33 Iconic Hindu Tattoos That Will Inspire You

The Hindu religion is a powerful one. With origins in Nepal and India, there are many people that subscribe to the Hindu religion from all corners of the Earth. One beautiful aspect of Hindu is the amazing imagery that is present in the religion. With multiple gods and various symbols in the texts, these make for a powerful tattoo in those who believe in the Hindu way of life.

If you are thinking about getting a tattoo to reaffirm your dedication to Hindu – and perhaps one god in particular, then look no further. This collection of amazing tattoos will have you racing down to the parlor to get your next ink.

Once you’ve found a design you like, or perhaps some inspiration, then just sit. Dwell a little on the design, meditate if you like. We shouldn’t rush into these sorts of decisions lightly. A tattoo is for life. And so is a religion.

And now let us introduce you to the tattoos. These people have taken their dedication one step further, with some stunning results. Let’s see what they are then, shall we?


The Intelligent Ganesh

Ganesh is a popular figure when it comes to both tattooing and Hindu imagery as a whole. This tattoo is beautiful in its intricacy, both with very fine lines for the outlining and very intricate shading. It has obviously been done by a very talented tattoo artist.


The Henna Thigh

Not all tattoos need to be done in permanent ink. This intricate thigh design has been done in henna – the ink dye that wears off in a number of weeks. Henna is used extensively by Hindu women for the purposes of beautification, and is often done on the hands and feet of the wearer.


The Vishnu Arm Tattoo

This gorgeous tattoo is done of Vishnu in traditional pose. You can see here distinctly the snake back. This design is also very intricate and would’ve taken the tattoo artist many hours to complete. We really like the placement of Vishnu here – the size and colors work well on the upper arm.


Large Vishnu Upper Arm

This man’s Vishnu tattoo covers the entirety of his upper arm, with great detailing and completely colored in – you will note that there is no flesh showing through from below here. The blues in this particular design look simply amazing, and it’s fantastic use of coloring overall. If you’re looking to get a Vishnu tattoo you might like to consider the same sort of coloring as this design.


Olden Styling Ganesh Tattoo

This Ganesh tattoo is done in the very olden styling, making it feel like a lot of history has gone into the piece. We really like the red, black and white shading on this one, and you will notice the Sanskrit down the front of Ganesh’s trunk. A beautiful piece overall.


Sun and Moon Rama Tattoo

This tatt is a little bit more abstract than most Hindu tattoos. This one shows Rama, the seventh incarnation of Vishnu, but with more modern tattoo styling thrown in for good measure. We like how the wearer has combined the traditional figure with a more modern flair.


Kali Full Torso

Kali is one of the darker Hindu gods, and is usually depicted as a violent figure. Considering this guys tatts, it seems that maybe he has some demons that he harbors, or maybe is trying to get out. This tatt is so detailed and beautiful though, that it is more mesmerising than scary. Even though it’s only done in black and white, we think it is just perfect as it is – no shading required.


Kali Full Back

Another Kali tattoo, this one taking up the entire back. Kali her looks very alluring but also evil. She has been inked as a modern woman, complete with fiery red hair swirling around her. This piece is incredibly detailed and shaded and would have taken many, many hours to complete.


The Shiva Mashup

This Shiva has not been drawn or depicted in the traditional style. Although we have the ever present third eye, there is the feminine form here which is not so traditional. This Hindu tattoo makes good use of various Hindu symbolism throughout, making it a well thought out piece.


The Fiery Kali Tattoo

Here is Kali is all her fiery best – a terrifying tattoo for young onlookers! From the band of skulls thrown around her body to the decapitated head clutched in her fist, this is Kali in full swing. The tattoo is a great blend of the scary tattoos of days gone by with traditional Hindu symbolism.


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