45 Zelda and Triforce Tattoos For Nintendo Devotees

It might not be everyone’s opinion, but we reckon that The Legend of Zelda is one of, if not, THE best video game series in the history of all mankind. Look, we know it’s a big call, but we think that it’s true!

And so do other people! How dedicated are you to your Zelda obsession? Have you played every single game? Owned every single game? Completed each one more than once to get a better time? Know where every hidden element is? Do you think that may you could do it in your sleep?

People get tattoos about things that they care about – and for many of us, that’s gaming, or just one game in particular! Zelda has an absolute cult following and we are looking forever forward to the next release in the series. Whether your favorite game is the Minish Cup on Gameboy or Twilight Princess on Wii, you can be assured that someone, somewhere in the world, shares your exact same passion for that game – and platform too.

While Nintendo has trailed behind both Xbox and Playstation for many years, what hasn’t changed is people’s love for Zelda, and the mysterious triforce.

If you are particularly keen about the series and thinking of getting some ink, then we have rounded up quite the collection of inspiring pieces that might just get your creative juices flowing. From subtle little pieces with small triforces, to full back ink, the possibilities with what you can get are simply endless. These people have taken the plunge in showing their dedication – and a great way to identify with fellow fans too.

From bold and black to splashes full of full coloring, there really is something in this collection for every fan to marvel at.

Here’s proof that people love the Zelda universe as much as you do with a killer collection of Zelda and Triforce tattoos. Why not ink your devotion too? Check out these amazing designs and see what you think!


The Subtle Triforce

This design behind the ear makes sure that no one can see your tattoo unless you show them! Wear your hair down for work and no one will be any the wiser – Shhhh! Undercover Zelda fan here!

zelda-tattoos 18041629

A True Zelda Dedication

This chick is a Zelda devotee! With Link on her arm and a spreading Triforce on her chest, her dedication to the series is plainly visible for all to see. I wouldn’t want to challenge her to a game though!


The Coat Of Arms

With brilliant blue, this tattoo stands out on the wearer’s thigh. Always reminding them that it might be time to get back to the next game, we really love all the intricate detail in this piece.


The Zelda Universe

A complete back piece that would’ve taken hours to complete, it’s just a shame that the wearer never gets to see this amazing piece of art work because it is splashed on their back! A visual feast for viewers.


Triforce Wing Design

Similar to angel wings, this design spreads across the upper back. The black to orange shading on this Zelda dedication is just perfect, and the symmetry is spot on. A great design for the wearer.


The All Seeing Eye

Another fab symmetrical design, this one behind the shoulder has beautiful subtle shading. We can’t get enough of this one!


The Spreading Triforce

Another upper back triforce, this one is particularly bold! In it’s almost tribal design, the black shading makes for something truly mesmerising and memorable. Calling Link!


The Wrist Triforce Tatt

A popular location for tattoos these days, the wrist tattoo does hurt, but it’s worth it! You can also cover up wrist tattoos if need be with a chunky watch – so you don’t need to worry about any work faux pas.


Behind the Shoulder Eye

Another cool design of the eye behind the shoulder.


Triforce Upper Back

Another triforce between the shoulder blades. We wish this chick had taken a better pic so we could see the shading a little bit better!


Triforce Behind the Shoulder

Another colored in triforce design – this time behind the shoulder. The smaller size means this tatt isn’t as “in your face” as other colored in designs.


The Proud Back Piece

What fantastic shading this is! We really feel like the colors on this back piece have been done “just right”. This would have required many hours in the chair to get the amazing result!


The Hip Placement

Is that a Zelda book we’ve spotted? True fan right here! We love that this tattoo can be easily hidden and is in a cheeky spot. We also love this fan girl’s dedication to the series – who even knew Zelda had hardbacks?


The Orange Triforce

Behind the shoulder looks like quite a popular spot for the triforce, doesn’t it?! This yellow to orange shaded piece appears to be looking over the wearer’s shoulder constantly, protecting her.


The Belly Triforce

How about placing your triforce in a sexy spot, like this chick here? There looks to be some cool pattterns going on inside of the design instead of shading, too, which really makes it a unique piece.


The Hidden Crystal

This bold, full back design incorporates a hidden crystal at the bottom – the wearer’s power source perhaps? We wonder if he has any more Zelda tattoos that he’s not showing us too?


The Forearm Triforce

Wear your heart on your sleeve? No! Wear your Zelda references on your sleeve, silly! This one would be great for meetups because true fans will pick it any time and you don’t have to remove clothing to see it!


The Tiny Triforce

Not a fan of big and bold? How about a subtle dedication to Zelda, like this one here. Easily missed but never forgotten, this tattoo is cute and easy to get wherever you please on your body.


The Upper Back Triforce (Again!)

Another spreading triforce between the wearer’s shoulder blades.


