Best 20 Tattoo Shops in Washington D.C (With ARTISTS)

Although the quality of a tattoo design depends on the artists inking skills, there are tattoo parlors that are known to be home of top tattoo artists with expertise in quality designs and are as well outstanding in creating an atmosphere that is clean and sanitized. Apart from getting a quality tattoo design customers health is also a major factor to consider therefore having a tattoo parlor that delivers on every sphere is quite ideal. Below are some of the top tattoo Parlors in Washington D.C

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1. Black Label Tattoo Company
This tattoo shop is very clean and freshly decorated making it quite appealing to clients. Black Label tattoo Company is home to some of the most skilled and professional tattoo artists like Antonio Roque amongst others who are known for their expertise in the bold traditional styles. Black Label Tattoo Parlors is located at 126 E Patrick Street in Frederick, Md.
2. Circue Du Rouge
Located at 416 H street North East DC, Circue Du Rogue is home to some of the refined tattoo artists with creative ideas and skills that are quite unique, making it one the best tattoo Parlors in Washington DC. The tattoo parlor is predominantly an appointment only with great portfolios that one can choose from.
3. Fatty’s Tattoos and Piercings.

This tattoo parlor is outstanding for its welcoming ambience with the bright and tidy space that makes clients feel comfortable ones the finish climbing the carpeted stairs. Located at 1333 Connecticut Ave. NW, Fatty’s Tattoos and Piercings have some of the most experienced artists with expertise in diverse design.
4. Bethesda Tattoo
Located at Bethesda in the D.C area, Bethesda tattoo is one of the best managed tattoo parlors with highly qualified artists with interesting tips and techniques that will make your tattooing experience memorable. With guest artists like Daryl Jimmie and other residential artists with great expertise in various designs that range from the traditional to the Japanese styles.
5. Tattoo Paradise
Being home to some of the award-winning artists, Tattoo Paradise is known for its high-level clientele that consists of celebrities amongst others. Located at 2444 18th Street, NW, the place is quite vibrant given the various activities going around and can be quite relaxing for the clients.
6. Baltimore Tattoo Museum
Just like its name suggests, it is a real museum with the history of eclectic tattooing in America. The artists are literally surrounded by tattoo history which range from the traditional to the customized modern designs. The environment is quite clean and all the materials sanitized for comfortable use. Baltimore Tattoo Museum is located at 1534 Eastern Avenue in Baltimore.
7. The tattooery
A walk into the tattoo shop brings the experience that you are stepping into an art gallery as the reception area is decked with beautiful tattoo artwork which range from the pop-culture inspired art to the weird sculptures and others. The tattooery is located at Baltimore Avenue in College Park.
8. Jinx Proof Tattoo Parlor
This is one of the first tattoo shops in Washington DC and is still one of the best tattoo shops. Jinx Proof Tattoo has a team of seven artists that offer artistic and fascinating designs that extend beyond customers expectations. The tattoo shop provides a very clean atmosphere that customers find comfortable even as they wait to be inked.
9. Champion tattoo Company
This tattoo parlor is known is known for its specialization in tribal and Japanese tattoos. It also offers traditional and customized work as well. Champion Tattoo Company is located at 719 18th street, SE and is home to highly experienced tattoo artists with great artistic ability.


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10. Pinz N Needlez
This tattoo shop specializes in customized tattoo designs, portrait and cover-up tattoos amongst others. The tattoo parlor is owned by Jason who has great experience in the tattoo Industry and ensures clients ideas are incorporated into pieces of artwork that appeal to them Pinz N Needlez is located at 924 U street Northwest Washington, DC
11. British ink Tattoo Studio and Gallery
Located at 508 H Street North East Washington, DC. Britishink Tattoo Studio and Gallery is home to some of the highly experienced tattoo artists with a great portfolio that one can choose from. The tattoo parlor is known for its expertise in customized designs alongside the traditional and modern designs.
12. Embassy Tattoo
This tattoo parlor is home to some of the highly talented and artistic tattoo designs. The tattoo artists are experts in varied designs that range from tribal, realism, Japanese, traditional alongside cover-ups and anything in between. Embassy Tattoo is located at 1762 Columbia Road, NW.
13. Super Genius Tattoo
Super Genius Tattoo is owned by Damon Conklin and is home to some of the award winning tattoo artists. The parlor is located at Seattle, Washington and is quite a welcoming place to have your tattoo design ideas customized to your ideal artwork.
14. Graphic Box Tattoos
This is a customer-centric shop with a mission to provide their customers with the highest quality body art. Graphic Box Tattoos prides itself in making various tattooing dreams come true by providing clients with designs that bring their ideas to life. The tattoo shop is located at 5816, Georgia Avenue Northwest, Washington DC.

15. Rick’s Tattoo’s
This tattoo parlor has been voted best tattoo studio for five executive years. Rick’s Tattoo Parlor is owned by Rick Cherry and is home to some of the talented tattoo and piercing artists. A look at the tattoo portfolio can give a hint to some of the designs one can choose. Rick’s tattoo parlor is located at 4818, Lee Highway.
16. Laughing Hyena Tattoo
This tattoo parlor is quite serene and welcoming giving customers an excellent experience as they get worked on by the highly experienced tattoo artists. The artists have a great collection of portfolio to choose from and also offer custom designs as per a clients need. Laughing hyena is located at 1454 Park Road, NW Washington.
17. Silky Tattoos
This tattoo Parlor has a young team of talented and innovative artists with passion for the job. The tattoo parlor is quite clean providing an atmosphere that is serene and relaxing for tattoo work.
18. Iron Heart Tattoo Company
Iron Heart Tattoo Parlor is located at Beaverdale neighborhood of Des Moines and is home to tattoo artists like Joshua Bowers, Budha, Sean Wilcox and Paul Nycz amongst others. The tattoo parlor is known for its cleanliness and use of sterilized and new needles.
19. Indian Pussy Brand Ink & Art
This is an exciting tattoo parlor which is known for its unique designs that include customized designs, traditional, modern amongst others. The tattoo parlor provides an environment that is clean and comfortable for the customers.
20. Off the Hook Tattoo Parlor
Located at 1414 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE Washington DC, Off the Hook Tattoo Parlor is known for its unique customized designs and the clean atmosphere it provides to the clients. The tattoo parlor is home to some of the most skilled tattoo artists that are quite keen to customer needs and ensures the design ideas of the clients are implemented to their expectation.

With so many tattoo parlors to choose from, one might get disoriented or as we say aptly say lost for choice.  Getting a tattoo should not be rushed into.  Browse the internet, get ideas, ask friends; all the preparation work done beforehand will ensure the best result.  It is a good idea to print out the designs you like and taking them to the tattoo artist for a discussion.  From his expertise and experience, a good artist will be able to suggest new ideas, and also assemble your thoughts to emerge with a personalized design.

Another good idea is to discuss your thoughts with more than one artist.  People have different experiences, different backgrounds and use different techniques.  What you did not like from your first visit, might be trashed in your discussion with a different artist.  You might also end up using both suggestions to combine it into one great piece of art. Whatever you do, just do you research and also enjoy the process.

Do keep your scraps of designs, and maybe written thoughts.  It is always nice to go back and see from where your art evolved.


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