48 Impressive Unicorn Tattoos

Everyone’s favorite mythical beast, the unicorn, is a great choice for a tatt. Majestic and special, they represent hope, love and magic. They’re also super popular right now and for good reason! Unicorns are impressive not only for they way that they look but the way that they can make a person feel- strong and proud.

Unicorn tattoo designs are whimsical and happy. The evoke a sense of euphoria that’s enchanting and enticing to both the artist, the canvas and the onlooker. It’s a mythological figure that began in China and is known to have appeared during times of prosperity or if the king/ruler was ruling with wisdom and honor. The Greeks also believed heavily in the unicorn and it’s symbolism. It’s been noted that unicorns also represent charity and purity which are virtues many strive for but few accomplish. People put hope in the unicorn to impart that to them.

Color Palette

The colors can obviously vary from person to person depending on your tastes and the aesthetic you are looking for, but generally people stick to blues, purples, blacks and reds. You’ll also notice quite a few stenciled drawn images.

The Significance of the Unicorn

In ancient times people put a lot of stock into the symbolism of the unicorn. From healing to other spiritual powers, this image has been known to have them all. When you choose your design, consider why you are getting it and what you want it to represent.

1) The unicorn is often displayed in a dark shade and is typically paired with other images that creates a story. As you can see on this body art, the image extends all the way down the woman’s leg.


2) This vibrant hue of blue is both eye catching and whimsy. The line detail here is rather exquisite.


3) Remember “My Little Pony” from the 80s? This color palette is reminiscent of that toy. The soft pastels and childlike simplicity of the art makes us wonder if this is a shout out to this person’s childhood.


Who Gets Unicorn Tattoos?

It’s a gender neutral tattoo because it exudes strength, dominance, wisdom and so on. Though depending on the color palette and type of design may shape who chooses to have it inked. What type of design would you choose?

4) This seems to be a more female tailored art piece. From it’s coloring to it’s heart shaped, girly look, it appears that this image is representing a lighter and simpler message.


5) This is a very bold and dominant representation of the unicorn. It’s tribal background alludes to a spiritual message that could be courage and prosperity. This tattoo is pretty rad and the design is impeccable. The details, coloring, all of it is just awesome. Even the eyes of the unicorn seem so life like. The deep purple hue is such a contrast to the rest of the imagery and is the central focus of the entire piece.


6) Here’s a simple unicorn design that would be a great starter piece.


7) The black and white has such a powerful feel to it. As you can see in this image below, the unicorn looks like it’s been through a traumatic experience. Perhaps the artist was trying to convey that no matter how hard the experience, she overcame it.


8) This image has interesting use of colors. The glossy color makes us assume it’s rather new. The face of the unicorn is pure and simple which probably refers to the chastity the horse represents.


9) This unicorn appears more fierce as if it’s posed for battle. It’s intense nature seems to suggest that it’s powerful and ready for war.


10) This has a whimsy feel with the coloring and faceless unicorn. The triangle is a central focus that is both eye catching and interesting.


11) How sweet is this little image? It’s so soft and innocent looking. This art took quite a while to complete as you’ll notice from the amount of detail and line work. The different shading is well done and the overall essence of the piece is fantastic.


Where do you get a unicorn tattoo?

As you’ve probably noticed, the thigh is a very popular spot for this image. It’s a rather sensitive spot since any area that tends to have fatty tissue usually is. It’s a great idea to place something here if you don’t want everyone to see it or you only want to reveal it as you see fit. It’s perfect for the working professional who needs to keep art hidden from public view. You’ll also notice that the calf and wrist are popular spots as well. Where would you place your design?

12) These sad eyes evoke so many emotions. What do you feel when you see it? We like the use of rainbow colors in the horn. It’s seems happy and like it’s a promise of hope for tomorrow.


13) This is interesting because it kind of looks like a wolf. Is anyone else getting that? The coloring is pretty engaging and causes any onlooker to stare.