Shoulder Blades Triforce

This chick is particularly happy about her upper back triforce!


The Ribcage Triforce

Who wants Japanese script or an Italian saying on your rib-cage when you can get a triforce? This design looks particularly awesome in your bikini – and is sure to attract other Zelda fans!


Video Game Style Flower

This Zelda design is drawn true to the style of the game which we love love love! They’ve got the perfect colors to match too, and it’s not too “Zelda-y” if anyone is to just have a look. A Zelda tattoo hiding in plain sight, we would say!


Watercolor Link

Link ready to go into battle, this design is done in the watercolor style, with splashes of color matching the mood of the overall design. We really love all the movement that’s shown in this look.


The Crystal Heart

Link’s life force is my life force! Powerup by etching the heart design on your body. Fitting in with the styling of your other tattoos is important, so we salute this tattoo for still being Zelda, but with a traditional tattoo design.


Link the Sprite

Doesn’t this one look like it’s taken EXACTLY from the game? The artist obviously has great dedication to getting the design “just so”. It also has perfect use of shading, with no flesh showing through from below.


Link in the Triforce

Looking like it’s drawn by a great artist, this design incorporates fine lines with super detailed shading making it look like it’s popping from the pages of a picture book. Great use of Zelda elements here too!


The Mystical Triforce

This one looks like it’s supposed to be on the walls of an ancient structure in Egypt! A more mystical feel than other Zelda designs, we like the way the wearer has developed their own style with this tatt.


That Owl Guy

“Did you get all that?” Remember this guy? You don’t want to press the key again or he’s just going to repeat himself! This is a classic nod to the game and will determine the fans from the fakers.


Manga Style

Why not get a Zelda tattoo in a different style? You don’t neccessarily need to keep your style true to the game if you don’t want to. Like this tatt design for instance, which incorporates the manga styling.


The Pretty Triforce

This feminine design is it’s own take on the triforce – which we really appreciate. You can really see the personality of the wearer coming through in this particular design, which makes it really unique.


The Popping Triforce

Artists often use shading to project 3D elements onto the wearer – like is the case here in this upper arm triforce tattoo. The shading on this one is great, but we really wish he’d added some color to make it pop even more.


(Another) Behind the Shoulder Triforce

Another bold behind the shoulder triforce that the wearer has proudly emblazoned.


The Mystical Eye (II)

A bold design on the upper arm, completely shaded in.


Link’s Shield

What fantastic use of color on this design! The watercolor combined with outlines makes for a stunning piece and it’s crazy how much the shield looks exactly like the shield in the game. A super cool design, we want to meet this guy!


Mosiac Glass Link

Loving the mosaic glass style about this Link tatt. The combination of colors and styling of this design makes it very apparent that the wearer is a true fan!


The Triforce Chest Piece

A break from the center of the back triforce designs, this one is proudly displayed on the sternum. It’s bold enough to be rebellious, but simple enough to cover up if you have to meet the Queen for example!


The Mid Arm Triforce

Another bold triforce, this time on the mid arm. Perfect for when you roll up your sleeves and get out the controllers. It’s on!


The Pubic Triforce

This triforce is a little bit naughty! Extending just below the panty line, it’s a nod to the classic game series. This chick has quite the collection of tatts to go along with it!


Put Em On the Thumbs

There’s plenty of finger tatts getting about, but these ones are a great dedication to the series on the thumbs, instead. There is some great use of color going on there in such a small space, so kudos to the artist for these ones!


The Upper Back Triforce (Part … Lost Count?)

Another upper back triforce, this one is a little different in design from the others. You might like to experiment with different designs if you’re thinking about getting an upper back triforcce.


Zelda’s Universe

An amazing cameo style piece that incorporates traditional tattoo styling with a distinctly Zelda flavor. The triforce at the middle of this design is beaming out amid a sea full of color making for a mesmerising tatt!


Link’s Sword

Get ready to do battle by placing Link’s sword on your bod. This arm tatt mean that you will always be ready for action, whether in real life or on the controllers – it’s your choice!


The Lower Back Tatt

We like how this Zelda design is off of center – not in the usual “tramp stamp” placement. It makes the design cheeky and yet not too in your face. We wonder if there’s any coloring in this design?


The Collection

We certainly love this collection of similar designs – and it looks like they’re all hidden beneath the wearer’s shorts! Combined with the braille, these tattoos are sure to stick in your mind for hours to come.


The Magic Tune

Want to unlock this lady’s secrets? You have to copy the tune! This is a clever piece that has been designed with a lot of thought put into it. All the symbols around the circle design means you could study this for hours.


Unlocking the Wonder

The use of color here is simply astounding! This piece has been done by an extremely talented artist, which no doubt to many, many hours to complete. We simply can’t fault anything with this design!



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