73 Breathtaking Heart Tattoos

Heart tattoos are a beautiful way to remember loved ones, savor a memory of a past romance or signify a time of brokenness. We cover a variety of designs including black heart, tribal, broken heart, small, love and kingdom hearts. Each has special meaning and significance and is truly beautiful. As you scroll, which one stands out most to you?

  1.  This is a beautiful and incredibly detailed tend to over realistic looking part. The additional blue and perfect shading makes this piece is something that you want to look at all day.  Not only is the bright blue a great addition but the slight shavings of blue throughout the entire heart is extremely clever and well-placed.  If you look closely, you can see that the heart tattoo continues to go up this woman’s hip and even up to her ribs and side.



2. This is a great starter tattoo, great way to test the waters and see if you want more tattoos or not. The heart on this woman’s ankle is colored in perfectly and hides the outline. It almost looks like it is a heart shaped hole into this woman’s ankle.22-heart-tattoos

3. This tattoo is perfectly centered on this woman’s back. The shading and choice of grays in this tattoo is very unique as well. This tattoo looks like a pencil drawing which is not easy to do for a tattoo artist. I love the idea of having flowers growing out of this heart. I believe it symbolizes growth and coming into a new season or growing from what your heart has gone through.


4.  This person has chosen to get a very artistic tattoo in a very tender spot. This feels like it is a tattoo of somebody offering up their heart and placing it in a bowl. Whether this person is trying to symbolize them giving up their heart is sacrifice or taking wearing your heart on the sleeve to a whole other level, it is a very well-done piece. The additional Reds make this tattoo stand out in a cool way.24-heart-tattoos

5. Tattoos on the fingers and hands are becoming less and less taboo. Tattoos on the fingers and hands used to be called job killers but they’re becoming more and more excepted within the culture. This simple heart tattoo has great line work and if you look closely you can see the added pinkish red.nowadays people are even replacing wedding rings with a tattoo on their wedding band finger, maybe that’s exactly what this person has done.25-heart-tattoos

6. Is a fun tattoo place on the outside of the right ankle. This tattoo reminds me of one of those heart shaped candies that you would get during Valentine’s Day. This bright red tattoo with the word yes in the middle of it has a lot of personality for such a small piece of artwork.


7. This tattoo of a heart packs a big punch for a small tattoo. With in this small heart, is a ton of detail.  I love how the galaxy is placed with in this 3-D heart, I think it symbolizes infinite love and a vast possibility of love.27-heart-tattoos

8.  This is similar to the tattoo above but the heart in this case is much more realistic. The perfect shading in this heart is very well done and very impressive. In the case of this tattoo it almost looks as if the heart is a window into the vast and wide infinite space. This tattoo is also placed a much closer to where the heart actually is in our body. The color in details with in the outer space part of this tattoo are just as impressive as the outer part is


9.  This is a simple and artistic tattoo that is placed right in the middle of the chest of a woman. These hands could symbolize quite a bit of different things. These hands could be squashing this heart, or they could be getting ready to gently catch the heart like a firefly. The absence of color and great line work making this a very interesting tattoo to look at


10.  This person is covered with very unique and well done tattoos. The heart surrounding the knee could be a very painful spot to get a tattoo but very worth it as well. It’s a simple tattoo that is simply an outline of a heart but the line working this tattoo is solid and clean.

30-heart-tattoos11. This is a classic symbol of the Sacred Heart but put into a more realistic view. The blood dripping off of the heart out of the wound in the thorn crowned wrapped around it is a very very powerful message. The amount of time that this tattoo would’ve taken would’ve been a few hours in the shading with in this heart makes it look like you could reach out and grab this tattoo.



12. This tattoo reminds me of a classic American traditional style of tattooing on the outside, but then on the inside a more abstract in modern take. The meteor shower over the water is very well done and negative space is used perfectly.it almost feels like The color is there when it really isn’t. This tattoo draws you in and makes you feel like you are there in the moment.


13. A small and sexy tattoo in a place that can only be seen most likely if you were getting personal with this person.33-heart-tattoos

14.  This is a small, and clean tattoo. It is a clever way to make one tattoo turn into two tattoos. The line work is good and looks a lot like brush strokes which is not easy to do for some tattoo artists. A brilliant idea by the canvas, and a well executed tattoo by the artist.



15.  I love how colorful this tattoo is. It is filled with bright and vibrant colors that you may even see in a sunset. The nice going through the heart is very unique and it is an interesting choice to make the blood coming out of the heart black. It contrasts well and allows every part of this tattoo to stand out.