14) The stenciling here is very well done. It seems like a bit of an angry unicorn though. Almost as if the starkness of the image is supposed to relay the stark reality of this person’s life. It’s kind of like the unicorn is saying, “I’m protecting her.”


15) The galloping unicorn seems to be on special business. The line work here looks really nicely done.


16) This isn’t typical placement, but it looks really good. The fat unicorn might suggest prosperity.


17) Another great example of the stencil drawn unicorn. It seems to suggest simplicity.


18) The coloring here is so eye catching. The variation of colors and shading is really unique and goes well with the mythological ambiance that unicorns often create.


19) Hand tattoos tend to be a risk especially if you have a job that doesn’t support body art. This person chose two unicorns on either hand and they look child like and beautiful. The coloring is subtle and engaging and the overall look is quite innocent. Pale contrast to the skull design on her ring finger.


20) Fascinating images here with the dolphin like creature with a unicorn horn. The other person’s art looks more like an actual unicorn. Which one is your favorite? Both are unique and creative with the coloring and overall imagery. They seem to exhibit a more carefree attitude.


21) We particularly love the white outline of this art. It makes it enchanting. Check out those eyes, they are so endearing and sweet. The artist did a great job with contrasting the image with variations of shading. This is an impressive piece.


22) This image seems to have a bit of a darker twist. It seems like it’s conquering something as if it’s on a mission.


23) The image depicts the unicorn so it seems like it’s lost or forlorn. Perhaps this is to remind the canvas of a time that was really hard, but that they overcame.


24) You may have noticed this trend, but it appears that unicorns often look a bit weathered, scarred and bruised which suggest they represent hard times. They don’t typically represent calamity but rather the peace and prosperity that comes after something challenging. The varying angles, colors and shapes depict a beautiful image.


25) The sparkly innocence of this art is full of life and possibility. The artist did a tremendous job with the stars. It creates such a “feel good” emotion.


26) This seems to suggest the unicorn is ready and willing to forge ahead. It’s more of the typical designs you might think of when considering unicorn tattoos.


27) This image embodies quite a few different symbols. It’s bold in color which suggest dominance and victory. Yet the shading is soft and somewhat pastel which also suggests a softer side to this magnificent beast. This definitely took a ton of time and attention to detail. It’s gorgeous.


28) That big eye is so cute! It’s child like and innocent and seems so full of hope and love. The artist did an excellent job choosing the colors here.


29) There’s that white outline again that just does a great job of detailing the entire piece and really making it pop.


30) The fierce black and red hues creates an intimidating look that is bold. The skeleton like face and intense quote complete the ensemble. The amount of ink this tattoo took is quite a lot. What’s your favorite part about this piece?


31) This is stunning. It probably took many, many hours of painstaking attention to detail. The artist did a remarkable job. Every single item is just so well done. There is so much going on and yet it all flows so beautifully. Keep in mind when you get a back tattoo that you won’t really get to see it and enjoy it like you might think since it’s on your back. If that doesn’t really matter to you, then by all means, get it there, but if you want to see and enjoy your art daily, perhaps consider a different placement.


32) This unicorn is not messing around. It’s representing power and force. The 3D look is nicely done.


33) This is such a prime example of what the unicorn represents. The purity and innocence is beautifully depicted in this image. The coloring is so cute and reminds us of the “My Little Pony” cartoon.


34) The unicorn seems almost royal here. The gold behind it’s head and the regality of the way it sits just seems to evoke a sense of power and prestige.


35) Here is a really interesting hand design. It extends from the forearm to the top of the hand and encompasses the entire space quite well. The eye of the unicorn is quite forlorn and seems to be hiding some mysterious secret. The colors chosen seem to hint to varying degrees of feelings which can have both highs and lows. The artist did a good job with the mane as it looks windblown. Overall, it’s a very interesting piece.


36) This image has beautiful colors, designs, line work and a cool storyline. The artist did a fabulous job with every inch of it. What does it signify to you?


