find artistic renditions of birds since the existence of Neanderthals. In fact they play a huge role in the hieroglyphics that Egyptians from the time past had drawn on the walls of the tombs that were hidden inside the legendary and mysterious pyramids. Birds have been part of Arapaho Ghost Dance costumes, in many ceremonies and even the nuptial rites in Africa. In the Christian art where angels and satyrs play a huge role they are endowed with bird like qualities by giving them wings.

Since birds represent so many good things like freedom of the spirit, a helpful and active nature, they have become popular as tattoo designs. Statistically speaking many people choose a bird based design for their very first foray into tattoos. Most people choose designs that depict the bird as a pair than as a single one. Usually each bird will be shown as the opposite of the other. Symbolically speaking this shows the nature of most things in the world – like the existence of good and evil or day and night. You can also show a bird tattoo design where the bird (good) battles a snake (evil).

Since there are so many species of birds, the design possibilities with reference to a tattoo are infinite. Plus with different cultures endowing different birds with different characteristics, you can pick the one you want to go with. There are even bird tattoo designs available that verge on the weird and bizarre.

For instance in China, there is a certain bird whose name also means the phallus; this brings in carnal meaning into the tattoo design. Plus the male counterpart of a hen which is a rooster or cock also means the male organ, once again bringing sexuality or virility into the meaning of the tattoo. The bird tattoo designs are not without negative overtones where sometimes having bird like qualities is equated with being stupid.

But broadly speaking when it comes to tattoo designs depicting the bird as a central element, it is always done in a positive manner. Among the most preferred bird tattoos are ones of eagles, doves, peacocks, sparrows and hummingbirds.


Bird tattoos have been around for more than 100 years and are some of the most famous tattoo designs. The design was originally common with the fishermen and sailors but that has since changed in the recent years as many people tend to love the artistic nature of the designs.


Birds occupy a special place in the myths and stories of every culture as they are perceived to be creatures that are full of emotion and beauty. The bird tattoo design below is a beautiful piece of artwork with an appealing color combination that lives an eye-catching visual appeal on the wearer.


There are numerous ways that can be used to ink the design and regardless of your preferred size, you will get a design that best suits your desire. The design below looks simple yet very spectacular, it is small in size and effectively enhances the overall outlook of the wearer.


The bird’s nest is one of the features that is normally incorporated in the bird tattoo design. Wearing such a design can be an expression of security and warmth as the birds normally stay in their nests for protection and as a way of finding warmth for their young ones.


Meanings associated with bird tattoo designs:

Birds are known to express an array of human emotions, sentiments and feelings. There are birds that express divinity or a feeling of faith like the dove, there are also those that express diligence, tenacity or hard work like the eagle.


Another meaning that can associated with the birds can be derived from a bird like a cockerel which represents the amorous gentleman nature. The kind of bird tattoo that you wear will also in a way express your personality or character therefore ultimate care should be taken when making a choice.


Wearing the bird tattoo design of a goose can be an expression of marital bliss. Geese are known to have lifetime marital partners and having the tattoo may equally symbolize marital bliss and love for your spouse.


The bird tattoo design below is an expression of an owl, a bird that symbolizes various things for different cultures. The owl is well known for its sharp eyes and the cries it makes in the night and may symbolize something scary in one’s life.


Parrots and swallows are also small birds that are common with bird tattoo designs. The design below looks spectacular with the combination of different colors blending quite well. The place the tattoo is worn makes the design to be quite eye-catching.


The ability to fly is one of the features that many people adorning bird tattoo designs tend to identify with. It is normally taken as an expression of ability to rise above the odds and connect with things that are beyond the natural scope of human ability.


The bird tattoo design below looks spectacular with the one color used on the design blending quite well with the wearer’s complexion. The place the tattoo is worn also enhances the overall outlook of the wearer which is beautiful.


Wearing a tattoo of a flying bird like in the design below can be associated with various meanings. The combination of trees, flowers and birds in the design below creates such a soothing feeling and the flying bird can be an expression of freedom or a fact that nothing is permanent.


Birds have been used by different cultures, religions and mythologies in diverse ways and as a symbol to express different things. Some of the common bird tattoo designs are symbols of birds like the eagles, peacocks, owls, parrots amongst others.


Bird tattoos does not only carry a deep meaning and symbolism, they are also quite beautiful and looks great especially when artistically designed just like the one below.The mixed color of the bird and the artistic design of the leaves the bird is landed on is a great piece of artwork.


The below design is an expression of a bird that is just flying away from the nest which is quite eye catching. The elements used in the design blends quite well and the space the tattoo is worn is spacious enough which gives the design a stunning outlook.

bird tattoo designs (1)

Common places for wearing bird tattoo:

The place the bird tattoo is worn is an important factor when choosing your ideal tattoo design. The large designs should be worn on spaces that are larger just like in the below bird tattoo on the back.

bird tattoo designs (1)

The bird tattoos on the shoulder below is a fascinating piece of artwork. The symbol represents a huge eagle with its fantastic claws ready to perch on something with the numerous small eaglets behind it. The eagle is such a powerful bird and is known to dominate in the field of birds.

bird tattoo designs (2)

