110 Cool Pocket Watch Tattoos That Are Totally Badass

If you are looking for a tattoo that is truly timeless, than a pocket watch tattoo might be exactly what you are looking for. These tattoos have always been popular because they remind us of a time from long ago.

These tattoos are popular because men also look for a little mystery in their lives. You don’t get a cool or more badass looking tattoo then a pocket watch design. They are iconic and creative in their design. The various designs that you can get are unlimited.

Stylish and savvy men are looking for pocket watch tattoos because they know what it means to have a clever tattoo that is also eye-catching. Most men that get these types of tattoos usually have intellectual personality; they want a tattoo that is sophisticated. Pocket watch tattoos are also connected to movies such as Alice in Wonderland and Sherlock Holmes.

There is a lot of steampunk elements to these designs which are also why they are gaining popularity. “Victorian Era technology is receiving a futuristic renovation via this stunning new wave of skin art. As a bonus, the clock’s face can be set to reflect a special moment. 4:20 is a prevalent choice for its counterculture connotations, but other guys go with the proverbial quitting time or the instance of a sentimental memory.” (Next Luxury)

There is a simple execution to these tattoos and they are often done in black and white or metallic tones. It’s rare that you see much color involved, though it does happen. You can get these tattoos completed in any size; the sky is the limit.

If you are interested in this type of tattoo, then look no further. Below are 109 Cool Pocket Watch Tattoos That Are Totally Badass:

1. Timeless

Talk about a timeless design. This is a stunning vintage looking tattoo. 

pocket-watch-tattoos2. A Locket Watch

This is a more feminine design that the ladies may like. There is a 3D element to the design and the detail is crisp and beautiful.

3. Crown Designs

If you love the cartoon style, then you are sure to love this tattoo. It’s a simple style that has some bright colors. 

4. Time is Wasting

A great timeless design that is all about time passing. I love the bright blue color involved.

5. Pocket Watch Flowers

You can add any element to your design that allows you some more colors. Flowers are a great addition to any tattoo. 6. Realistic Designs

A stunning design that has some pretty incredible details to it. It also makes for a wonderful hip design.

7. Colorful Designs

A great shoulder design that is not only vivid but colorful as well.

8. Classic Designs

A great design that has some amazing elements to it.

9. Bright Purple

In memory of, a great watch that has some great colors that are bright and beautiful.

10. Gorgeous Designs

A bright flower with awesome elements. This could be a design in memory of someone.

11. Classy Designs

A gorgeous watch that has some incredible elements such as jewelry and crosses.

12. Beautiful Flowers

A great pocket watch that has some amazing pink flowers with it.

13. Mysterious Flowers

A pocket watch tattoo in memory of someone and the flower added is a great addition to the tattoo. 14.  Stunning Creations

This bold pocket watch tattoo shows the inner workings of the watch. It has the 3D elements to it and it’s just popping off the skin. 15. Black and White

A stunning rose tattoo that has a pocket watch with it.

16. A Timepiece 

A great tattoo that has a time clock as well as a pocket watch. The colors are beautiful. 17. Cool Pocket Watch

A great pocket watch that has some detailed elements to it. There is a great quote attached to it as well.
18. Golden Designs

Bold colors that have a golden pocket watch. 19. Stunning Watches

This tattoo is detailed and old school. I love the seeing the inside of the watch. 20. Glimmering Design

We love this detail watch you can see the glass glimmering. 21. Bold Design

There isn’t a lot of detail with this tattoo, but it’s a creative design. 
22. Cracked Watch

A great image that has a pocket watch that is broken. There may be some symbolism to this. 23. Healing

A cartoon image that has a lot of fun elements to it. 24. Dark Tattoos

If you are looking for a dark design, then you are sure to love this one. 25. Rich Coloring

A bold color that shows a very rich tattoo design.
26. Deep and Dark

A great tattoo that is dark and mysterious. 27. Roman Numerals

This is definitely an old school watch, one that will give you lots of joy as a tattoo. 28. Bold Cartoons

Another example of a pocket watch tattoo.
29. Broken Watch

This broken watch is linked to the Alice in Wonderland watch. 30. Standard Design

This pocket watch tattoo is a standard design; you are sure to love it.
31. Nautical Watch

This pocket watch is a nautical design for those that love their time at the sea.

32. Broken Glass

The glass on this pocket watch is broken, but the watch is only one small part of the whole chest design.33. Aging Designs

These pocket watch tattoos are all about time passing us by. 34. Double Watches

This guy has a huge love for tattoos; it’s a detail and amazing tattoo design.

35. Bold Designs

A very thick and bold pocket watch design. It almost looks like it’s a box that would hold something inside of it. 36. Great Designs

A unique pocket watch design that you are sure to love. 37. Creative Watches

I love the pocket watch tattoos that show the inside of the watch. They are much more creative looking.

38. Ornate Designs

This watch is one that you are sure to love because it has some very ornate qualities to it.

39. Symbolism

This bold eye is quite the large tattoo, but it’s only part of the whole design. There is a pocket watch inside as well.

40. Realism

This tattoo design looks so real that it almost could be.

41. Greyson

A watch that has a lot of real elements, even the brand name attached to it. It’s a perfect replica of a watch.

42. A Rip in Time

A great tattoo design that you are sure to love because it’s mysterious and different from the rest.

