Best 10 Tattoo Shops in Chicago

Getting a tattoo is known to have different meanings for most people and getting inked in a place that one is comfortable with is what makes the difference. Many people fail to do good research on the kind of tattoo parlor that is suitable for them which often results to getting inked in a place that one is not comfortable with and a tattoo that may not be appealing to the wearer. There are numerous tattoo Parlors in Chicago that promise quality work, however it is good to find about a few details like the portfolio of the artists, the health and sanitation condition of the parlor and other features before deciding to be inked in a place.

1. Speakeasy Custom Tattoo

Formerly known as Cherry bomb, Speakeasy is home to some of the award winning tattoo artists who are known for their professionalism and artistic abilities. Speakeasy is not your ordinary tattoo Parlour given the credibility they enjoy for the unique and creative designs they provide to their highly esteemed customer base. Located at 1935 North Ave, Chicago, IL Speakeasy Custom Tattoo Parlour does not only provide a clean tattooing environment, it also provides a cool and relaxed atmosphere that clients find quite comfortable to be in. The parlour has a great collection of portfolio to refer to with a variety of designs that one can choose. The artists are also specialised in custom designs that bring to life the unique ideas customers come with to reality.

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2. Butterfat Studios

This is one studio that is quite welcoming given the beautiful interior décor and the ambience in the studio. Butterfat studio is located at 3129 W, Logan Blvd and has a team of award winning artists that are known for their exquisite designs which focus on fine art details and natural form of art. The resident artists offer a collaborative form of design where ideas are shared on their website and social media platform and customers get to sample and figure out what suits their need for a more unique and intricate design. With a team of resident artists like Esther Garcia and Stephanie Brown who work alongside guest artists, you are guaranteed of getting quality artwork. Butterfat Studios is an appointment only studio and emphasis is on making customers comfortable as they get inked.

3. Insight Studios

Insight Studios is quite welcoming with an atmosphere that’s impeccably clean and relaxing to be in. Insight Studios has a team of loyal artists that have been there for years with a team of high profile customers that are loyal to the studio given the quality of service they provide and the level of professionalism and credibility they have demonstrated in the years. Insight studio is located at 1062 N, Milwaukee Avenue and is involved in charity projects where they organise tats-for-cats events where the proceeds are directed to organization that works for animal rights. Insight Studios stands out in offering unique and custom designs alongside other complex designs and a collection of portfolio that clients can choose from. Early booking of appointment is advisable if one is to enjoy comfortable time in the tattoo parlour.

4. Revolution Tattoo

From the American traditional designs to the photorealistic portraits, you will get your ideal artistic design at Revolution tattoo Parlour. The Parlour has a team of highly qualified artists who have mastered their job perfectly well. The Parlour is located at 2221 N, Western Ave. and is quite welcoming with carnival-esque sign and the beautiful decorations that make the Parlour appear quite unique and relaxing to be in. Revolution Tattoo Parlour has created an environment that is not only clean but hygiene is highly rated as all the materials used are sterilized and new needs used for more safety. You can book an early appointment so as to have a comfortable time as you bring your artistic ideas to reality.

5. Brown Brothers Tattoo

This tattoo parlour is operated by brothers Max and Marshall Brown who have created a niche for themselves with custom designs which are quite intricate and incorporates varied styles, colours and designs. This is one place where your tattoo ideas get transformed into fine pieces of artwork. The two brothers are not only gifted tattoo experts but are also talented painters. Whether you are into the traditional designs, the coloured or the custom design, the Brown Brothers Tattoo Parlour is committed to working your ideas out to some cool pieces of art. Book your appointment early for more convenience. You can visit the tattoo Parlour at 904 N, California Ave.

6. Tattoo Candy

Located at 3460 N, Pulaski Rd, Tattoo Candy is home to renowned artists with great artistic abilities and is normally very friendly and warm to clients. With a wealth of talent the team has, one can easily get their ideas transformed to pieces of great artwork that is unique and appeals to their personality. The artists have kept true to the original designs even as they embrace custom designs and a variety of portfolio to choose from. Tattoo Candy Parlour has created an environment that is quite clean and ensures that clients receive quality customer care and attention.

7. Tattoo Factory

From the outlook alone, you can be sure that you are walking into a high class tattoo parlour. The decorations, flashing lights creates such a magnificent ambience as you walk into the studio. Tattoo Factory was established in 1976 by Collurafici and is located at 4441North Broadway, Chicago and is home to professional artists that have proven their expertise in the tattoo and piercing Industry. Tattoo Factory provides quite a clean and hygienic atmosphere that customers find comfortable to be in. The Parlour offers a wide range of portfolio designs alongside custom design and beautiful artwork that one can choose from.

8. Deluxe Tattoo

This tattoo parlour is known as the Crème de la crème of Chicago tattoo shops. With a team of award winning artists that include Hannah Aitchison who is a star of the TLC series LA ink amongst others like Ben Wahhh who is also the owner are outstanding in their artistic tattoo skills. Ben Wahhh is famous for his bio-wreck tattooing style which has become a unique piece of design in this tattoo parlour. Deluxe tattoo ensures that cleanliness and proper hygiene best practices are adhered to for a more comfortable environment where customers can freely relax as they wait to be attended to.

9. Pioneer Tattoo

Located at the 3513 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL, Pioneer Tattoo gives ultimate attention to client’s health and comfort by providing an environment that is impeccably clean and relaxing to be in. Clients are encouraged to book appointments with the artists directly so as to avoid discomfort of having to wait on line or failing to get someone to attend to their needs. Pioneer Tattoo Parlour is home to some of the most sought after artists like David Allen who is known for his artistic ability and unique creation of black and grey stunning designs. The artists demonstrate great level of professionalism as they provide clients with a cool collection of portfolio that they can sample. Custom designs and other colourful designs are uniquely done in this parlour.

10. Family Tattoo

This is quite a cool tattoo Parlour with quite a welcoming ambience and cool decorations that make the Parlour quite relaxing to be in. Family Tattoo has a team of highly experienced artists who are well versed with unique designs that range from the traditional designs to the modern custom designs. The tattoo artists are committed to delivering detailed work that appeals to the client’s needs and ideas. The clean environment and the sterilized equipments create a comfortable environment for the clients. Family tattoo Parlour is located at Belmont Ave, Chicago IL. It is advisable to have your booking done early so that you can be attended to by your favourite artist.


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