There are bird tattoo designs that look great on men with others looking fantastic on women. It is advisable that you also choose a design then blends well with your gender preference. The colors used in the design below looks great and can be ideal when worn by a man

bird tattoo designs (3)

The bird tattoo design below is a magnificent artwork as it is unique and covers the entire back. The colors are quite vibrant and ignites that mythical feeling. The feathers are styled in a way that accentuates the wearer’s body perfectly.

bird tattoo designs (4)

The meaning associated with the bird tattoo one may be wearing may also depend on the type of bird that has been tattooed. Most of the birds tend to have a positive meaning apart from a few that may express  fear, death or bad luck.

bird tattoo designs (5)

There are features like branches, trees and flowers that are commonly incorporated in the bird tattoo designs. The use of such features help in reinforcing the meaning and the overall outlook of the design just like in the design below.

bird tattoo designs (6)

Use of colors also has a way of creating that vibrant feeling in the design which also makes the entire design to be visually appealing. The bird tattoo design below looks stunning with the mixture of the numerous colors and other features blending so well.

bird tattoo designs (7)

Shoulder tattoos are generally visually appealing and greatly enhances the overall outlook of the wearer.The colorful design below has a unique style with each feature standing out in a unique way.

bird tattoo designs (8)

The design below is of a bird that is dropping food to its young one. The design looks beautiful and is a perfect demonstration of care as one of the positive meanings associated with birds tattoos.

bird tattoo designs (9)

Divinity is one of the attributes associated with bird tattoos and nothing embodies that meaning better like the beautiful tattoo design below. The tattoo fits well on the upper back where it is worn and the one color used blends well with all the elements and the wearer’s complexion.

bird tattoo designs (10)

If you are into smaller and simple designs then the below design can be quite ideal. It can fit appropriately well in both a large and smaller space with the use of one color making the design to look more adorable.

bird tattoo designs (11)

The colorful bird tattoo design below looks quite spectacular on the thighs where it is worn. The combination of blue, red colors and other elements creates such an attractive visual appeal.

bird tattoo designs (12)

Some of the common meanings associated with bird tattoos include adventure, freedom, beauty especially with the colorful birds and the beautiful sound they produce. There are different species of birds with each having distinct meanings that they are associated with.

bird tattoo designs (13)

The bird tattoo design below is such an intricate artwork with all the elements incorporated in the design looking spectacular. The bird looks beautiful on the branches it has perched on and the piece of leaf in its mouth creating such an appealing visual outlook.

bird tattoo designs (14)

It is also possible to add features that one may find ideal if incorporated with the tattoo just like in the bird tattoo design below. The beautiful colors used in the design also blends quite well with the wearer’s complexion.

bird tattoo designs (15)

The design below is such a magnificent one with the flying birds and the perching one creating that feeling of freedom and discovery as they are free to fly to their desired destination without much hindrance. The colorful flowers and the branches also adds that sense of natural beauty to the design.

bird tattoo designs (17)

You can make your bird tattoo design more visually appealing by adding elements and styles that enhance the overall beauty of the tattoo just like in the design below.

bird tattoo designs (18)

The love birds below carries feelings that are worth identifying with especially by the bird tattoo lovers. Their style of flying and distance from each other is a clear expression of love between the birds.

bird tattoo designs (19)

The design below is a unique kind of design and may be carrying deep meanings for the wearer. The style used in the design and the one color used creates such a harmonious feeling.

bird tattoo designs (20)

The design below is large enough and fits well in the place it is worn. The one color used on the design and the style used makes the entire piece of artwork to be quite visually appealing

bird tattoo designs (21)

The bird tattoo design below is quite mythical with the beautiful colors used blending perfectly well. The design also enhances the overall outlook of the wearer.

bird tattoo designs (22)

The design below is just magnificent with the artistic styles used making the bird to look more like an ostrich. The style may be quite complex and one should be very confident of the artistic capability of the designer if such a style is to be realized.

bird tattoo designs (23)

Birds in flight is a common feature with bird tattoo designs and anchoring the birds to an element like in the design below greatly enhances the design’s overall outlook.

bird tattoo designs (24)

Simple and elegant is the perfect description for the beautiful bird tattoo design on the arms below. The dark color used on the design blends so well with the wearer’s complexion.

bird tattoo designs (25)

The beautiful flowers incorporated in the design below makes the entire design to look more attractive and natural. The colors used also blends well and looks great on the arm where it is worn.

bird tattoo designs (26)

Looking at a bird in its nest is such a beautiful image to behold and creates such a breathtaking feeling. The design of the bird’s nest and the branches it is hanging on also creates such a natural feeling.

bird tattoo designs (27)

Even without incorporating other elements, bird tattoo designs like the one below has a way of looking magnificent. The birds are in flying motion with the strong wings strong wings perfectly designed. The dark used color on the design also makes the entire design to be more visually appealing.

bird tattoo designs (28)

Before you decide on the kind of tattoo design and the color to choose, ensure that your preferred color or design looks great on you. This is because a design that might be looking great on another person may not really look great on you.

bird tattoo designs (29)

The design below is a combination of two different types of birds with each enhancing the overall outlook of the entire design. The beautiful colors used and the styles incorporated in the bird tattoo design below demonstrates a stunning piece of work. The design looks complex with each of the colors used blending well.

bird tattoo designs (30)


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