37) This image is more tribal and somewhat mythological looking. Though each piece is steeped in mythology, this one stuck out more so than others. The funky usage of colors and the overall cartoon look in engaging and appealing to a variety of audiences.


38) Underarm tattoos are quite popular especially among young women. This image seems ready for liftoff and excited for what’s next.


39) There’s a lot of different images going on in this sequence of tattoos. They don’t seem to go together to the casual observer, but typically people choose for them to have a sense of rhythm, even if it only makes sense to them. The varying degrees and shading on this blue unicorn are well done and create a great piece. The white outline looks stellar.


40) You’ve probably noticed that some of these designs have such a regal feel to them. They are powerful looking and the gold symbolizes wealth. The unicorn is known as a symbol of prosperity so this isn’t’ surprising that people would choose designs that embody that so well. The mane here seems to be flowing and the artist did a phenomenal job creating symbolism that truly embodies the essence of the unicorn.


41) The tried and true, stenciled design. Simple, pure and beautiful, this image is timeless. The wrist is a really great first tattoo placement. It’s typically pretty easy to hide with a long sleeved shirt and it’s easy to see when you want to show it to people or to enjoy for yourself.


42) Some of these images have such a look of defiance about them. It’s as if the canvas is stating that they can do it! (Whatever it is.) It could be to be more courageous or be more determined about the task in front of them.


43) White tattoos have grown in popularity in recent years. We’ve seen a lot of images that have been outlined in white but this one is actually implementing the white color as the central focus. It gives the art a clean, crisp feeling. The red outline makes it standout and makes it much more noticeable.


44) This piece is still undergoing construction. As you might notice, there is some line work that’s been done but not yet filled with color. This is a really gorgeous piece. The whole thing is so well done and the color palette is flawless. When it’s completely finished it’s going to look fantastic.


45) The darker hues of the past few images have been really eye catching and so well done. We especially like the sun peering out in front of the unicorn here. The white outlines are so eye catching and the whole piece is really great. Check out the detail in that purple rose. It’s beautiful.


46) This is a fascinating piece with all of the different imagery going on. There is such a variety of color that it takes a moment to really take it all in. The scene seems to depict a kingdom of sorts with the unicorn at the forefront. It seems happy and full of life as he spreads his wings. It seems to represent happiness and prosperity here.


47) Fantastic shading here with the contrasting colors between the night sky and the pale faced animal. Anytime there is a lot of color in an image, it usually means that it took quite a while to finish. The artist has to go through layers of skin in order for the color to show up so while this might be a bit painful, it will definitely be worth it once your art is complete.


48) Here’s a simplistic and subtle, upper thigh design. It’s beautifully done and appealing to the eye. The flowers underneath help create this innocence that really complement’s the entire piece.


Unicorn tattoos take a a tremendous amount of variation. They can be cartoon like, fierce, soft and cuddly looking, safe and secure or even ominous. Which design was your favorite? It’s trending right now to have the white outlining the designs which just gives the entire piece that added finished touch. Each one shared above was done so well and are quite beautiful.

It’s worth noting that tattoos have grown immeasurably in popularity in recent years, but there are some workplaces that do not allow them to be represented in public view. Before choosing the spot for your next ink job, make sure to double check and ensure that you’re not breaking rules at work. There is always the option of covering your art or choosing spots that are most discreet.

Once you’ve selected the placement, chosen the design and are ready to, find an artist that you respect and love. Look at their past work and even ask around. You want to choose one that’s known for excellent work and a clean environment. It’s also important to take care of your art, especially while it heals. You’re skin will probably be sore and sensitive and shouldn’t be exposed to direct sunlight. Moisturize and slather on the sunscreen for added protection.

Tattoos are such a great way to express yourself from the inside out. Take time in choosing the design that fits the look you’re going for because once you get it, it’s going to be there forever. Enjoy and have fun getting your next piece!



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