Top 14 Biggest Tattoo Shops in The World

Tattoos are a way of expressing your personality. At times, making this choice doesn’t work out as you wished. However, when making decisions about tattoos, ensure it’s the right decision. This is because the results can be permanent or of a lifetime. In this case, who you entrust with your body art matters a lot. Tattoo studios don’t become the biggest from poor work, they grow and grow from being the most efficient in the industry. The word ‘bigger’ in this context may refer to their physical size, the number of experienced artists and tattoo booths, along with customer turnover. With this criteria, the following are the biggest tattoo studios in the world.

biggest tattoo shop

1.   Celebrity Ink Tattoo Phuket

Celebrity Ink is a globally recognized tattoo studio in Phuket Thailand, it is also the biggest tattoo studio in the world. The artists are very passionate about their work but that’s just the beginning of Celebrity Ink’s reputation, They follow very strict guidelines when in the studio. They give expert, professional and honest advice for creating your new body art. They are fastly becoming recognized as one of if not the most famous tattoo studio’s in the world. Celebrity Ink tattoo studio in Phuket upholds an extremely high level of sanitation and sterilization standards which have been duplicated and approved methods as per the Professional Tattoo Association of Australia and they regulate the studio frequently to ensure that you get the best hygiene, service and of course tattoo.

2.  Smith Street Tattoo Parlor

Located on Smith Street, in Brooklyn, NY, this tattoo parlor specializes in the American traditional style. In many people’s experience and opinions, it’s thought to be the best worldwide. You can book an appointment in advance or feel free to walk in and wait. You won’t regret walking in this parlor, you will have a perfect masterpiece of your imagination engraved into your skin. On another note, you will never leave the parlor with a bad tattoo, how badly you want it doesn’t count.

3.  Last Rites studio

This studio was opened up in 1998 by Paul Booth. It’s one of the best studios to get inked by some of the finest tattoo artists in the world if you advocate Booth’s Dark Dominion. It’s your destination for darker aesthetics. Guests can view the best of dark art in the last Rites studio and also watch tattoo artists at work. In this studio, your darkest depths are called through the powerful visual repute and dark ideologies. Surely, no soul leaves the contemplative unscathed.

4.  Tattoo Temple

In Hong Kong china, tattoo temple shop offers art that engages your soul. Genuine art is timeless that deserves perfection to forge tailored perfections that will be part of your life. This importance is only taken into consideration at Tattoo temple.

Tattoo temple has a pantry, bar, and a private consultation room. Every tattoo need is met at this studio. Standards are also upheld in high levels; this ensures that artists will skillfully bring your art to life as you marvel on the outcome. And upholding standards also applies to the client, shoes are removed upon entering this studio. Ink with certified pigmentation which is triple tested and imported from the Us ensures that hygiene standards are met whatsoever. Re-creation of portraits and skin tones using specialized ink is also performed in the Tattoo temple.

5.      Toronto ink

Toronto Ink, found in Toronto, Ontario, is a multi-artist establishment that you can out your complete trust to when it comes to reworking tattoos basic lettering, cover-ups, and even extensive custom pieces. No one leaves Toronto Ink shop without happiness on their skin.

Toronto ink’s highly-trained cover-up artists who use laser tattoo removal techniques offer a wide variety of from modifying an existing tattoo to the removal of the tattoo. They have also offer laser hair removal services give our clients options when they want to modify or remove their tattoos. Toronto Ink also offers laser hair removal.

6.  Horiyoshi III Tattoo Museum

The HTM (Horiyoshi III Tattoo Museum) is a worldwide tattoo shop famously known for inking bodysuits tattoos. It’s owned by Hiroshi III. The bodysuit technique utilizes traditional techniques for shading and color. He is a traditional Japanese artist apprenticed with another master of the Japanese style. His name “Hori” is a title received from his master and means “to engrave.” His body suits comprise of Japanese motifs like tigers, dragons, koi fish, etc. You must be ready to open your wallet if you want a body suit engraved inti your body.

7.  Sleeve masters

 Referred to as the busiest tattoo shop in the world, is the Kings cross Sydney’s Sleeve masters tattoo shop. Since 1984, it’s responsible for inking thousands of sleeve tattoos and this makes it the most prevalent tattoo parlor in Australia. All types of tattoo are done here, from Celtic, biomechanical, tribal, traditional, new age, black shading to free hand artwork and so on.  Due to this, Sleeve masters has attracted clientele from all over the world as well as some of the world’s best tattoo artists. They are solely ultimately for beautiful tattoos in Sydney.

8.  Caio Tattoo

Packed with separately and sterilized tools in an autoclave, the Caio tattoo shop obeys all sanitary standards you will wish for in a tattoo shop. With a team of specialized professionals, this shops works with only the best products in the market to give tattoos of your reveries. Their toe caps are sanitized in ultrasonic washing machines which are loaded with enzymatic detergent. All other materials are disposable. Standards and great tattoos are taken care of to the optimum.

9.  Inkline Studio

Inkline studio gained fame because of renowned tattooist Anil Gupta. Inkline caters for custom and offers a unique tattooing needs. It all comes from one believe that any tattoo of your dreams can be turned into a reality with a vivid imagination and an open mind. In this studio, no tattoo is impossible to reproduce, whether it’s a Gupta original or a reproduction of a painting. With this concept, inkline studio redefines the artistry of contemporary tattooing.

10. Apocalypse Tattoo

Located in Seattle, the Apocalypse tattoo shop fame has outgrown it. Now, apocalypse is opening another studio in in Europe, this surely an environment where to sculpt a new home. The legacy of Apocalypse tattoo is what puts this shop on a map since January 2000. This new studio is something to look up for after it’s done.

11. Daredevil tattoo shop

once NYC legalized tattooing in 1997, a tattooing shop daredevil was opened. What makes this shop big is a museum of tattoos. It has a collection of personal antique tattoo memorabilia of over the last 27 years. The collection has artifacts of tattooing with original artwork by famous artists such as Bert Grimm, Samuel O’Reilly, George Burchett and many more. Original photos, antique tattoo machines, sideshow banners and news articles are also included in the collection.  Visitors are free to view the collection during regular working hours, what’s more amazing is that there’s no admission fee for viewing this legendary collection. This shop has several artists each with different styles of tattooing.

12. Three kings tattoo

Characterized by cleanliness, accommodation, and comfortable space, is the three kings tattoo studio. Found in Green point, New York, this tattoo shop offers appoints and on spot tattoos. With over 20 artists on board plus other guest artists, you are guaranteed to get a quality tattoo which is expensive of course. This studio has partnered with Tataway and you don’t have to worry about tattoo removal anymore. They offer the best removal services and lightening the old tattoo when you are in Green point.

Most Europe’s media celebrities have been tattooed in Montmartre, France by Tin Tin. After teaching himself in berlin during the military years, he traveled the world to learn more tattooing, he finally developed his own tattooing style. His art of tattoo has made his shop to stand out among other tattoo shops in Europe. The style is described as photographic illustrative which is responsible for taking the art of tattooing to a higher level. Magazines such as Elle and GQ have featured Tin Tin’s work. Many upcoming artists are currently learning under his watch. That’s how big photographic illustrative is.

Recognised by major publications such as Somerville scout and the phoenix from Boston, is the Boston tattoo company. It is located north of downtown Boston. It was established in late 2004 and is the areas’ most respected studio. It offers custom design upon request and thousands of tattoo designs to choose from. What makes it greater is that it has the largest selection of various tattooing styles and piercing.


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