150+ Thigh Tattoos that Makes Women Sexy

When it comes to sexy tattoos, where do you think of first? Behind the ear? The lower back? The thigh? Thigh tattoos are sexy because they’re often hidden from the world, in a place when only a certain few get to see! Whether it’s garters or roses, cherries or koi fish, the thigh tattoo sure is a sexy spot!

The tattoo culture is not new to the modern world. Indeed, the beauty of tattoos cannot be gainsaid. However, what is new is the fact that there are so many websites purporting to offer tattooing work. The truth is, most of the Thigh Tattoos for Women that are available on the web are not original. Most of these websites simply copy designs from other sites to post the same images again and again with a few changes.

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Get some amazing thigh tattoo ideas

Because of its dimensions, a woman’s thigh is one of the best body parts on which a tattoo can be designed. Consequently, a choice of the kind of tattoo for your thigh should be made in a shrewd way. First of all, look for a design that appeals to you, attractive and one of a kind. Like any other art or design, finding the right design takes some effort and this means that you do not latch on to the first site that offers you examples of designs you can use.


There is nothing that many people find irresistible like beautiful colour arrangement. The design below looks magnificent with all the features used in the design enhancing the overall outlook.


Thigh tattoos are mostly preferred by women however there are men who also wear them. Use of flowery features is also a common aspect in designing thigh tattoos.


When considering wearing a thigh tattoo, your ultimate goal should be clear. With a clear goal in place, you will be able to choose a design that best expresses your desire.


Unique Flower design ideas

There are different meanings that are associated with thigh tattoo. The thigh tattoo can express sexiness of the wearer, it can also carry some sacred feeling. The kind of design you choose should express your desired meaning and what you relate the design to.


Thighs generally provide a spacious place for inking a tattoo and regardless of the size of your design, you definitely get sufficient space to express your artistic skills.


There are different features and elements that can be used in designing thigh tattoo. The wearer can personalise the design to something that they find appealing and elegant.


Beautiful ideas for thigh tattoo designs

A woman’s thigh is a special place and deserves a tattoo that expresses the beauty of the space. The one colour used in the designs adds to the magnificence of the design.


The element of a blossoming plant is a cool design for the thigh tattoo. It has that element of growth and progress that anyone would love to identify with.


Thigh tattoo design  is a tattoo idea that gives women that opportunity to express their beauty and elegance in a unique way. If you are bold enough to flaunt your thighs and show off the beauty in the tattoos then this could be your ideal design.


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  1. Lovely tattoo site. I love the designs and ideas over here. The images and content information is wonderful. I like your website and will keep looking at the cool designs. Thank you for sharing and giving opportunity to comment.

  2. Do you know who the artist is in photo 4? Also-No. 15 is an Audrey Kawasaki piece. I got one of her lovely drawings on my arm about a year ago in Ohio:D

  3. Hi there, I absolutely disagree with the statement that one should choose a tattoo design that appeals to his/her friends. It should be apealing to the person wearing it, and if one is afraid of others’ judgement – one should choose such a location that others won’t see it – or not get a tattoo at all!

  4. The artists are fantastic, but what possesses a person to mark up their body like this. These tattoo’s will sag with the skin as they age. Ever seen a tattoo on an old lady? It is not appealing

    • Pretty sure that your opinion isn’t necessary on this thread. Why would you waste your time scrolling through a website of tattoos only to trash them? Our bodies are our temples. There’s nothing wrong with “decorating the walls” if we so choose to. My 85 year old grandfather happens to be fully sleeved out, along with several tattoos located elsewhere. I don’t see the point in passing unnecessary judgement.


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