43. Inside the Owl

A great tattoo design that is really creative, with the pocket watch inside of the owl. I love the colors involved with this tattoo as well.

44. Carrying the Watch

This owl has claimed a pocket watch for himself. I love the detail of the owl; it’s very realistic.

45. Connecting Images

This gorgeous tattoo has two tattoos in one. A skull design and a pocket watch. It’s a very mysterious image if you are looking for a badass tattoo.

46. Mysterious Tattoos

A stunning tattoo that has many different elements, not just a pocket watch.

47. Skull Designs

A great tattoo where the top of the skull is a pocket watch.

48. Broken Pieces

These birds are flying out of the broken pieces.

49. Nice Designs

A great watch with some pieces missing.

50. Great Quotes

A great looking pocket watch tattoo that has a quote with it.

51. Cool Colors

A beautiful design that has some great colors.

52. Smashed Watch

What a stunning pocket watch and the missing pieces give it character.

53. Red Scratch

I love the red and black in this design.

54. Cold Colors

A good design that has some amazing colors, bold colors.

55. Remembering

These missing pieces are awesome and the design is meant to remember someone.

56. Stunning Orange

A great pocket watch with some stunning orange flowers. I love the dripping paint.

57. Angel Wings

A great image that you are sure to love because of the angel wings.

58. Gold Watch

A bold design that has some great elements.

59. Sleeve Tattoos

A pocket watch as a sleeve looks great with some roses.

60. Sweet Colors

A golden pocket watch that has some great colors to it.

61. Navigations

A navigation pocket watch that is beautiful and unique.

62. Bold Designs

A watch and some roses, a great design.

63. Blue Roses

A pocket watch with some blue roses in a cartoon style. 63. Watercolor Designs

A detailed watch that is perfect because of the splashes of paint colors.

64. Shocking Details

This watch is so realistic that it’s almost shocking. The detail is incredible.

65. Chest Tattoos

A great tattoo that has some insane details. The tattoo makes it look as if these elements are all underneath the skin.

66. Inner Workings

A stunning tattoo that shows all the inner workings.

67. Ornate Details

A gorgeous watch with ornate details.

68. Dark Details

A detailed watch that has been tattooed very dark.

69. Matching Tattoos

This is a great tattoo design that you can use with your friends. When the arms are side by side, the tattoo comes together.

70. The Crow

A great watch that has crows circling it.

71. Money Symbols

This watch has dollar signs all over it.

72. Deep Designs

The detail on this watch is so stunning that it’s breathtaking.

73. Pocket Love

A sweet pocket watch tattoo that is in the shape of a heart.

74. Time

A positive quote that goes well with these pocket watches. 75. Great Tattoos

A wonderful tattoo that has some pretty incredible colors.

76. Personal Touch

This watch has some personal touches that you are sure to love.

77. Deep and Gorgeous

These details are stunning, a great memory to have.

78. The Seeing Eye

An all-seeing eye in the middle of a pocket watch.

79. Bold and Dark

A deep and dark tattoo that makes for an amazing sleeve.

80. Personal Meaning

A tattoo keeps a positive memory alive. 81. Glowing Art

If you love sleeve designs, then you are sure to love this one.

82. Glowing White

The white on this tattoo practically glows.

83. Sexy Sleeves

A sexy sleeve tattoo that incorporates the pocket watch.

84. Black Designs

This tattoo is very dark, straight up black. It makes the red of the tattoo really stand out.

85. Heart Shaped Watch

A great pocket watch that is shaped like a heart. A gorgeous design. 86. Bold Skulls

A great skull design that has a pocket watch as well.

87. Musical Notes

A great pocket watch that has some musical notes attached to it. 88. Deep Sleeve

Another example of a pocket watch tattoo surrounded by roses.

89. Top of the Skull

A badass skull design that has a pocket watch on the top.

90. Personal and Ornate

A great pocket watch tattoo with a personal touch to it.

91. Simple Style

A simple style that doesn’t have a lot of detail to it.

92. Bird Designs

Another owl that has a pocket watch in the design.

93. Bold Details

A great design that has insane details with a gorgeous rose.

94. Gorgeous Sleeve

This sleeve has many elements to it including the pocket watch.

95. Simple and Sweet

A great watch with a simple style.

96. Mystery Castle

A great castle design that has a mysterious watch involved.

97. Small Watch

If you are looking for a small design, then you are sure to love this one.

98. Music Flowing

A great pocket watch that has music coming out of it. 99. Open Watch

A simple pocket watch with the clasp open.

100. Bold Details

This mysterious tattoo has some amazing elements like the watch and the birds flying by.

101. Stunning and Beautiful

A simple pocket watch with a gorgeous orange flower design.

102. Excellent Watches

A watch that has an amazing look to it.

103. Purple Butterflies

A pretty design that includes some butterflies in color.

104. Gorgeous Colors

The watch is sitting inside of the beautiful pink rose. 105. All Seeing Designs

A watch that has an all seeing eye inside of it.

106. Amazing Eyes

A great tattoo that has a realistic and beautiful eye in the middle of it.

107. Pocket Nautical

A great pocket watch that had some serious nautical elements.

108. Elegant Watches

A stunning pocket watch tattoo that has some stunning ornate designs. A feather adds just a little more beauty to the whole thing.

109. Birth Date

A pocket watch that has some stunning elements and it represents the birth of a child.


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