35-heart-tattoos16. A small red heart tattoo on the back of the neck. You can be hidden when the hair is worn down and can be shown off when you put your hair up.




17. Be warned, not the bottom of the foot is a very painful spot to get a tattoo and it will probably wear off in a couple of years because of the amount of skin that is shed on that part of the body. However this tattoo is beautiful bright and creative. My hope is that this person is not stepping all over hearts though in real life.



18. Obviously the heart on the ankle is a very popular tattoo for girls. It is small and can have a lot of meaning. This outline looks very well done and is very clean.




19.  Is heart tattoo is in a pretty sexy spot. The upper thigh would be very painful but well worth it. This heart looks like it is from royalty because it has flowers all surrounding it and it is done in a more the Victorian style. The clean in classic decision to keep it simply all-black was a very smart move on their part.




20. I love how the color of the flowers on this part two is exploding off of this person’s arm. The flowers add a wonderful form and style to this black and gray heart tattoo. The detail within the heart is amazing and you can tell that the tattoo artist took its time on this piece. The petals and the white ink looks so real that you could pluck them off of this person’s arm.




21.  This is a cool take on a Bible verse which says I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.  The weights behind the heart and the crosses with in the heart or a great symbol to show this person’s dedication on where they get there straight from. The small amount of color on the inside of the heart really makes this whole tattoo stand out in a beautiful way.


41-heart-tattoos22. This is a very original and unique place to get a tattoo. Not many people think to get a tattoo on the inside of their ear. This small heart on the inside of the ear may symbolize that this person tries to listen to their heart as often as They can. I wonder if this tattoo hurt or if it felt just like any other piercing.




 23.    Two  simple and sweet heart tattoos right above the knee caps. The symmetry is great and the simplicity of simply having outlines is a very minimalistic and popular design.43-heart-tattoos


24.  A tattoo on the ribs is known to be the most painful spot on the entire body to get a tattoo. This is a very artistic symbol of a heart. I love the way that the heart is split in half right down the middle and I love the detail that has gone  into making this beautiful piece of art.




25.  Friendship tattoos are always fun in symbolic. These two friends are convinced that their friendship will last as long as these tattoos and beyond. This cross and heart combination are a simple and beautiful piece of art.


26.  This heart tattoo on the finger does not do justice to the extreme lifestyle that this pink haired beauty may live. The matching hair and fingernails seem to trump the simple Yet beautiful heart tattoo on the finger. I would love to meet this person.



27.  My favorite heart tattoo is always in the style of a realistic art. The black and gray shading on this tattoo is perfectly done in the veins and arteries look as if they should have blood pumping through them right now. This is a small tattoo  Most likely with a big meaning behind it.



28.  With the phrase home sweet home underneath the tattoo, you could almost replace that saying with home is where the heart is. The beautiful red’s in hints of blue dripping off the bottom of the heart is a very cool idea. This tattoo was done in the classic American traditional style.




29.  This arm tattoo that contains a heart a flower into birds is beautiful in something that you may suspect to see on some sort of shield or on a royal coat of arms. The straight lines in the birds wings and the beautifully red gold and black  heart is perfectly done. This is a clean tattoo that was done well. You can tell that the tattoo artist and the canvas we’re on the same page.



30. I love the idea of having a heart with in some sort of a three-dimensional shape. It shows that the heart is contained that also demonstrates an artistic brain in a creative idea from whoever came up with this design. The shading is done very well and perfectly placed. This is a very interesting spot on the body to get a tattoo as well, it’s not necessarily on the side and it’s not necessarily on the chest. it’s right below the rib cage.




31.  It is not very often that you see the outline of a tattoo a different color other than black. But this tattoo was chosen to be done in a light blue on the middle finger. This is a simple tattoo but may symbolize wearing your heart on your sleeve or even on your finger.




32.  Once again, here is an example of some matching tattoos of hearts. This small example of a heart tattoo is simple clean and classic.




33.  The realistic heart tattoo is almost acting as a flower vase. With the flowers blooming out of the heart it can often times symbolize growth. It can also symbolize New beginnings and a new season in life. The black and gray tattoo is beautiful even without any color. No colors needed to be able to feel the life that comes from this tattoo.




34.  Every once in a while you see a tattoo that really inspires you and begins to make you think. If you look closely at this tattoo there are so many things going on and there are so many things to look at.  You can see a set of hands, some sort of script, waives all with in the same heart. The placement of the tattoo is beautiful and right where the heart actually is. The tattoo Artist and the canvas should get some sort of award.


























































































































































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